Postpartum hair loss how to do? Improve the treatment of hair loss diet

I believe many of my precious mother have encountered such a situation, when the hair shampoo will drop a lot, and even “bald” signs. Do not worry, first of all have to clearly lead to hair off the “culprit,” and then symptomatic drug application, so as to protect the hair.

Postpartum hair loss how to do?

1, if it is deliberately dieting caused by malnutrition, it is recommended that mothers want to eat more nutritious food, after all, feeding the baby will lose a lot of nutrition. Like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs are not less than one, to meet the needs of the body to meet the needs of the growth of the hair.

2, do not think that with children is stupid reason, Po mother in love with the baby also love themselves, and more comb the hair, can promote the scalp blood circulation, but also conducive to hair metabolism.

3, to wash your hair often, so as to help the growth of new hair.

4, treasure mother in the time with children to relax, do not give yourself too much pressure, or hair loss symptoms are difficult to be alleviated.

Postpartum diet to improve hair loss diet

Black sesame black beans loach soup

Raw materials: black sesame, black beans each 120 grams, about 750 grams loach, dried tangerine peel 1/4, 2 to 3 slices of ginger.

System of law: black sesame seeds, black beans washed, such as stomach cold who should be fried and then use, dried tangerine peel to wash, loach wash, kill the net, slow fire until yellow, and then with the ginger into the cooker, Add 2000 ml of water (about 8 bowls of water), the first Wuhuo boiling boil simmer for 1 and a half hours, transferred to the amount of salt and oil can be. This amount is available for 2 to 3 people, loach and black beans can be picked up mixed sauce soy sauce use.

Efficacy: Spleen, Qi nourishing, Bushenyijing, hair growth.

Shouwu black beans

Raw materials: black beans 500 grams, 60 grams of wolfberry, Radix 30 grams, 12 walnuts.

System of law: first fried Shou Wu, Chinese wolfberry, black beans after stewed juice, walnuts, cooked, with water mixing, dried, daily Nights 30 black beans.

Efficacy: nourishing essence, expelling blood, apply to hair loss, white hair, less white head and other symptoms.