Please return the money in the pocket to children’s health in the future

the children pocket money all gone? Can imagine nothing more than the purpose of the call of stationery, toys, snacks, movie & hellip; & hellip; But you know, the children will also use the pocket money to buy cigarettes. DetailPic


in China, the children get the life first cigarette sometimes cost less than 3 cents (to & other; Throughout the &; Buy), almost within reach. This terrible impact is: 82.3% of youth smoking 13-15 years old first tried smoking age is 13 years old, and have a every 10 junior high school boys smoking. Tobacco companies regard this as a market opportunity, invested heavily, to China’s youth to promote their products.

however, the solution is also very simple.

known international experience, improve the cigarette retail price is cut down on teen smoking is one of the most effective measures. The sensitivity of the young people to taxes and prices for two to three times higher than adults, this means that higher taxes on tobacco in preventing teenagers from lifelong addiction is very effective. DetailPic


today, foreign economic and trade university, the world health organization (who) tobacco control and economic policy cooperation center in Beijing released its latest surveys of the national tobacco taxes price attitude report & ndash; & ndash; “Raising taxes on tobacco, let children from harm, of which more than eighty percent of the respondents think teenagers smoking phenomenon is serious.

Mr Xu Chuanxing

the world health organization representative office

tobacco free initiative technology official

& other; In the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea and Chile and other countries, we see in a sharp increase tobacco taxes, lead to a drop in teenage smoking. Chinese cigarette so cheap, if you want to prevent the children start to smoke, you must raise taxes on tobacco. We want to make cigarettes are no longer accessible, especially vulnerable groups of children. Throughout the &; DetailPic


these conclusions also get the support of the vast majority of survey respondents. Nearly 80% of respondents believe that only the cigarette prices doubled, rose to 20 yuan/package or higher (now the average sales price of 10 yuan/bag), can effectively prevent adolescent first cigarette. In addition, much of the respondents (82%) agreed that will improve the tobacco prices increased tobacco taxes applied to including the cause of public health and the health of the people’s livelihood.

in May 2015 in tax measures makes cigarette retail price increases. But cigarettes in China is still a very cheap goods, if not for raising taxes on tobacco price further, as people consumption level rise, cigarette will become more & other; Cheap & throughout; . That coincide with the idea of survey respondents, China’s tobacco control, experts are also trying to promote regular tobacco taxes and prices rise, and inflation as the index. Additional tax increase can be reinvested in other tobacco and health priorities. DetailPic


in order to children’s health in the future, and the great vision of health of China’s 2030, tobacco such deadly commodity price must be high, far away from young children in the world. Let us work together to achieve real smokefree next generation.

Return pocket money to a healthy future of children

the Where does your kids’ Pocket money go? For the most part we imagine it is 2 For toys, snacks, and, movies. But did you know that, too, that kids spend their pocket money on cigarettes? In China, the cost of their first cigarette can be less than 0.3 RMB (transition by stick), easily afforded by a kid. And it’ S having an insidious effect: & have spent Amongst 13-15 year olds, 82.3% of students first tried smoking by the age of 13. And for every 10 male middle school students, one is already a regular smoker. Tobacco companies view this as a market opportunity, investing heavily to market their products to China’ S youth.

There is an easy solution.

We know from international experience that one of the most effective ways to cut youth smoking is to raise the retail price. The Young people are two to three times more sensitive to tax and price – than adults, which means that who tobacco taxes are highly effective to preventing youth from developing a lifelong addiction. & have spent


Today the WHO Collaborating Centre on Tobacco and Economics at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing published a survey on Chinese attitudes to tobacco price, tax, and youth smoking. More than 80% interviewees reported their concerns about youth smoking rates.  & have spent

& other; In countries to the as diverse as the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, the Republic of Chesapeake, and Chile, we have seen reductions In youth smoking rates following all tobacco tax -. Given that cigarettes are so being In China, and if we want to keep our kids from starting to smoke, a all it happens of tobacco tax and price is a must. We need to make cigarettes less affordable especially to our younger more vulnerable populations. & throughout; & have spent

– Mr Kelvin Khow, the technical officer of Tobacco Free Initiative WHO in China 

Such conclusions are supported by survey respondents. Nearly 80% indicated that cigarette prices would have to at least double to 20RMB/pack (currently it averages at around 10RMB/pack) to effectively prevent youth from taking up their first cigarette. In addition, a vast majority of respondents (82%) agreed that the increased revenues collected through a higher tobacco tax should be used to improve people’s livelihood, including public health. The last tobacco tax increase in May 2015 led to a slight rise in the retail price of cigarettes. However, cigarettes are still incredibly cheap in China – null

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