Reasons to Have a Futon Mattress in Your Home

There are tons of great reasons to own a futon mattress in your home.

First and foremost, they are an amazingly comfortable buy for the money nowadays.  They used to be a horrible product. People actually made fun of (and still do) how bad they were.  I am happy to say that this is not the case now.  A futon mattress will look great and feel awesome for your guests to sleep on.  Keep a spare handy in your home because you will never know who will crash on your doorstep and need a spot to snooze!

A Futon Mattress in the Home Office

To me this is a natural place for a futon mattress, being as I live in my office anyway makes sense to sleep there.  Add a water closet and I would never leave.  Regardless, many people use a spare room as an office and having multi-use furniture there just makes sense.  Home offices are something almost everyone has.  Without a futon in there, it is kind of wasted space. But with a futon around, your spouse can chat with you, and guests can stay over on it if space is tight.

A Futon Mattress in the Guest Room

Guest beds should not be too comfortable, or your guests will never leave.  That is my father’s advice anyway, but this fills both bills nicely.  Dad might not approve of how nice the futon mattress feels to sleep on, but at least when my guest leaves, I can turn the room back into a television viewing room or sewing room again without this huge bed taking the whole thing up seven days a week.

A Futon Mattress in the Den or Living Room

I kind of like these futons for kids, and the places kids like to dwell in my house. No matter how often you tell them to keep soda and food out of the living room, they are going to ignore you when you aren’t looking.  This means that the removable cover on the inexpensive futon is a good call for a parent throughout the house and is one you are unlikely to regret, especially when their friends come over.  Multi-use furniture is also great for when the kid’s friends come over because they won’t have to sleep on the floor when they do, and as a kid with asthma, I really appreciated that staying over at someone’s house.

Unwanted guests all aside, you are likely to never regret the purchase of this product. Futon mattress cases are washable, they don’t have to be dry cleaned, and they come in more colors than my husband can see, as he is mildly color blind.  The point is no matter where you put it, the futon is going to look great and feels awesome no matter whom and how often it gets slept on.  The days of futons being a bad joke are over and a new era of comfort for them has now begun.  Viva la futon! In ten years, that is what people will say about them.

The Futon Mattress, Out with the Old and In with the New

Everybody has college day stories about an old futon mattress, as they are legendary in their levels of discomfort.  I know one guy who spent a whole year sleeping on one, and surprise, surprise! He just hates them now.  But I am happy to say that futon mattresses are ten times better than they ever used to be, and sleeping on a futon mattress nowadays does not necessarily resign you to a diet of Aleve and comfort food.  Far from it, the modern futon is a veritable work of art enhancing any home, office or guest room, and even as the main sofa in a living room or den.

When to Replace an Old Futon Mattress

When the stuffing is all crammed into the corners of the pad, that is a good time to replace your old futon mattress.  If, when you lay on it, you can count with your back how many support bars the thing has, you should probably get a new mattress.  If your guests make reservations at the budget motel in town claiming that the beds (roaches or not) are comfier than your old futon, you should consider giving up the old futon.  There are many telltale signs, those of you with wives will probably just be told that theirs is going the way of the dodo.

Where to Put the New Futon Mattress

Hooray, a fresh, unspoiled soda spill-free futon mattress for you!  Now where to put it?  How about the den –  those with a video game room will find it a welcome addition, mostly because the female of the house will not approve of any super nice furniture in there, and the kids will just get it icky anyway.

Futon mattress shells are machine washable, they look great for years, and short of lighting them on fire, they are about indestructible.  If you have a spare room for guests, it is nice because, like the mullet, it is business in the front, party in the back.  Or maybe it is business during the day, and party at night.  Either way, it beats a floor and a sleeping bag.  Besides, that is a cold way to sleep no matter how warm your house is (heat rises, you know). Sleeping on the floor is not something even the dogs in my house can do. We have all hardwood, no carpet, and no one is getting to sleep on our floor, especially humans.

We all remember the days of yore on ye old futon mattress. But move that idea over in favor of a new idea – the idea that you could spend a week on one and not want to crawl under a rock and die from the incident.  If you are finding yourself in need of such a piece of furniture, consider the modern futon, the quality is light years beyond what it ever used to be and futon mattresses are supremely more comfortable now than ever before.