Press the bottom “red yellow blue” : join system circle money behind the truth

source: Oriental outlook magazine

& other; Red, yellow, blue & throughout; Today because of the child abuse event refresh, the children education institutions in the country has more than 300 enterprises, what is work? Join the system behind how the money times people’s routine? Please look at this newspaper reporter the scoop & ndash; & ndash;

in 2016, the 10th year of doing building materials business, TuBin (a pseudonym) feeling really do not bottom go to, he began to find another way. After careful consideration, TuBin like many private business owners, targeting the early childhood education market, plans to open a kindergarten.

the ministry of education to the 2015 statistics bulletin of the national education career, according to the data in 2015, the number of 146400 national private kindergartens and than increased by 2010 in 102300 to 2010, the growth rate of more than 43%.

& other; Observation of the private kindergarten, we found that in recent years, the new children’s quota in the park, close to half is provided by the private garden. Throughout the &; Academy of Beijing municipal education run by the local education institute, wang lei said in an interview.

however, for new entrants like TuBin, preschool education is a completely unfamiliar territory, & other; Oneself also think do kindergarten should have professional knowledge and professional background, but we don’t know anything. Throughout the &;

as a result, most of them will choose a shortcut & ndash; & ndash; Join the big brands.

& other; They all have the ready-made curriculum system and the management pattern, after joining save trouble, and students are guaranteed. Throughout the &; TuBin told reporters.

& other; Join the money earn good & throughout;

TuBin found in previous market investigation: the private kindergarten enrollment more popular is to join garden, its size is 6 ~ 8 classes, 200 ~ 300; Regardless of the quality, and local brands of kindergarten are hard to break through the recruitment of students scale of 100 people.

reporter to the identity of the kindergarten investors attended TuBin joined red yellow blue education investor conference, the agency of a dynasty, executives said at the meeting, more than its join the scale of the kindergarten in 220, the most can reach nearly 500 people.

size is benefit. Like TuBin pursue scale new entrants, spawned a massive to join the market, especially in education developed city like Beijing and Shanghai.

& other; 2008 years later, in difficult problems emerged, and has failed to keep pace with the development of public kindergarten, so brand to join the market rapid expansion of early childhood education. Throughout the &; A spoke on condition of anonymity industry experts told this newspaper reporter in an interview.

dynasty executives said, red yellow blue has more than 300 preschool education institutions across the country, including the number of retail kindergarten in 110. According to this calculation, the proportion of join garden of more than 63%.

at the same time, according to the experts, claimed in the country has more than 2000 chain kindergarten a kindergarten in Beijing, its only six directly the garden; And some even don’t park, built and operated, do join us.

& other; Now many kindergartens are selling brand, do join, why? Because of the good money to join. Throughout the &; The experts say.

red yellow blue investment promotion staff to provide your correspondent to join the data shows, four kinds of city (prefecture) league is 800000 yuan, and increase every year, only a franchise fee 450000 yuan; Or first-tier cities, capital city of the league is more expensive. There will be at least 70000 yuan each year, the joining trader brand royalty.

it is understood that the red yellow blue join garden of contract was signed in 500, it has been in more than 300 of the kindergarten, kindergarten new lead time for 1 ~ 2 years. This calculation, the nearly two years more than 200 new signing kindergarten, can bring the new signing a year income at least 8 million yuan, plus brand use revenue each year, the number will exceed 10 million yuan. If combined with features of various joining garden program output, education products sales income, the figure is higher.

in a red, yellow, blue, worked for more than 3 years in marketing director in the garden view, its purpose is not simply to earn its league. & other; Companies may want to borrow to expand public money. Throughout the &; He told reporters.

& other; Such breakneck expansion, kindergarten will be difficult to meditation research and education, study the law of children’s growth and development. Throughout the &; The director of this newspaper reporters.

& other; A recruit students, 6 throughout the profit for the year &;

for TuBin, nearly 1 million yuan league is not low.

& other; We looked at a more mature brand about this price. Can’t, now is a seller’s market, the somebody else is in charge. Throughout the &; To this, he felt helpless.

but in the end, he chose to join the red yellow blue. Attract him, is its & other; Parent-child throughout a body &; The enrollment of logic. The so-called & other; Parent-child throughout a body &; , is to encourage investors and investment founded qinzi field and kindergarten.

& other; We don’t have the experience, the most afraid of be the recruitment of students. If you can’t an instant hit, basically is hopeless. Throughout the &; TuBin emphasis.

TuBin know that, in spite of early childhood education belongs to the family’s rigid demand, but it belongs to the rational consumer behavior, few people have a consumer choice on an impulse.

this means that the kindergarten is very difficult to rely on one or several activities will attract a lot of parents to sign up. And, by contrast, the enrollment of parent-child garden is relatively simple, consumer decision-making process is more easily influenced by merchants publicity or promotional activities.

& other; Now many parents send their children on parent-child class belongs to the crowd, will not have too much demand, and parents will follow in class, more comfortable, selection is relatively casual. Throughout the &; TuBin said. DetailPic

compared qinzi field, kindergarten customer conversion cycle is long, conversion rates are lower. Red, yellow, blue, proposed & other; so, Parent-child throughout a body &; Admissions scheme, namely parent-child garden customers can directly into the kindergarten students.

at the same time, the charge for some limited pratt &whitney kindergarten, red yellow blue franchisees is advised by setting & other; Preferential admit qinzi field children & throughout; Conditions, improve their profit margins.

red yellow blue in dalian in liaoning province a pratt &whitney kindergarten fees at $800 per month, and the brand in the local high-end kindergarten fee standards is another home for 3500 yuan a month.

as a result, a red, yellow, blue, headquarters of franchisees to accept advice, near the pratt &whitney kindergarten to investing in an area of 700 square meters, maximum recruit nearly one thousand parent-child garden, also stipulates that the kindergarten children priority takes parent-child garden every year, parents have to at least a year in advance to send their children to the parent-child garden and parent-child garden every day price is RMB 180.

& other; In this way, the loss of profits will be back in the kindergarten. Throughout the &; Dynasty, executives said.

in addition, he also said that now the public garden is not good, and the park will not advance told parents children can eventually into the garden, parents are only just know their children into near the beginning, not to go, & other; At that time they will be very try so hard, the chances of private kindergartens are coming. Throughout the &;

therefore, red, yellow, blue, in the past two years has repeatedly in parent-child garden started to this development strategy, the joining trader & other; A recruit students, 6 throughout the profit for the year &; Became the stunt to attract investors.

high pricing, can explain is a high-end

red yellow blue’s pricing strategy also eye-opening.

in human cognition, the prices of goods or services should be based on cost and profit margin to determine, affected by supply and demand. Red, yellow, blue, pricing guide, but in the pricing strategy of investors seem only related with the positioning of the garden.

general before the morning, red yellow blue advice franchisees to investigate not only the income level of farm near school-age children parents, occupational status, goals for the kindergarten level of education, and so on, more important is to understand the kindergarten within 5 ~ 6 kilometers all garden competition. If the high-end positioning, the kindergarten pricing cannot be lower than the most expensive in the area of competition in the garden.

& other; Whether public garden and private garden, want to know. Of course, if is three or four line city, research can be shorten to 2 ~ 3 kilometers distance. Throughout the &; Red yellow blue Yang manager told reporters.

investigation including the content of the area area in all competition garden, decorate a style, charge level, size of each class, the teacher’s wage level, the education idea, etc., even the children’s lunch recipes to understand.

& other; Especially with the new open park by positioning the same competition situation, to investigate more detailed. Throughout the &; Yang experienced management staff.

she repeatedly to investors, now the parents are willing to give money for children’s education, especially the high income families, universal education anxiety, embrace & other; High price is equal to the quality & throughout; .

& other; So, education in China do not do low end, low end can’t live. Your price is high, can explain is a high-end, others will believe in good quality. Throughout the &; Dynasty executives stressed.

it is known that red yellow blue has more than 40 kindergarten in Beijing, including cost, high-grade garden by charging slightly higher than the average 5000 yuan a month for the Beijing similar private kindergarten standard, is slightly higher than average garden also mean value of 3000 yuan a month. Even at the prefecture level, the average rate is 1800 yuan per person, per month, above the level of the general private kindergarten fees.

and the Beijing municipal development and reform commission, the commission and bureau of finance issued in 2012 on the specification of this city kindergarten charges related issues notice “provisions: the level of public kindergarten rate is 1050 yuan a month, general public kindergarten for only 550 yuan a month.

manufacturing & other; Join the dependence & throughout;

according to the original idea, TuBin want to join a large organization, the development of mature and then try to create your brand in local small, but feel TuBin impossible now, & other; Even if a few years later a new garden, you have to join us. Throughout the &;

this is because, he gradually realized that the big brands, such as red, yellow, blue garden further control is through all over the country to join all kinds of market resources.

red, yellow, blue, a region in the north as a joining trader, since 2009 has opened more than a dozen qinzi field and kindergarten, but can only choose to join the way & other; Because we even have long been familiar with the whole operation process, management mode, and all of the course system, but a lot of resources not in his own hands. Throughout the &;

, for example, red yellow blue every year, the introduction of new teaching content, the curriculum resources in the hands of headquarters; Red, yellow, blue, so has the famous brand in addition, and developers usually keep a good relationship, so as to form a complete set of kindergarten management.

as a result, developers can only rely on red yellow blue headquarters.

in fact, red yellow blue from won’t put a lot of money and effort spent on advertising, and other Because of kindergartens, qinzi field of advertisements, brand always advertise, but parents would feel this is a kind of commercial behavior, easy to cause resentment. Throughout the &; Dynasty executive said.

they are more willing to work with local family planning system keep close relationship with the women and children’s hospital.

its website has claimed, red yellow blue, a early education products have been national health development planning commission as a parent-child anime recommended products.

and local family planning department is typically conducted early childhood development program, for the newborn population and their families with health, nutrition, early initiation and child welfare services, but is often a lack of relevant professional talents, also a rare activity venue.

this has become red, yellow, blue.

some of the family planning department of local city some related activities are sometimes held in red yellow la qinzi field of franchisees, for parents to do parenting tips is red yellow blue join kindergarten teacher.

& other; So you can get the local data information of children and their families, and obtain the trust of the parents. Throughout the &; Dynasty executive said. null

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