QiongDao continue to release phase, cold flu cases is much, can you inform it?

on January 9, cold wave, rainy, continue to release cold phase in our province, haikou, QiongZhong, and many other cities and counties in lowest temperature dropped to below 10 degrees. Reporters visited haikou city people’s hospital, maternal and child care of hainan province hospital understands, at present the hospital who has a cold increased, part of which is that flu patients. Deployed influenza prevention and control work in haikou city, the city hospitals opened the green channel, and make the preview triage. Old person, child as influenza susceptible people, need to be more preventive measures.

province women’s and children’s pediatric outside waiting for seeing the children. Hong-xu wang/sc

visit hospital pediatric children flu cases with slow rise

9 in the morning, the reporter sees in haikou city people’s hospital pediatric clinic, a lot of parents to see a doctor. A parents said the four year old child cold have a fever, and runny nose, also don’t want to have a meal, then took the kids to the hospital see a doctor. According to doctor introduction, at present the children did increase, someone to see day and night, one night emergency doctors to look at more than 70 case.

in the afternoon at 3 o ‘clock, hainan province maternity and child care outside of pediatric emergency there are a lot of children in line. According to pediatric doctor li xiaoming, deputy director of the hospital, the recent increase in the number of patients with a cold, have a plenty of a family are cold to see a doctor; Infants under 6 months to pay special attention to, continuous high fever is not retreated, or it’s not a fever, but mental state is poor, do not eat, etc. Need to see a doctor in time. According to province, vice President of the health care of women and children, for flu patients, the hospital also has the green channel, strictly to do preview triage, can be opened in the provincial children’s hospital emergency ward is specially treated.

influenza is caused by influenza virus of acute respiratory infectious diseases, human flu viruses can be classified into three types, but mainly caused by influenza a virus and influenza b virus. Because the flu virus can be spread by droplets through the respiratory tract, also can through the mouth and nose, eyes and mucous membranes, directly or indirectly, infectivity is strong, travels faster.

according to influenza surveillance of hainan province, our province each sentinel hospital report this influenza-like cases proportion is slowly rising, the current epidemic of influenza virus for influenza B.

medical staff in the measurement of body temperature to sick children and free issue masks to children. Haikou city health bureau for figure

open a doctor green channel control community hospital for fever patients free hair mask

in order to ensure access to timely and effective treatment, emergency deployment of influenza prevention and control work in haikou city, city hospital opened the green channel, in particular, pediatrics and emergency accepts the service, the implementation of the preview triage and fever outpatient service work, reserve a bed at the same time, the arrangement of children, the elderly and other flu experts to do the treatment of patients with high-risk work; Haikou city 120 emergency center to plan as a whole and preparation of emergency vehicles and ensure public emergency rescue work into effect.

in addition, the community health service station (center) in haikou city and township health centers, in the meantime to fever patients free masks, start the fever clinics, completes the preview triage.

9, the reporter visited haikou city community health service stations in datong Long Kun community hospitals such as community health service centers to understand, to the examination of the patient will have a preview first triage attendant inquiry condition, and the fever patients and suspected patients reserving them for free. In addition, drugs and vaccines reserves, have someone to community hospital influenza vaccination.

at present, the flu vaccine is still the most effective means of prevention of influenza, can significantly reduce vaccinated suffering from flu and the risk of serious complications. According to the centers for disease control and prevention of haikou city comprehensive outpatient department relevant controller introduces, the current flu vaccine is markedly increased last week, there is no cold can, but not vaccinated will not suffering from the flu. It is understood that all the citizens of vaccination and protective consciousness gradually enhanced, the centers for disease control and prevention of haikou city in 2017 with a total of 1432 needle flu vaccine.

prevent flu TCM four recruit Dispel cold drink ginger brown sugar water

recently, the temperature change is big, fever, cough patients increased significantly in the hospital, which is a large part of flu patients. Winter are cold and flu season, yueyang affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine hospital of haikou branch director, Chinese medicine experts jian-dong hu said the flu in traditional Chinese medicine & quot; Warm disease & quot; Category, the occurrence of influenza and human & quot; Vital qi (low resistance) & quot; And & quot; Pathogenic toxin invasion (infected) & quot; Concerned, the former is the internal cause, the latter is the external cause. Therefore, suggest the following four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine method to prevent the flu.

first, take orally Chinese traditional medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the most traditional of the most commonly used method of prevention of influenza, such as the generation of tea is internal characteristics method of prevention of influenza.

second, external treatment, such as Chinese medicine sweet bursa, medicated bath, acupuncture, acupoint massage also has a good effect. Chinese medicine sweet bursa is given priority to with aromaticity drugs, such as ageratum, perrin, mint through the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth, skin, hair, through blood meridians and meridian entry points throughout the body. Flu viruses spread through the respiratory tract, the first violation of nasal mucosa, boil with honeysuckle or cordate houttuynia after inhaling steam (be careful not to burn) directly to the entry of the virus, is a kind of very good method of TCM prevention and treatment of influenza. Will moxa leaf, ageratum, su leaf, ginger foot bath can also nourish the wind, cold t2dm to improve immunity, prevention of influenza can also play a supplementary role.

the third, the acupuncture point massage is effective means to prevent the flu, such as rubbing every day yingxiang hole hole, wind pool, fung fu cave, the da-zhui acupuncture point, st 36 hole can stimulate the body’s immune system, have the effect of prevention of influenza.

4, dietary regimen: in the flu season, dietary balance and increase the health diet rich in response to influenza active ingredient is one of the important measures of drug prevention. Key recommendations is given priority to with delicate, eat less cold food or oily food, to insure the normal operation function of the spleen and stomach. Some simple medicinal food such as honey ginger tea, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, such as water, fritillary bulb stewed pear porridge to prevent flu has very good help. For cold flu, appropriate eat more sweat, cold food, such as pepper, garlic, fresh ginger with brown sugar water and so on in order to dispel cold; Wind heat type patients eat more help to heat, heat the food, such as mung bean, radish, mint, tea, pear, etc.; Table type two feeling a cold can drink more acidic fruit juices, such as hawthorn juice, kiwi fruit juice, jujube juice, orange juice, watermelon juice, etc. To promote the secretion of gastric juice.


province meteorological bureau to release cold phase four

weather bureau of hainan province on January 9, 2018, 16 50 points continue to publish cold phase: affected by the strong cold air, 9 and 10 at night, is expected to haikou, anding, QiongZhong, white sands, wuzhishan, high velocity, ChengMai, danzhou, ChangJiang and TunChang 10 cities and counties in lowest temperature dropped to 10 degrees and the following, please the relevant departments to be prepared for warm.


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