Pharmaceutical factory, trump the nomination for the health minister for lower drug prices

data figure: was nominated as the new health minister ai. Image: visual China

the Price office minister (Tom Price) for hire charter caused dissatisfaction after the resignation in September, the President of the United States trump nominated pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly (Eli Lilly & amp; Co.), former President of ai firm (Alex Azar) as the new minister of health and human services, which oversees large health care, medical research, food and drug safety and public health.

trump tweeted Monday: & other; Pleased to announce that, I nominated as the next health minister. He is committed to promoting better medical services and lower drug prices. Throughout the &;

trump has repeatedly put forward sharp criticism of the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmaceutical companies to & other; At large the murderer & throughout; Losing control,, say prices have jumped.

this spring, trump’s a twitter had caused the pharmaceutical stocks. The President said in a twitter, he is trying to launch a new system to promote competition, thereby reducing drug prices.

ai firm will take over the government trump of Mr Obama’s management of the affordable care act. Trump and the republicans in congress have been calling for the abolition of the legislation, the government has taken many measures to try to shake the foundations, such as reducing project funding, as well as the health insurance company refused to provide subsidies, etc.

and because many times trying to overthrow the Obama health care bill, may trump from regulation, in order to also left his mark in the health-care system.

she graduated from Yale law school, he used to work in lilly pharmaceutical for ten years, there are five years as a gift to the President of the company in the United States, in January this year. According to Mr Zardari’s LinkedIn profile, in February this year, he set up a consultancy for biological pharmaceutical and medical company.

he also in the pharmaceutical industry lobby group & other; Biological technological innovation organization & throughout; (Biotechnology Innovation Organization) as a director for several years.

earlier, Mr Zardari was also the former US President George w. bush and deputy secretary of the ministry of health has served as chief counsel and familiar with the federal health supervision system is very complex.

ai’s appointment is unusual, because health minister candidates usually come from the governor was elected officials, or academia and the medical community leaders, and administrative department managers from other industries, rather than by direct supervision of the department.

now, he must be careful to avoid conflict of interest and lilly pharmaceutical company, whether in the drug approval or in reimbursement.

ai to plunge into the nomination is subject to confirmation by the United States senate. Expect Democrats and other critics will be disputed.

democratic senator Murray (Patty Murray) can send a statement saying: & other; Given the ai to plunge into professional background, I am very curious, how does he think he can fair to perform a variety of measures, for patients with lower drug prices. Throughout the &;

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