Pregnant mother repeated fever, check the heart has become a “tofu” unknown high fever, don’t careless

according to guangdong media, working in dongguan soon after the little jade-like stone pregnancy high fever is not retreated, more serious is collapsed, shock, frightened family. Later, according to the results of the hospital heart colour to exceed small jade-like stone heart mitral valve exist a large number of reflux, heart valve several attached to a large number of bacteria on the surface of briquette and necrosis, and the test result of the blood, judging the local doctors, small jade-like stone had serious infective endocarditis and systemic sepsis!

the doctor a open heart, bacteria invasion degree of surprise them & ndash; & ndash; Almost all between the left atrium and left ventricle mitral valve damage, the size of the thumb vegetations, yellow purulent blood necrosis one regiment on a mass of land parcel in heart valves. Figuratively speaking, it is more than & other; Door & throughout; Be broken cavity, even & other; Door frame & throughout; Joint also & other; Rot & throughout; Like tofu.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

endocarditis: gentle heart killer

in the impression of average person, chest pain, heart attack a few hours could be deadly. One kind of heart disease, however, it started to no obvious symptoms, then that is good and the bad fever, but in the end, it threat to people’s life has no reduction, the disease is endocarditis.

& other; Bacteria enter the overmuch, particularly strong virulence, low resistance and so on under the action of one or several internal and external factors, pathogenic bacteria stuck right in the heart intima, form the vegetations, at this moment the heart lining the door doesn’t close properly. Throughout the &; Shanghai changzheng hospital, director of the chest cardiac zhi-nong wang said, & other; Itself has other heart disease, such as tooth, bacteria could step in. Throughout the &;

at first is the door doesn’t close properly, then even the door all rotted away, heart is leaking from a little blood to the blood flow, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy. And bacteria with blood may also spread to the brain, kidney, spleen, in areas such as the eye, causing a secondary infection. While patients present at first too send the fever, could last for months or even a year or two; In late may experience symptoms such as hematuria, hemiplegia, serious when may be sudden death.

zhi-nong wang said the damaged disc blade and disc ring debridement reconstruction combined with antibiotic treatment is endocarditis means of gold. The past endocarditis mortality rates as high as 70% ~ 90%, now surgery combined with drugs to mortality rate dropped to 10%. Therefore, it is above and check timely. In addition, reasonable diet, exercise, and don’t smoke, can increase the resistance, prevent endocarditis.

young unknown causes sustained fever, don’t careless

in fact, more and more clinical cases of multiple lining, and elderly patients with many different abroad, domestic 20 ~ 40 years old of young patients is increasing, & other; At present we have four people, the ward were young & throughout; , Huang Huanlei said, one of the most common is the infection of streptococcus viridans, staphylococcus aureus, and the cause of the infection, sometimes it is not clear.

in addition, must be mentioned is that a bad tooth, repeatedly periodontitis, hand and foot injury after maturation, vaginal infection, etc., can cause bacteremia, heart infections, especially in patients with heart problems itself to be more vigilant.

once appear fuo, stubborn, repeated fever 39 ℃ and 40 ℃ and last for a long time about a week, for example, cannot be easily as the common cold, fever, advice to hospital of specialized subject doctor, do a heart colour to exceed, blood culture, such as inspection, eliminate heart intima infection.

if caught early endocarditis, early strong antibiotic treatment, the valve can repair and not change much, patients with postoperative quality of life is much higher.


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