Red yellow blue kindergarten kids now needle company in September on the nyse


by parents of children eye photo

xinhua news, the Beijing news reported last night, there are more than ten red, yellow, blue, kindergarten parents reflect Beijing chaoyang district GuanZhuang (xintiandi garden) infants suffered a teacher pills, hello unknown white pill, even have children suspected of being obscene.

this morning, there are dozens of parents waiting outside the kindergarten want to know the situation, hoping to see director and view the surveillance video, but by the security guards at the door. It is understood that from the beginning of the children from school yesterday afternoon, there is Dominican parents call the police. One parent said the children three or four days recently refused to kindergarten, said & other; The teacher give eaten white tablets & throughout; When home personnel aware of problems. There are even parents said that children in the kindergarten & other; Onlookers obscene & throughout; .

it is known that red yellow blue was founded in 1998, early education institutions, focus on the range 0 to 6 years old. Involved in the chaoyang district garden belongs to the agency brand new points & other; Red yellow blue throughout the kindergarten &; , the company also has & other; Parent-child garden & throughout; , & other Bamboo pocket earlier education & throughout; Related brand.

data show that as of June 30, 2017, red, yellow, blue for retail garden 80, joined the park, 175, 853 parent-child garden (retail + join). Among them directly about 20463 registered students in kindergarten. Red, yellow, blue, more in the United States in September this year, listed on the New York stock exchange.

founder and President of Shi Yan to publicly said: after the listing & other; Landed on the nyse, it is red, yellow, blue, over the years adhere to the quality of teaching, standardize business encouragement and affirmation, but also for China’s development of preschool education and private education reform practice. Throughout the &; In addition, red, yellow, blue, chief financial officer Wei Ping also revealed that at the time of financing funds will be mainly used in company operation, expansion, capital investment and possible merger and acquisition and so on, continued to invest in a second-tier cities layout and mergers and acquisitions, and will speed up the layout of three or four line city development in China.

earlier, mobile Internet education industry fund founding partner WeiChi way of analysis, the kindergarten belong to heavy assets business, has more than 100 retail kindergarten a handful of preschool education group, must use the power of the simple and crude capital merger integration; Preschool education project gross margin of less than 20%, in order to guarantee the net interest rate of the listed company, the proportion of investment in such aspects as teachers, the content will be difficult to guarantee.

the chaoyang police have investigated the current event situation has not yet been published.

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