RDPAC released “to meet the challenges of the diabetes drug innovation 2017 report

in 26th & other; World diabetes day & throughout; Approaching, China association of enterprises with foreign investment in drug research and development industry committee (RDPAC) released in Shanghai “to meet the challenges of the diabetes drug innovation 2017 report. Report reveals the present situation of the severe diabetes and the prevention and control situation in our country, and introduces the innovation medicine and diabetes management to improve the function and significance of the patients’ life, reduce the disease burden.

diabetes is a common chronic diseases, can cause such as eye disease, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications, diabetic foot and mouth disease, kidney disease and nerve damage and other complications. At present, the treatment of diabetes has become the focus in the world, the international diabetes federation also made short-term goals, let more patients with type 2 diabetes to obtain the required treatment and medicine.

in the treatment of success rate, less than half of the patients with diabetes related health costs climbed quickly

big country, China is the world’s number one diabetes adult diabetes prevalence is higher than the global level, the number of patients first in the world. According to the international diabetes federation’s report, 2015, 109.6 million diabetes patients in China, is expected to rise to 150.7 million by 2040.

diabetes and its complications for patients and their families bring heavy burden of disease. In 2015 China’s total health expenses in diabetes related diseases of $51 billion, 84.6% of the cost for the treatment of complications. According to the international diabetes federation predicts that by 2040, China’s total health expenses in diabetes related diseases will reach $72 billion.

& other; At present in the field of diabetes treatment and control also has the very big disparity compared with other countries, only 36.5% of the patients was diagnosed, with only 32.2% of the patients undergoing diabetes medication. Throughout the &; Shanghai changzheng hospital, director of endocrinology, diabetes branch of Chinese medical association member, Shanghai medical association committee deputy director of the endocrine society professor yong-quan shi pointed out that & other; In our country in the treatment of patients with success rate of only 49.2%, less than half. I hope the government, civil organizations, enterprises and individuals should join hands to promote the development of innovative therapies, benefit more people with diabetes, accelerating China’s prevention and cure of diabetes to achieve goals. Throughout the &;

Shanghai changzheng hospital, director of endocrinology yong-quan shi, a professor at the scene to share” diabetes disease burden and challenges in China “

178 types of diabetes drugs in research, help realize China cope with the challenge of diabetes

as a kind of advanced disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus many originally to control blood sugar in patients with effective drugs, may over time lose their effect, so need through the use of new drugs or replacement therapy to control blood sugar. When this happens, the patient access to the other treatment is crucial. It is understood that at present in the innovation of the research of diabetes drugs more than more than 178.

this, novo nordisk, vice President of Chinese medicine, said Dr Zhang Kezhou & other; If control diabetes itself well, fewer complications, can reduce the disease burden of patients and society. In China & lsquo; Innovation driven development & rsquo; Strategy in the process, we are looking forward to support the healthy development of China’s pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem, looking forward to innovation drugs can effectively reduce the time of admission and surgery patients possibility, delay the development of complications, the benefit of patients. Throughout the &;

novo nordisk pharmaceuticals, vice President of Dr Zhang Kezhou field to share the global diabetes drug development present situation and trend

MSD China r&d center (director of clinical research TuYingMei said: & other; In order to cope with the challenge of diabetes, new diabetes drug fast emerging, these drugs choose different point to conquer diabetes, some new drugs in addition to the hypoglycemic and improved clinical outcomes, at the same time the cardiovascular safety of new diabetes drugs have gained more and more data. The pathogenesis of diabetes is complicated, we need to work together, to a more safe and effective for patients with diabetes drugs. Throughout the &;

MSD China r&d center (director of clinical research TuYingMei site share the progress of diabetes drugs

& other; How to better help people with diabetes control their condition, is China’s various face huge challenges. Diagnosis and treatment paths, we need to further interpret patients better understand their real needs and facing difficulties, and through the high quality innovative drugs and suitable treatment plan, brings to the patient to maximize the value of. Throughout the &; Sanofi diabetes division manager knowling said: China & other; In addition, we also need to form a joint professional doctors, nurses and patients & lsquo; Closed loop & rsquo; , & lsquo; The trinity & rsquo; Establish integrated diabetes disease management program all the way, meet the real need of patients in each treatment part. Throughout the &;

sanofi, head of the department of Chinese diabetes knowling field to share the offer whole disease management for patients with diabetes

in January this year, China’s state council general office issued by the China chronic disease prevention and control of medium and long-term planning (2017 & ndash; 2025) notice, in order to strengthen our country’s chronic disease prevention and control work to deploy. The diabetes is key areas of our country’s long-term chronic disease prevention and control work. Its main goal is to 2025 to 30 & ndash; The 70 – year – old people because of disease of heart head blood-vessel, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes caused by premature mortality 20% lower than in 2015. Gradually improve the residents’ health and life expectancy, effective control of chronic disease burden. & other; Our goal is to provide more safe and effective for patients through innovation of personalized treatment options. Throughout the &; RDPAC chairman Mr Andreessen said: & other; We will work to members of the company hand in hand together to help China achieve the goal of long-term chronic disease prevention and control planning, at the same time we also expect everyone to work together to make more patients benefit from the innovative drugs at an early date, better control of disease, and enjoy life. Throughout the &;

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