Red yellow blue kindergarten child abuse: a teacher were obliged to waive director position

Beijing, Nov. 25 (xinhua) comprehensive news, after media reported that Beijing chaoyang district red, yellow, blue, kindergarten xintiandi GuanZhuang sorting by & other; Child abuse & throughout; , causing concern. Today, the Beijing municipal public security bureau of chaoyang branch of the official weibo release notice said, involved teachers Liu Moumou has been detained. Then, the Beijing municipal education commission to events involved & other; Strongly condemned & throughout; Chaoyang district, Beijing government has ordered immediately removed from the the kindergarten post.

involved teachers being detained & other; LaoHuTuan & throughout; False news line up was detained

the recent media reports, many parents reflect, Beijing chaoyang district red, yellow, blue, kindergarten xintiandi GuanZhuang branch of child abuse, teacher hello young white tablets, young children have pinhole, and have children suspected was obscene. The Beijing municipal public security bureau of chaoyang branch of the official weibo today issued notice said, called, chaoyang police attaches great importance to immediately was astonished, in conjunction with the relevant departments, in accordance with the investigation evidence collection work, on November 25, involved kindergarten teachers Liu Moumou (female, 22 years old, in hebei province) for alleged abuse by caregivers sin has been criminal detention according to law. The public security organ is in further work.

in addition, online rumors before the department of the kindergarten & other; LaoHuTuan & throughout; Active duty military families, yesterday & other; LaoHuTuan & throughout; Political commissar Feng Junfeng has this message for the rumours.

today, chaoyang branch of the Beijing municipal public security bureau official weibo the other said, on November 23, the police work will be the offender ryu (female, 31 years old, from Beijing) captured. Person on their fabricating & other; LaoHuTuan & throughout; After the staff collective molesting children false information, through WeChat group for the spread of illegal confessed, and the adverse effects caused by deep regret. At present, ryu has detained by public security organs in accordance with the administrative.

Beijing municipal education commission: strongly condemns the incident involved

according to the public security organ shall report the red yellow blue xintiandi kindergarten probing to the case, the Beijing municipal commission of education official weibo said in a news release, the municipal education committee strongly condemned those involved serious violation of the ethics, strongly support in accordance with the rules to punish according to law and related area, garden, requiring them to co-operate with the judicial organs of relevant personnel to make a serious processing and proceed to rectify immediately.

the municipal education commission in the hidden perils in the city kindergarten safety work, on the basis of further work deployment, asking each area to do a good job of kindergarten regulation, promote the standardize of kindergarten, kindergarten education teaching, safety management and ethics strengthen construction work, guide the district education department to step up, earnestly to reassure parents, children in the kindergarten of psychological counseling, found the problem properly solve quickly.

municipal education committee, said the hope of municipal education institutions to take, strengthen ethics strengthen construction, strengthen internal management, and strive to make every child healthy and happy growth.

Beijing chaoyang district government, instruct immediately removed from director post

the chaoyang district government press spokesman said, according to the response to the case, think it’s a case damage children’s bad, very bad influence in society.

after the incident, the Beijing chaoyang district government immediately red, yellow, blue, xintiandi kindergarten questioning the collaborators, start the liability in accordance with the procedures, instruct by the sponsor (s) according to the program immediately removed from the kindergarten post, and according to the investigation result, serious pursue the responsibility of the kindergarten and related personnel, zero tolerance. At the same time, request the park sincerely communicate with parents, cooperate with parents take care of good children’s physical and mental health. Has instructed the chaoyang district education commission organization related department to quickly establish special teams to enter kindergarten, supervise and urge the park comprehensive screening kindergarten safety hidden trouble, investigate and virtue education teaching management strengthen construction, strict rectification requirements, and implement the responsibilities for the rectification, ensure the absolute safety of in the kindergarten.

red, yellow, blue, the kindergarten in Beijing chaoyang district GuanZhuang. Had light taken

, a spokesman for chaoyang district has been carried out in within the scope of regional comprehensive, in-depth kindergarten safety concerns big screen, special inspection, to carry out the specification of kindergarten kindergarten behavior in ethics strengthen education, strengthen supervision, find problems in time, serious rectification. For any damage children’s behavior, with zero tolerance, found together, investigate together, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, ensure each children grow up healthy and happy.

additional questions: young children can incomplete statements as evidence words?

the case, this several days various media by parents, reported that the content of the presentation for the event. That young children’s words, whether in the judicial practice has proved that force?

the procuratorial daily quoted wang liang’s procuratorate juvenile criminal prosecution in chengdu city, sichuan province prosecutors views, said & other; According to the relevant provisions of our country points, civilian law, as long as young children can clearly and logically formulated related situation, he can know what situation for themselves and for others to testify. Throughout the &;

wang liang, said the child, both the victim statement and witness testimony, macro speaking, as long as has the authenticity, legality, relevance, has probative value. Because young children’s cognitive ability is limited, of course, mind not fully developed, the words that cannot be completely in accordance with the standards of adult, want to combine all evidence to the comprehensive judgment.

wang liang also suggested that the judicial organs in handling, aimed at young children forensics focus on several aspects: first, the adult is present, appropriate for minors to obtain evidence should be determined by the guardian or legal agent is present, if is not present, also should have appropriate adult present; Second, ask the judiciary should by women when girls ask, as far as possible choose children feel comfortable and safe environment, in order to children can understand & other Chat & throughout; Way to ask, use less professional term; Third, insist on & other; Once in the limit & throughout; Principle, to avoid the secondary damage to a child, less as far as possible let children recall bad behavior process, should adopt synchronized video recording fixed evidence (later can call Mosaic, dealing with the voice, but can provide direct to prosecutors, judges), is limited to once ask as far as possible; Finally, ask for psychological comfort at the same time, after the police asked the problem, psychological teacher, experts, follow up immediately, maximum cutting about the harm of children.

wang liang another warns that in addition to the surveillance video, rhetoric evidence, investigators also should pay attention to collect evidence. Such as stabbing children tools to collect, fixed, should be used when necessary technical appraisal means to prove the existence of the harm of children.

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