Peking University PhD “frozen” will donate organs touched netizen, anti-infection therapy

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LouTao wills.

& other; After I walked, the head can do it to medical research. Throughout the &; Peking University female doctor, & other; Gradually frozen person & throughout; LouTao metasomatism of things in his will, & other; All the other organs, who can save others life, can go to others. Throughout the &;

recently, when the will of tens of millions of readers to see this letter circulated on the Internet, the young girl is beautiful tujia & other wuhan hanyang ICU ward of the hospital; Deep calm & throughout; Treatment & ndash; & ndash; She can only use breathing machine to sustain life. In January 2016, she was diagnosed with & other; Motor neuron disease & throughout; , that is, for the well-known & other; Gradually frozen human sickness & throughout; Patients with the disease can lead to systemic muscle atrophy and dysphagia gradually, finally produce the respiratory failure.

as we have learned, in general, & other; Gradually frozen human sickness & throughout; Patients can have 2 to 5 years after the onset of survival time, multiple groups is 40 to 50 years old men. LouTao just 29 years old, however, after the onset of 7-8 months, she has been completely paralyzed. This year on January 16, LouTao because of lack of oxygen to the brain deep coma, has been admitted to the ICU intensive care unit, and loss of function of spontaneous breathing, begin to use breathing machine to sustain life.

& other; If there is no modern medicine, her own life as early as in the day (January 16, 2017) is over. Throughout the &; LouTao father LouGong yu told reporters, the SMW & other; Now is by respiratory support technology in the medical miracles, such as the then plans to donate organs. Throughout the &; It is reported, & other; Motor neuron disease & throughout; The cause is not yet clear, preliminary findings by genetic factors, poisoning, virus and immune factors such as multiple causes.

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LouTao, 29, was admitted to Peking University with written test first, the interview first, doctorate in history.

LouTao in awake through oral, let the nurse wrote a report on the donation of body organs will.

LouGong said, mother don’t agree at first, according to their hometown in enshi tujia customs, will be whole body death and burial. & other; Daughter said his book didn’t read it, this is a return to society. Throughout the &; The purpose of more than LouGong recalls daughter. Now, parents are all moved by her daughter’s achievement, not only LouTao, parents are willing to signed an agreement with the Chinese Red Cross donated organs.

late October 9, calcitonin original LouTao been identified (PCT) infection index to exceed bid, now she is being treated for a fight infection. LouGong, Lin only LouTao calcitonin levels in the body to the normal range, her organs is healthy, and meet the requirements of donation. By the end of time, LouTao anti-infection treatment, calcitonin original content began to decline, the hope is still there.

LouTao feeling in his will, & other; The significance of a man alive, not to life length as standard, and should be in terms of the quality of life and thickness. Throughout the &; At the same time, she and other Hope medical attack this problem as soon as possible, let those because & lsquo; Gradually frozen disease & rsquo; And tortured people, get rid of the pain as soon as possible. Throughout the &;

dialogue over LouGong

SMW: LouTao condition is what kind of?

LouGong yu: January 16, she be rescue come over, and now she is not spontaneous breathing. If there is no modern science and technology support, her own life as early as the day ended. Now is by respiratory support technology in the medical miracles, such as the then come here to donate organs.

SMW: communicate with the doctor’s?

LouGong yu: what is she doing now calcitonin original anti-infection treatment. In this process, the doctor discovered that she had a high fever, fungal infection, body rash, as for the reasons, experts also in discussion. After the treatment, can produce three kind of situations: first, if is the infection, the patient may be better; Second, keep good organs, but people can’t continue to life, achieve the goal of donor organs; Third, through treatment, anti-infection index is not normal, life can not continue, people died, cremation. The third is we can’t accept.

SMW: her with other & other; Gradually frozen person & throughout; What’s the difference?

LouGong yu: China has 200000 & other; Gradually frozen person & throughout; . In our county also has a few cases, like no one else, her illness progress too fast too fast. Generally the patients can also provide for oneself, 3, 5 year she has been completely paralyzed 7, 8 months, couldn’t move a little. 11 months or so, people are respiratory failure. She was a young woman, and it is remote, the average person is proximal disease.

SMW: LouTao donor organs idea come about?

LouGong yu: idea in June of last year’s, treatment in Beijing at that time, she felt no hope treatment, put forward to euthanasia, says she can’t stand it. I say we haven’t this law countries, and then she said that after he died, he went out to organ donation. This year the letter about organ donation will speak very detailed, head to the study of motor neuron disease, other useful and valuable organ, just go to the other people in need, relieve their suffering, the continuation of their lives.

SMW: what else can we do for her?

LouGong yu: we burial traditions there are requirements, guarantee the full body, also make what funeral dance. My daughter asked to do nothing, just when she didn’t come to this world, and puts forward the purpose of donation & ndash; & ndash; Book didn’t read it, this is a return to society.

concludes: SMW trainee journalist Su Hailun

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