Premature blindness judicial testimonial hospital reported no wrong Expert witnesses: not signed

(the original title: judicial authentication opinions eyebrows)

at about 2 PM on December 28, 2017, including with grandma said, children can only rely on voice tell direction, often fall or be furniture to touch the head of the pictures by Chinese journalists Zhao Binshe

on the afternoon of December 28, 2017, xiao-peng li take shaanxi blueprint of judicial appraisal report issued by judicial authentication center said, the fan on the appraisal opinions do not make the judicial authentication

premature blindness, judicial authentication opinions that hospital diagnosis and no-fault

the first trial after losing family investigation, & other; Throughout the first appraiser &; Said to grant the unwitting

not seen identified object how to come to the conclusion? The name of the appraiser who sign?

if not found the first expert witnesses, medical judicial expert in medical dispute of xiao-peng li never doubted the truth of this is against him and grant, but and & other Throughout the first appraiser &; Talk, let him the important evidence for the first-instance judgment.

& other; I doesn’t have anything to do with this (judicial authentication) opinion, the signature of the above is not my signature, I don’t have any relationship with the authentication institutions. Throughout the &; Facing the family members asked, judicial authentication opinions & other; Throughout the first appraiser &; Fan said.

the case

premature hospital discharge more than two months after the diagnosis of blindness

in April, 2016, was born in shanxi boy containing containing (a pseudonym) for 26 weeks premature weight only 1100 grams, + 6 days at the local hospital treatment after 40 days on June 1, 2016, was sent to the children’s hospital of xi ‘an hospital treatment. On admission: diagnosed by bronchial pneumonia, sepsis, left ankle skin necrosis, premature brain damage, congenital heart disease, premature infants, suitable for gestational age (points out that the birth weight in the same gestational age 10 ~ 90 percentile of average weight. If gestational age has term and has no any disease, compared to normal newborns). After two months of hospital treatment, including on July 31, 2016 yuan.

after discharge from the children’s hospital of xi “an, including containing and family back home in yuncheng. & other; That year on September 20, I took my children in yuncheng local hospital check body, child is diagnosed with eyes retinopathy of premature babies. Throughout the &; Contain the xiao-peng li said of his father, & other; We hurriedly brought the child to Beijing tongren hospital, October 10 the nikkei, a child’s eyes was diagnosed with ROP five period, has been completely blind, no therapeutic significance. Throughout the &;

according to the Chinese reporter understanding, ROP occurs mainly in smaller premature babies, the lower the birth weight and gestational age is smaller, the higher the incidence of ROP severity, the heavier. In addition, the rescue premature babies at high concentration of oxygen is also the important reason for the ROP. ROP, a total of five period, once in five period, surgical success rate is extremely low, even success can only keep light. And the condition has no surgery is necessary. & other; Beijing tongren hospital doctor told us that if we can found two months early, only to spend thousands of dollars to do a small operation, can make the child comes. Throughout the &; Xiao-peng li said. Trial

the first-instance judgment at children’s hospital medical behavior without fault

contain with a family feel children blindness because children’s hospital of xi ‘an in the diagnosis and treatment, the delay of a child’s eye disease, medical fault, the children’s hospital of xi ‘an sued to xi ‘an lotus lake district people’s court. In court, a core focus of the problem is that the children’s hospital of xi ‘an provides a diagnostic records: June 12, 2016, the hospital of containing eyes checked, was diagnosed with eyes bottom ROP three phase ii, and suggests that contain with families to xiking hospital. From containing containing the results of the blind, the condition has been delayed for nearly four months, in the end by the deterioration of three phase ii to five periods.

court, children’s hospital has told family members said a child’s eye problems. To this, xiao-peng li said: & other; I don’t know the situation. During the children’s hospital, medical staff didn’t tell us the child’s eyes is the situation. We are in October when I went to Beijing tongren hospital, because of the need to children’s hospital medical records, copy of client in xi ‘an disease lasted just discovered that a diagnosis of record, can be found at this time is late. In the children’s hospital 2 months of treatment, all medical records to appear only once, even when we are out of the hospital on the diagnosis of children’s eyes no records. Throughout the &;

on December 12, 2017, xi ‘an lotus lake district people’s court civil judgments: 1 year old boy with the result of blind and clinic hospital of xi ‘an no causal relationship between children’s hospital medical behavior, the hospital does not exist & other Delay treatment, did not inform parents test results and treatment advice & throughout; The truth of the matter. In children’s hospital of diagnosis and treatment in the process of try to explain to patients condition and take appropriate health measures. Children’s hospital does not assume with blind consequences of liability to pay compensation.

don’t understand

& other; Haven’t seen a child first appraiser, how the conclusion? Throughout the &;

according to the civil judgment of civil litigation records, it is concluded that the children’s hospital medical behavior without fault is an important tool in from shaanxi blueprint of judicial identification center of formation of the judicial authentication opinions, expert witnesses, respectively for the holder of the judicial appraiser fan, li mou.

due to the need of trial, the grant was commissioned by the xi ‘an intermediate people’s court judicial authentication center of shaanxi blueprint for forensic identification, including the containing containing blind disable grade appraisal: blind follow-up treatment, nutrition period and nursing period. The most important is the children’s hospital of xi ‘an for containing including diagnosis and treatment is delayed in the process of treatment, that contain blind identification whether there is medical treatment fault; Contains contains the level of disability and children’s hospital of xi ‘an whether there is a causal relationship between identified.

identification as a result, children’s hospital of xi ‘an of ROP diagnosis definitely, and suggested to xiking ophthalmic hospital, hospital medical behavior without fault, children’s family did not press the doctor advised in a timely manner to xiking ophthalmic hospital diagnosed until October 10 ROP, the five eyes feeling lost treatment opportunity, the hospital diagnosis and treatment of children with behavior and damage result eyes no causal relationship. Besides containing the level of disability for the level of disability.

& other; I have always felt that the judicial authentication opinions have a question, I asked the judge for expert witnesses to appear in court before the trial, but he was not allowed. In addition, I took the children to shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center vivisection check for a child, did not see the first expert witnesses fan. & other; I don’t understand, haven’t seen the first appraiser child, how to come to the conclusion? Throughout the &;

according to xiao-peng li, at the time of children living in the center of the identification of inspection is the second appraiser li mou. & other; Appraisal process in less than five minutes, and the first appraiser fan before court down there just isn’t and we’ve seen, also didn’t contact. Throughout the &;

& other; Throughout the first appraiser &; Reply

& other; I don’t have any relationship with expert & throughout;

xiao-peng li told reporters, the Chinese judicial authentication center of shaanxi blueprint from beginning to end didn’t give him an explanation. Query through the network, he found the first expert witnesses fan is shaanxi xianyang nuclear industry 215 hospital chief physician of the eye.

the end of December 2017, xiao-peng li in shaanxi xianyang nuclear industry 215 hospital found a fan. Has a fan when xiao-peng li to come up with the name, as well as the attached fan’s judicial appraiser licensed copies of judicial authentication opinions, fan says it wasn’t informed about this opinion. & other; Fan’s appearance and grant the attached photos on the judicial appraiser’s practice certificate is one. Fan admits certificate photocopy of id card number is her identity card number. Throughout the &; Xiao-peng li said, & other; Two fan is the same person. Throughout the &;

from xiao-peng li to offer Chinese reporters dialogue recording, fan repeatedly expressed the expert knowledge. On December 28, 2017, Chinese journalists and xiao-peng li find fan again. & other; You don’t need to look for me, I not involved in this matter to you. Throughout the &; Fan said.

when a reporter questioned fan, appraisal report is her name, her judicial appraiser’s practice certificate, fan said: & other; You go looking for their center (shaanxi blueprint judicial authentication center), I don’t have to intervene. Throughout the &; Then she asked xiao-peng li: & other; I went to no identification? Did you see me? Throughout the &; When from xiao-peng li said that have not seen, fan said: & other; That you don’t need to look for me, you are looking for their identification. I’m not involved in, you find I have what use? Throughout the &; Then a reporter to the fan to verify again, is she appraisal, the appraisal report, & other fan said I don’t have stepped in, I don’t know. I have all the information is public, who steal my information and I don’t have any relationship, anyway I am not involved in this thing. Throughout the &;

xiao-peng li is also trying to contact the second appraiser li mou and shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center, li mou not see him, however, shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center or no explanation.

hospital reply justice

fan can’t medical pathology, forensic practice ability

& other; Now, the appraisal opinions or is fake, or identification have does not conform to the situation of the program. If you have any problems, the expert and the judge to sentence my child’s eyes blind and xi “an has nothing to do at children’s hospital diagnosis and treatment, the judicial unfair to me? Throughout the &; Xiao-peng li said.

xiao-peng li has carried on the complaint to the department of justice of xianyang, hope for shaanxi xianyang nuclear industry 215 hospitals and judicial appraiser fan in the investigation.

on December 29, 2017, shaanxi xianyang 215 hospital formally written reply to the department of justice of xianyang nuclear industry: by check, fan of shaanxi xianyang nuclear forensic judicial appraisal by the legal holder of the 215 hospital forensic expert witnesses. The appraisal has never traveled by any judicial appraiser to participate in the activities of other identification authentication institutions. Fan I never mentioned in shaanxi blueprint for practice of judicial authentication center. In addition, the fan current forensic judicial authentication in shaanxi xianyang nuclear industry 215 hospital held by the judicial appraiser for forensic clinical practicing certificate in types, and shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center fan for forensic clinical practicing certificate of type, forensic pathology, forensic evidence. To this, shaanxi xianyang industry dominating the 215 hospital in forensic judicial authentication xianyang justice bureau reply, fan does not have forensic pathology, forensic practice ability. Shaanxi blueprint judicial authentication center provides the authenticity of fan’s practice certificate needs to be verified.

provincial justice department

has complaints to investigate need two months

at present, xiao-peng li appeal to the lotus lake district court of first instance verdict, xi ‘an intermediate people’s court has accepted.

& other; In addition, I also complain to the justice of shaanxi province, hope to study the judicial authentication opinions of authenticity. If it is fake, shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center shall bear legal responsibility. Throughout the &; Xiao-peng li said. According to the Chinese reporter understanding, on December 27, 2017, in shaanxi province judicature bureau has accepted a containing xiao-peng li complaints of his father.

at noon on January 8, 2018, contact the relevant person in charge of shaanxi province and full-service xiao-peng li and Chinese reporters, whether for fan in shaanxi blueprint for judicial authentication center as a judicial appraiser, whether to participate in the blind in judicial authentication, on the authenticity of the judicial authentication opinions, they are not give a direct answer.

& other; Now we do accept the blueprint for judicial authentication center of the judicial authentication opinions authenticity, once have the result after contact with the parties. Throughout the &; Shaanxi province judicature bureau staff said. Reporter asked how long it takes, the staff said, need two months.

dialogue father

the facts will find evidence to

the end of December 2017, in the hall, the Chinese newspaper reporters saw ham and his family. Has nine months of age with ham, and no age children should be lively and lose sight of him start to some, must have a family with his hands. & other; Development of normal children, one should speak more, can contain contain not speak, yet also won’t call father mother, grandma and grandpa. Throughout the &; Xiao-peng li said.

Chinese: when checked the eyes of the children know that xi ‘an children’s hospital?

xiao-peng li: in October 2016, when I went to Beijing to children are watching eyes, considering that may need to xi ‘an at children’s hospital medical records, print client from the hospital medical record this just know, children’s hospital of xi ‘an in June 12 has confirmed the child eyes bottom ROP three phase ii, diagnosis on advice to xiking eye hospital treatment.

Chinese: you mean a hospital diagnosis of eye disease, but did not inform you?

xiao-peng li: yes, in the two months of hospitalization period, can check all the records, the child was diagnosed with eyes bottom ROP three phase ii on June 12 records only so a, haven’t seen similar records. Drawn even when your child out of the hospital hospital discharge diagnosis confirmed on 13 kinds of symptoms, eyes had any record of the problem. ROP three phase ii is to check once every two weeks, until the lesion regression disappeared, when conditions permit. But after two months of time, for once had said inspection record in the past? And children in the hospital for sick children in hospital have been treated in isolation, families children are nowhere in sight. If the doctor don’t say, we don’t know the specific situation of the children. null

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