Production and marketing of four listed companies horse maud Have business plan to push it into the health care





在匹多莫德的疗效及其适应症引发业界质疑的同时,也让该药的生产企业卷入漩涡中心。 Currently, a-share market has four listed drug firms engaged in production of the drug are jiangsu wuzhong (9.490, & have spent 0.06, & have spent 0.64%), fairy Ju pharmaceutical (7.630, & have spent 0.17, 2.28%), sea pharmaceutical (0.17, & have spent 0.34, & have spent 0.82%), and jincheng pharmaceutical (18.450, & have spent 0.55, & have spent 3.07%).

“daily economic news” reporter noticed that between listed companies and investors and other market main body of communication platform & other; The Shanghai e interaction & throughout; For the related listed companies, investors in several questions about the horse moder curative effect and more controversial.

reporter combing the above four half annual reports, annual reports of listed companies in recent years, some listed companies will be more horse maud as & other; Key varieties & throughout; , & other The fist variety & throughout; Listed companies, and want more horse moder into health care. For example, jiangsu wuzhong 2017 and a half years, according to the annual report and other Carried out in a planned way more horse moder included in the national, provincial health supplement the prophase work & throughout; .

under dispute, enterprise production is affected? As of the time, many listed companies to the “daily economic news” reporter said that production is not affected.

two firms with high market share

the national food administration of drug safety information display, at present, a lot of horse moder imported drugs approval for one, the main agent for oral solution, the manufacturer for Italian drug firms POLICHEM S.R.L. And in the domestic drug production approval for 14, including 5 active pharmaceutical ingredients. Production of dosage forms include tablet, powder, granule, capsule, oral solution, etc.

at present, the horse many maude in domestic production enterprises mainly include jiangsu wuzhong medicine pharmaceutical co., tianjin, Inner Mongolia, han Jin Shi pharmaceutical, zhejiang fairy Ju pharmaceutical, sun stones (tangshan) pharmaceutical co., Beijing lang nanjing sea in accordance with the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

among them, jiangsu wuzhong, zhejiang fairy Ju pharmaceutical of sea pharmaceutical industry for the listed company, nanjing, Beijing lang in jincheng medicine for listed company is a wholly owned subsidiary.

on February 1, the “daily economic news” reporter called jiangsu wuzhong interview, jiangsu wuzhong securities transactions on behalf of Chen Jiahai said, jiangsu wuzhong accounts for only a few percent five of the drug market share.

however, the “daily economic news” reporter interviewed many listed companies, and disclosure of information related to learn Beijing lang in accordance with the pharmaceutical and jiangsu wuzhong production of top horse moder medicine more market share.

released in December 2016, a “Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. and matching funds raised through issuance of shares to buy assets and related party transactions report (revised)” (hereinafter referred to as & other; Report (revised) throughout the &;) Rice was quoted as saying, according to data from the network in 2014, the main competitive manufacturers, lang in accordance with the pharmaceutical market share as high as 31.36%, and jiangsu wuzhong fourth place with a 17.23% market share.

although the reporter learns not data of the overall market share in 2016, but from the enterprise in the market share of the public hospital, also can see the overall market situation.

m Intranet data show that jiangsu wuzhong in the domestic market share of more than 10000 public hospital except slightly behind Beijing lang in accordance with the 2015, 2013, 2014, 2014 in public hospital market share in the first. It is worth noting that in 2016, wuzhong medicine in public hospitals market share above 30%, accounted for 31.95%, an increase of 27.92% from the market share of 27.92% in 2013.

at the end of 2015, zhong jing people letter issued by the relevant asset appraisal report, lang in accordance with the pharmaceutical market share of 29.92% in 2012, the market share ahead of other competitors. Lang in pharmaceutical horse moder only more farm products is of the fastest growing revenues from 2012 to 2014.

the above & other; Report (revised) & throughout; , according to a 2014, 2015, Beijing in accordance with the pharmaceutical horse lang moder dispersible tablet (field) only sales revenue accounted for 44.97%, 48.26% of the total income. From January to September in 2016, many horse maude (only field) in Beijing in accordance with the pharmaceutical contribution rate fell to 39.41% of total revenue.

(revised) is expected to the report, from the point of the sales revenue of wei field over the past three years, the drug income growth rate of 20% per year on average, rapid growth in 2014, growth in 2015 fell, growth and improved, in 2017 entered the stage of steady growth after 2018.

m Intranet data show that in 2016, more than Beijing lang in accordance with the horse maude in public hospitals ranked second with 29.52% market share. More than 2016 other drugmakers horse maude in public hospital market share ranking from high to low is respectively, zhejiang fairy Ju Jin Shi pharmaceutical, sun stones, Italy POLICHEM, tianjin sea pharmaceutical (tangshan) pharmaceutical co., nanjing, Inner Mongolia, pharmaceutical, market share of 11.76%, 5.49%, 4.1%, 3.3%, 4.1%. Sea pharmaceutical

in 2016 annual report, called horse much moder company & other; Key products & throughout; . Annual report showed that in 2016, the medical market uncertainties increase, around the bidding process is slow, secondary bargaining scope, hospital development progress of the slowdown in the hospital, in many disadvantage factors, the market environment of company mainly varieties remain steady growth. Among them, the more horse moder capsule sales up 30.58% from a year earlier.

however, sea pharmaceutical certificate department staff to the “daily economic news” reporter said, sea sales of more than a year horse moder capsule in about 2 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of total income is probably around a few percent five, belong to the company accounts for less than a variety. & other; Horse maud is not the key to promote our products. Throughout the &; The certificate department staff said.

in the drug companies, sun stones (tangshan) pharmaceutical market share of a shrinking. According to m, according to data from the network in the public hospital market share from 15.26% in 2013 to continue down to 4.1% in 2016.

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