People’s congress called for brain death legislation: there is no too many technical problems

& other; Brain death has been scientifically proven is irreversible, death patients after brain death, there is no spontaneous breathing, doesn’t make any sense to rescue brain deaths of patients back to life, this process will cost a lot of medical resources, also increased the patients economic burden of the family. Throughout the &; In 2015 and 2015, brain death legislation Suggestions during the meeting of the National People’s Congress, this year, the second term of the National People’s Congress, in wuxi city, jiangsu province people’s hospital, vice President of jing-yu Chen once again to speed up the brain death legislation Suggestions.

jing-yu Chen data diagram

jing-yu Chen data diagram

jing-yu Chen on behalf of the thought, as well as from 2010, our country began to organ donation work, brain death legislation more sense, is a China’s progress, is a progress of social civilization, in order to realize the in line with international standards, our country should legally as soon as possible to give & other; Brain death & throughout; Recognition.

brain death is a waste of limited medical resources

focused on brain death legislation, because as a doctor, jing-yu Chen himself often encounter some brain death patients.

& other; For brain death, medical diagnostic criteria is very clear now. Brain death of the patient is no spontaneous breathing, even though many patients after brain death is still in the icu ventilator for emergency, in many cases, the patient’s heart was still beating, but there is no spontaneous breathing capacity, the brain has been unable to recover. Throughout the &; Jing-yu Chen said.

& other; On a breathing machine maintains the patient’s heartbeat, also don’t respect for the dead. Throughout the &; Jing-yu Chen, for instance, & other; Such as a brain injury because of the accident came to our hospital for treatment, patients in the process of rescue, the doctor for the breathing machine, although clinical experts through electroencephalogram (eeg) and other instruments, according to the clinical criteria to make the patient has the determination of brain death, but in many cases, family members or not willing to give up, they will say, the patient’s heart was beating, what he said was dead? So, in this case, will consume until the patient heart also not line, two lung infection because of intubation, the whole process will last for a long time, maybe a week or two weeks, or even a month. During this period, the patient will cost quite a lot of cost, private patient even spend hundreds of thousands of yuan. Throughout the &;

in addition, brain death will also waste the limited medical resources. & other; Now large comprehensive hospital icu bed is hard to find. In many cases, in the true sense of worth rescuing patients for brain death patients take up resources, and can’t get timely and effective treatment. Throughout the &; Jing-yu Chen said.

legislation has many legal problems

as we have learned, at present, including the United States, Japan, etc, brain death legislation for many countries in the world. Probably more than 100 countries and regions in the world officially acknowledged brain death. But in our country, with no brain death legislation, many legal problems difficult to solve.

& other; Death is a citizen civil legal relationship one of the reasons for the formation, change and termination. The borderlines of death standard, to determine the time of death, can cause the will dispute, pension insurance claims disputes, the worker and the organ transplant disputes, & lsquo; Unreasonable & rsquo; Death of legal problems, such as, also directly affect the legal issue of succession, raised in marriage and family relations and the supported, support and the support, and the relationship will be automatically lifted. Throughout the &; Jing-yu Chen said.

jing-yu Chen stressed that at the same time, the brain death legislation does not exist too many technical problems. For the determination of brain death, clinical international standard also is very clear, as early as 15 years ago have clinical standard in my country. And clinical practice, to do the brain death judgment nor do the doctor of organ transplantation, but have special experts engaged in neurology and neurosurgery. In addition, China is the organ donation is fully with the international market, the whole process is very standard. Once the brain death patients family members agreed to the patient’s organ donation, there will be a Red Cross on organ donation coordinator to complete all formalities, such as access to organ, the distribution of the country have a registry network system, so the recipient will be in the system, will be distributed through the network, until the surgeon to get organ transplant, saving more patients.

the legislation is not without its mass base

jing-yu Chen on behalf of the three years in a row calling for brain death legislation, there is another reason, that is to the related department to reply, he has not been satisfied. One answer is that, at present China is still lack of the social basis of brain death legislation, common people is not recognized. To this, jing-yu Chen is not recognized. Compared with before two years about the brain death legislation Suggestions, this year, more targeted jing-yu Chen suggest. For example, in response to the relevant ministries, research is mainly focused on the social basis, for relevant departments to understand the current situation of Chinese brain death and the social public awareness.

jing-yu Chen tells a reporter, begin from 2010, China carried out of the citizen’s cerebrovascular death organ donation. In recent years, the pace of organ donation work developing very fast. At present this work practice is divided into two kinds of circumstances, one is the patient’s heart stops later on organ donation, and a is a patient of organ donation after brain death. & other; In the latter case, we are more welcome. Throughout the &;

figures show that in 2016, completed in China donated 4080 cases, donor organs, 11296, almost 50% higher than that of last year, accounting for 41% of the total cumulative contributions. Donation rates per million population (PMP) of 2.98. Last year, it is more than 5000 patients with cerebrovascular death made organ donation, among them, there are at least a third of patients belong to brain death. & other; In this sense, the most recognized the brain death of the patient’s family, this shows that our country has a broad mass base. I hope the government can understand our present the status quo, to be able to start the brain death legislation as soon as possible. Throughout the &;

as a doctor brain death legislation, organ transplantation has been questioned whether have interest in it. Jing-yu Chen said about it, in the true sense, brain death legislation is not for organ donation, is more respect for the dead, reduce the family burden, save medical resources.

& other; All in all, brain death legislation is a trend in the world, health reform and the reality of social development urgently call for brain death legislation. In order to smooth and healthy development of the judicial practice and the medical career, brain death legislation is imperative. Can be expected, after brain death legislation, more critically ill patient can be reborn need organ transplants to have a chance. Throughout the &; Jing-yu Chen said.

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