Peking University PhD “frozen” eye send WeChat messages condition tends to be stable

sick after the donation of body organs to stabilise at present condition about love center install eye-movement apparatus for LouTao

& other; Gradually frozen disease & throughout; Use eye shoes-polishing ‘letter

LouTao sick before. Respondents for figure

LouTao, 29, is the history department of Peking University 2015 session of a PhD candidate in the direction of the Egyptian history, if the body health, she may already have come to graduation, but because the developed & other; Gradually frozen disease & throughout; Lose the ability to act, she now lie in the wuhan hanyang hospital intensive care unit in a hospital bed. A few days ago, because a & other; Who can save others organs, can take away & throughout; Oral wills, and attracted much attention. 20 Beijing youth daily reporter learned that LouTao condition is stable now, a public agency also installed for her eye, she can through the eyes of typing on the computer send WeChat messages.

condition is now stable

LouTao told mother Wang Yanmei 20 north green press, LouTao earlier this month to wuhan hanyang after hospital has been living in the intensive care room, when the body have inflammation, and spontaneous breathing and movement ability that has been lost, so weak, once took a pretty dangerous. As parents, they replace LouTao on 9th this month, has signed the organ donation registration form.

& other; This several days after the doctor’s full treatment, LouTao stable for a while, wake up can communicate with us, but still can’t move can’t talk, is not much change. Throughout the &; Wang Yanmei tell north green newspaper reporters.

Wang Yanmei said LouTao was first put forward and they want to donate organs, she and LouTao father doesn’t agree with, but after repeated persuasion LouTao, Wang Yanmei finally accepted her daughter’s idea, also & other; But we still hope to have the miracle happen, we don’t want to give up her. Throughout the &; She said.

about love center install eye-movement apparatus for LouTao

as the illness grew worse, starting from the first half of this year, LouTao gradually lose the ability to speak and communicate with LouTao, family and doctors can only rely on LouTao mouth to do judgment.

19 morning, a Shanghai & other; Gradually frozen person & throughout; Care centre staff came to LouTao bed, after the doctor allowed in LouTao bed installed eye movement instrument and computer, so, LouTao can through rotational eyeball typing, to communicate with his family and doctors.

& other; LouTao eye can move now, she can use this way to typing, so she can tell her ideas and communicate with the outside world, it’s state of mind will help restore to her. Throughout the &; Care center staff said, & other; If you use a skilled, there is no question of type SanSiShiGe words a minute. Throughout the &;

19 morning, through the eye movement apparatus type, LouTao sent once classmate WeChat, this is rectified after she was seriously ill time issued the first WeChat, many classmates said surprised, and encourage LouTao in WeChat.

the LouTao also typing & other; Thank you & throughout; , & other I feel like a fish soup & throughout; Such as content, communication with the family and medical staff.

school reserved for LouTao learning (course) cadastral

wuhan hanyang hospital doctor told north green press, LouTao still live in the intensive care room, according to the regulation, families can only stay half an hour every day, but considering the special case of LouTao, their special approval on LouTao family could stay in the intensive care unit for two or three hours of time.

in recent days, because I saw the news and contact LouTao family hope a warm-hearted man to help is very much also, more than LouGong LouTao father and mother Wang Yanmei almost been ringing phone, many even also rushed to the hospital, offer all kinds of help, & other; Many people also brought their own & lsquo; Folk prescription & rsquo; That will have effect, but the hospital must, in accordance with the formal solution treatment, so can’t easily use this type of drugs. Throughout the &; Hanyang hospital doctors said.

but in order not to let enthusiasts chilling, hospitals have set up at the gate of the intensive care unit a & other; Love box & throughout; To receive help LouTao opinions or recommended treatment plan.

at present, the three medical experts from Beijing came to hanyang hospital consultation, proposed to use LouTao healthy stem cells in the body to replace & other; A broken stem cell & throughout; To carry out treatment plan, and has set up a. Anhui institute of a blood have come here to take away the LouTao blood samples for laboratory test, find out whether there is the possibility of a virus or poisoning.

20 afternoon, Beijing university alumni association of hubei province through the official microblogging issued a letter of assistance, hope love people can recommend, let LouTao rekindle the flame of hope. And alumni association of a staff member told north green newspaper reporters, they learned that the school will be LouTao retain one’s status as a student, as long as the miracle appear, you can return to the campus.

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