People club department Chen Jinfu: currently, 30% of health spending is excessive medical waste


, director-general of the department of the ministry of human resources and social security health insurance Chen Jinfu

net news of finance and economics & other; Less than 10 years, China’s total health expense doubled, to more than $40000, the root cause is the change in mechanism of medical power. Health care is the basic driving force of the development of the Chinese health care, to build China’s largest health project. Throughout the &; On November 29th, the ministry of human resources and social security, director-general of the department of health insurance Chen Jinfu in & other; Caijing conference 2018: forecast and strategy & throughout; So said.

Chen Jinfu said that compared to enter a higher level of development of the people’s demand for a better life yearning, the health care industry development is still insufficient, total resources extreme imbalance, a structural optimization problem. Chen Jinfu introduces, at present the medical consumption, 30% had been excessive medical waste, a large number of medical quality is enterprise development.

, he argues, the health care industry for the future development orientation is: the total will continue rapid growth, but the quality must be in the first place, in the process of development must introduce new kinetic energy. If only rely on the government investment, administrative, is unable to continue. There must be the original dynamic growth mechanism, makes the medical market has more value creativity, medical services are more intrinsic motivation.

as a result, health care in health promoting industrial development, promoting medical treatment quality improvement should be. First of all, high implementation value and innovation oriented health, must introduce the mechanism of the social innovation, around equal trade both parties for setting the rules, rather than policy leading and administration, through interest gaming and value orientation, form a consistent direction. In addition, the introduction of negotiation and more group-buying, through negotiations and group purchase, achieve health trend improvement and holistic optimization, lead the value orientation.

the following records speak for Chen Jinfu:

Chen Jinfu: from the perspective of the consumer representatives to talk a little understanding of health. First of all, Chinese health care or medical development in China to what the historical position, there are so few words, first of all, health is the most important human needs, is also a good wish. The development of Chinese medical and health industry development, after nearly a decade, is one of the fastest growing period basically solved the pent-up demand in the past, is a new starting point, is the whole social principal contradiction of profound changes, and China’s development by high-speed growth to changes in the development of high quality, means that what is the strategic orientation of future development.

from the development process, health conference last year, after health concept, health hat flying, all kinds of capital, it is a good thing. support in the development of the first is the demand of the development, and the demand must be driven by the social and economic development, when we do not have enough to eat and wear not warm, medical care is not the main problem. The introduction of capital, someone see business opportunities, you open the gate to let it go to the game. Followed by the supporting of the government, the government do a value orientation planning, including regulatory . From this perspective, we must have clear ideas on the development of health industry and clearer guidance.

I think at least there are so few judgment: first, in the middle of the whole medical development, should be clearly aware that our original medical development is to rely on the government to promote and public resources to support . Why Chinese total health expenses reached more than $40000, a decade ago, the health sector in the proportion of the industry should achieve how many, it was created. Now time in less than a decade, China’s total health expenses doubled, the fundamental reason is the change in mechanism of dynamics . In the past by government investment, by medicine for healing, is gross. health care for a healthy development is the basic driving force of the development of the health in China, it is built a China’s largest health project , basic safeguard people’s health to deal with problems, we dare to see a doctor, to be able to see better, cheaper and more good. could not solve the problem of difficult and expensive both at the same time, the good things is not expensive, must be good.

in the second place, from the current medical service, do not talk about health, first talk about evaluation of health services. It should be said that total less than , compared to enter the higher level of development of people’s hope, the total development is insufficient . resource imbalance of extreme imbalance. in total problems and a structure optimization in the development of . Third,

quality and innovation value problem. In all medical consumption, such as 2 trillion, the 30% is a waste, excessive medical treatment, in this process brings the transformation of the society, is the a lot of enterprise development, but the quality is . From the perspective of the development of now, means that the future development of several big proposition: one is will continue to high speed growth, total capital has already seen, the first came in. 2 it is must put quality as the first . Three is in the process of this development, the must introduce new kinetic . A large business or industry, if there is no original dynamic growth mechanism, rely on the government investment, powered by administrative, rely on the government’s guidance, by consciousness of the individual, is can’t do . So, can medicine market has more value innovation, the inner dynamics of the development of the medical service can have.

I personally is analyzed on health care, I think health care in health promoting industrial development, improve the quality of the Chinese people, should be as . First, high implementation value and innovation oriented health . Second, the must introduce the mechanism of the social innovation . In social governance, not emphasize policy as the leading, law as the leading factor, or administrative as the leading factor, it must be as equal trade both parties for rule set, the interests of the game and the recognition of the value orientation. In this way can we form a consistent direction . Second, the introduction of the more negotiation and group buying. and this kind of negotiation and group purchase, on the one hand reflects the improvement of health trend and holistic optimization. On the other hand is the leading value orientation.

Internet big data is not only a huge ecological changes of industrial development, for social governance is also a big effect. introduction of big data, for example, can eliminate people’s paranoia . So, the application of Internet governance in China has a lot of ascension.

JinLiPing: the questioner have a potential idea, not necessarily correct, because he know about leukemia itself is not so, of course the general patients with drug use of reasonable or detection problem. Director Chen, can you share with us, what measures can be taken in this respect?

Chen Jinfu: and the king said, dean of the two issues of disease is very complex, medicine is very sacred, different disease inspection means and methods, including the price, not the same. Such as Europe, check OK, say have no disease, is very calm. Chinese people feel check the along while didn’t take medicine, I feel lost. In addition, many hospitals medicine for medical canceled, cancel the 15% of the dean, a doctor, so it’s not that simple. So, we are out of the medicine proportion, take medicine in the pharmacy people have no, transfusion room full of people. In fact China has a big in the present medical system problem, not solve the interests mechanism of doctor of medical institutions, the problem is not solved, put down the doctor, the patient also down. Hospital, of course, there are big data, intelligent monitoring, it cannot solve the benefit mechanism underlying motivation problem.

Chen Jinfu: health industry, health, health, or just the problem reveals a problem, is centered on the people. Any industry or business, must depend on the development and solve the problem, the development must have the quality and value orientation. The innovation of the whole society, suggests that technology innovation and government innovation, we should not lag behind it.

caijing conference 2018: forecast and strategy by caijing magazine, business network host, on November 28 to 30 days in Beijing.

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