Red, yellow, blue, kindergarten three Beijing involved teachers suspended parents “truth”

Beijing, Beijing on November 23 report (reporter had light) Beijing chaoyang district a kindergarten a suspected child abuse, police investigation. 23 from afternoon to the evening, many parents and media gathered at the gate of the kindergarten understanding of events. Beijing chaoyang district education commission petition offices. Wu, head of the collective said in an interview with reporters that day, is awaiting a police investigation as a result, considering the reason, three teachers involved has been suspended.

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in Beijing chaoyang district GuanZhuang red yellow blue at the gate of kindergarten. Once the light taken

according to some parents see the demand of monitoring video, he said, classroom surveillance video has been removed by police.

recently, according to the Beijing youth daily, a number of parents to reflect, Beijing chaoyang district red, yellow, blue, kindergarten xintiandi GuanZhuang branch of child abuse, teacher hello young white tablets, young children have pinhole, and have children suspected of been obscene, parents have to report to the public security organ. At present, according to the Beijing news chaoyang police investigation. According to media reports, involved the class for the international small class two.

23, many parents gathered at the gate of the kindergarten. On the evening of the day, the chaoyang district education commission petition offices, Mr Wu says, head of the police are still investigating temporarily; Kindergarten operations involving hundreds of families, parents need to go to work, in order to maintain normal operation, supervise and guide the park with a police investigation. He said, whatever things are true, consider the involved class parents mood, and involved the teacher needs to spend time with the police investigation, has involved three teachers suspended; The park choose excellent teachers with them, ensure the normal operation of the class. Surveillance video in the classroom, he says, has been removed by police.

there was a more emotional some parents, many parents expect the police to publicize the result of the survey as soon as possible.

at the scene of an international small class two parents said, reported yesterday, and submit the child’s test results, such as temporary did not reply. & other; Children: not so good, he will ask me, up to now I’m not sick, why give me a shot, he has been asked several times. Throughout the &;

another self-proclaimed international small class two children’s mother, since yesterday came to the kindergarten want to watch video monitoring. She told the news agency reporter, his daughter because of illness, there have been many days before the kindergarten, after hearing it, and daughter communication for many times, but no abnormalities are found for the time being.

the parents said their yesterday & other; Throughout all night &; , teachers and parents to communicate more at ordinary times, good relationships, is now in & other; Mentally & throughout; State, hope to be able to view the video monitoring, waiting for the truth of the police investigation. The

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