Pig endorser for our favorite stylemakers “falungong”?

the author: LuShi

is not only the pig producer in China, is also big consumers of pigs, pork and its products throughout the meat consumption accounted for more than 60%. Ensure the safety of all foods, including pork, is strongly called for by the large consumer, also is the consensus of the whole society, but also the legal responsibility of the relevant government departments. Over the years, through the joint efforts of all aspects, results seen in this respect, our country’s food safety is guaranteed as a whole. Recent story about the production of live pigs, however, rumors spread in the micro letter, weibo, this rumor & other; Is about to be slaughtered pigs & throughout; The & other; Note & throughout; The form of oral own so-called & other; Short life & throughout; , suffered in the process of its growth & other; Suffering & throughout; Malicious smear, with the aim of the whole process of pig breeding in China, some unknown malicious bewitch the truth of the readers and consumers, caused the bad influence. To this, the relevant experts and scholars and the relevant state departments to be solemn. The rumor, people can not help but ask, rumors from? Who served as & other; Pig face & throughout; ? Its what?

all the marks and the back is a striking feature of the network age, rumors by using modern technology to find the original source, is not easy. The relevant departments and social justice are traced back to soon detected the behind, found the rumor source was overseas & other; Falun gong & throughout; The media! And, as early as in 2010 and 2015, & other; Falun gong & throughout; Media published a similar article, this is just trying to repeat itself, in a form of packaging. Said to the notorious peaks, & other; Falun gong & throughout; Cult, at home is a rat crossing the street, everyone loved to play. Over the years, leaders lurk in the United States and other Falun gong & throughout; Cult, actively act as the pawn of western anti-china forces, against the Chinese people, to do all the various wicked deeds, has been more and more of the broad masses of overseas Chinese and also vulnerable to the forces of international justice. Overseas & other; Falun gong & throughout; Implementation of sabotage an old trick, is to make use of the popular media deliberately make and spread rumors, the hot issues, for a variety of anti-china forces & other; Customise & throughout; The excuse to attack. Their past performance is badly behaved, scorned. These baseless rumors, contrary to common sense and ulterior motives, repudiated by experts and scholars at home and abroad and knowledgeable people to pieces, completely become a laughing stock.

the market economy is essentially the rule of law economy. In our country, pig breeding, slaughtering, processing, trafficking and so on have strict laws and regulations and industry standards, has covered the whole process of strict regulation. Even if occasionally a few bad, will be punished severely according to law, it is well documented. If use people hope and anxiety about food safety, the phenomenon of individual as a common problem, said false things acclaimed, access to the world of modern methods of carp, it is malicious destruction of pig breeding industry development environment, endless negative relevant state departments of supervision, but also for the vast number of consumers of extremely irresponsible. If let the rumor, disturbed the pork market, in the end is the vital interests of the broad masses of the people’s harm. The vitality of media coverage is real, whether by name, alias, & other; Writers & throughout; All right, & other The gunners & throughout; Let it be, a curled up in the United States and other Falun gong & throughout; Media, there is no any investigation, not a factor in complete examples, incredibly plausibly safety point of domestic pigs, and fry in the past & other; The leftover food & throughout; , which is a very ridiculous thing, the cost of this rumor not too cheap.

more funny is, & other; Falun gong & throughout; Media hype in the rumor, should set out a pair of experts face, talk about what & other; Combination of feed & throughout; & other; Additives & throughout; , slander & other; The pig’s rate of growth & throughout; & other; Urea & throughout; And so on. Like & other; Falun gong & throughout; Leader li has confused & other; Light & throughout; Unit is a unit of time or distance, this time the rumor, will again & other; Organic arsine & throughout; And & other Inorganic arsenic & throughout; Confused, again for their own ignorance and shameless added a new license. In the rumor, they will also be a small amount of used in ruminant feed & other Urea & throughout; In the steering column to the pig’s diet, as had & other; Greedy corrupt sleep & throughout; Habits of a pig before feeding & other; Calm hypnosis medicine & throughout; And what nonsense & other; Feed is with 100 catties of grain throughout the & mix few jins additive has the; , and so on. If they set up, so not keeping costs soar is pig illness and death. If they want to raise pigs to make money, would have been wiped out. Visible, the lack of common sense, at least they speak the perverse, even & other; For endorsement of a pig & throughout; The qualification of all have no! Don’t flatter yourself as well.

rumor can temporarily confusing, but can’t obliterate work and results of food safety in our country, also will not stand in the way of we implement the strategy of food safety beginner’s mind and hard work. Authority, standard according to the ministry of agriculture agricultural research center in pork quality safety monitoring qualified rate was 99.5% in 2016, 2017 years ago, three quarters of 99.8%. I think this is indisputable facts, this is the best response to rumors. At the end of the rumors, & other; The author & throughout; Her cheek sighs & other; Now the world, the heart gone bad, thinking is money. Throughout the &; In fact, really heart broken, is evil cult & other; Falun gong & throughout; They thinking? Rumor is a rumor, even if the repeated one thousand times, one thousand times, is still a rumor. Advise them not to play again & other; The pig & throughout; Pack up the game, as soon as possible uninvited & other; Endorsement & throughout; At an early date right now.

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