Pregnant women eat more choline food baby smarter

It has been reported recently that in a study published in the International Journal of The FASEB Journal, researchers from Cornell University found that when women take enough choline nutrition during pregnancy, their offspring will For a more sustained cognitive advantage / benefit, choline has multiple functions and is present in a variety of foods such as egg yolk, lean meat (red meat), fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and cruciferous Vegetables, etc. This article focuses on the key role of choline in the development of the brain before the baby is born. In a report, researcher Richard Canfield said some of this may be due in part to current dietary trends and practices. Many choline-rich foods may not be “famous” at the moment, such as eggs, which are cholesterol-rich and include Health professionals working in the government have warned pregnant women about the ingestion of uncooked eggs, which may discourage women from taking the eggs, although the health risks associated with them are small in sterilized and cooked eggs in buses, Ingestion of red meat is usually to avoid excessive intake of fat.

Our expectant mother, in pregnancy, the most hope is that their baby can be healthier and smarter, so the mothers diet must have three principles.

1, a comprehensive nutritional supplement. Pregnant women in the choice of food, to eliminate the problem of picky eaters. Fetal brain development required a lot of types of nutrition, diet choices should be comprehensive, to be able to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

2, nutritionally balanced. In dietary nutrition, balanced nutrition is also our consideration. With meat and vegetables to be reasonable enough. Fat and protein intake to achieve a certain balance.

3, choose natural ingredients. With the development of science and technology, many ingredients have been finely processed, however, these ingredients are processed, the ingredients in the nutrition is likely to be lost. We should try our best to choose natural ingredients, such as common vegetables and fruits in our daily life. Some coarse grains are also suitable for us.