Preschool teacher team needs a reform of the “supply side”

difficult to raise children, preschool teacher is also one of the most difficult jobs to do around the world, so the others, and must be & other; Selective & throughout; .

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difficult to raise children, preschool teacher is also one of the most difficult jobs to do around the world, so not hear, and shall & other; Selective & throughout; .

red yellow blue xintiandi kindergarten suspected child abuse, recently have a new progress: on November 25, involved kindergarten teachers Liu Moumou for alleged abuse by caregivers sin has been criminal detention according to law. In the chaoyang district government, said it was a bad events will hurt children, social influence is extremely bad.

involved teachers were caught, director is free, just & other; Periodically throughout the &; The processing results. Link up after several qinzi field, kindergarten child abuse, quality and qualification of teachers, thus cause focus again. Can be seen from media reports, & other; Qualified professional staff to care for children & throughout; In many places are still difficult to achieve.

look from quantity, preschool teacher seriously in short supply. 2016 kindergarten teachers in our country of 3.818 million people, about 1:12 student-faculty ratios, away from the kindergarten teachers are equipped with standard (provisional) “rules & other 1:5 to 1:7 & throughout; Gap is not small, need to add the childcare worker 2.488 million people. Because of shortages, so crazy rob: east China normal university pre-school education specialty has more than 100 graduates each year, more than 200 last year alone have kindergarten to & other; Rob & throughout; People.

in terms of quality, the ability of preschool education practitioners, will is not strong enough problems to face, education in China is mainly focused on the college level, 56.37% of the total, 22.4% of the teachers only and under high school diploma; In addition, 73% of teachers in rank.

kfir gap problem, isn’t the first time was focused, after have & other 116 units & lsquo; Competition & rsquo; Bozhou 14 teachers throughout the graduate &; Such reports. But child abuse and make the problem worse, although said that child abuse phenomenon happens, the reason is various, but teachers problem of child abuse is an important causative factor.

a long time, many people impression of preschool teacher is still in & other; Put the kids & throughout; On; Emphasis on young children’s naive and lovely, also ignore the children & other; Hyperactivity & throughout; & other; Naughty & throughout; Characteristics of nursing. With the matching, is to staff as a lot of bad grades, can’t find good workers but place to go.

but in essence, young children cannot support, preschool teacher is the one of the most difficult job to do, the world must also be selected.

children is a group of people in this society’s most vulnerable, is also a special protection of the minors protection act. Care needs highly professional, need strong patience and professional skills. Otherwise it will be like a said the kindergarten, when teachers & other; Found that a child is not what they think is very innocent and lovely appearance, there is no solution, can only simple and crude choose abnormal handling. Throughout the &;

mastery of preschool education in professional skills, understanding of abuse by caregivers, realize the sanctity of the preschool education work, is the basic qualities of a preschool teacher. But when the industry impostors, numerous abuse phenomenon is almost impossible to avoid. This request, must replace the non-professional with professional staff, the low quality of teachers, the society is out of & other; Preschool education=the kids & throughout; Cognitive bias.

in view of the problem of child abuse has reached to a systemic solution of node, it is time to solve the problem of preschool teacher careful planning. The preschool teacher did also need a & other industry; Supply side throughout the reform &; .

the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline (2010-2020), had specifically mentioned & other; Strict enforcement of preschool teachers’ qualification standards, strengthen the preschool teachers training training, improve the preschool teachers’ whole quality, implementation of preschool teachers’ status and salary in accordance with the law. Throughout the &; But under the soft constraints, it easy to become a zombie.

in this context, perhaps it would be based on long-term systemic deployment, institutional design: both by leaning to recruit students of college professional setting and expand the supply, also in terms of salary, career development to provide more support and services. Through specific quantitative indicators, harsh assessment of accountability, along with the supervision of the responsibility to implement step by step, let preschool teacher supply gradually farewell & other; Shortage & throughout; And & other Low-quality & throughout; The situation.

the more professional staff team, & other; Child abuse & throughout; Phenomenon will be less, therefore, preschool education industry also needs & other Supply side throughout the reform &; , reduce the imbalance in the structure of teachers from the supply end as soon as possible, to ensure that practitioners are the professional wang to love her children, rather than the quantity to fill.

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