Red, yellow, blue, education abuse after fermentation stocks tumbled 40%

on November 24, abuse further fermentation, red yellow blue education stocks plate before further decline to 40%.

on November 24, red, yellow, blue, kindergarten in Beijing for & other; Abuse & throughout; Response, said the company in 22, around noon, after receiving relevant feedback, attaches great importance to cooperate with the police investigation work, submit the related monitoring and equipment to the police immediately, and in the garden by the internal check list, including all details of farm management, and the teacher’s mood, the child’s performance, etc. DetailPic



red yellow blue voice: such as government findings has been reported for framing behavior

on November 24, red yellow blue education institutions published today, weibo said already cooperate with the police provide monitoring data and related equipment, involved the teacher suspended, for individual behavior of alleged false accusation or frame xintiandi the kindergarten has been reported to the public security organ.

Beijing suspected of red, yellow, blue pills kindergarten: feelings and mystery, the founder of big shareholders

according to the surging news network reported on November 24, red, yellow, blue, and behind kindergarten, Beijing chaoyang district GuanZhuang is just listed in September this year to red yellow blue education (NYSE: the RYB), the company’s current market valuation has been as high as $766 million.

website information, said the red yellow blue Education (the RYB Education), founded in 1998, more than 300 cities, with current business in China, has more than 1300 parent-child garden and nearly 500 high quality kindergarten, the average weekly has nearly 300000 children and family into the red, yellow, blue, we have accumulated provide pre-school Education service for millions of families and the instruction. Claim to be China’s first independent public preschool education enterprise’s red yellow blue education, whose company is, how it is profitable, why it will be continuous to expose abuse storm?

United States eastern standard time on September 27, 2017, red, yellow, blue Shi Yan Cao Chimin chairman, President and chief financial officer Wei Ping in nyse breakfast delivered a speech at the meeting. According to the prospectus, listed on the nyse red yellow blue Education is a VIE structure of the company, its business in domestic red, yellow, blue, children Education main body for the Beijing science and technology development co., LTD., listed the main body of registered in the Cayman Islands the RYB Education, Inc. (Cayman Islands). After listed, the company’s chairman Cao Chimin for the RYB Education, Inc stake of 23.6%, President of Shi Yan to 13.5%.

red, yellow, blue, kindergarten abuse xinhua survey in Beijing, involved the teacher has been to check

on November 23, xinhua news agency said, red, yellow, blue, kindergarten new world park in Beijing circulated on the Internet there is obscene, needle infants, feed the children of behavior such as unknown, inject drugs, the reporter understands 23 from the Beijing municipal public security organs, 22, has received the parents reported the Beijing police are according to the parents to reflect the situation to carry on the investigation. Currently involved teachers and the nurse had temporarily suspended, cooperate with the police investigation.

red yellow blue kindergarten had abuse before march U.S. stocks listed shares have risen 44%

on November 23, according to the “daily economic news” report, the reporter learns from the local police station, the police are looking into. The reporter understands, this kindergarten for children red yellow blue education technology development co., LTD. Their proprietary kindergarten directly own rights and interests, the company listed on nasdaq, the end of September issue price of $18.5, as of November 22, share price is $26.71, the price rose more than 44%, the current U.S. stocks closed.

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