Refuse to sister to donate bone marrow brother: I monumental exploits, want to have something they do

after July this year that a diagnosis of leukemia, fan (a pseudonym) couple and the quiet life of a large family was broken again. For two days, a few Zhang Xiaofan kneel down, squat down to cry at the gate of the hospital and his wife XiaoYao (a pseudonym) lying in a hospital bed photos of heat transfer network, & other; Guy father-in-law genuflect is begged her brother regrets to donate bone marrow & throughout; Description, let them become the object of public sighs lamentation. Don’t give sister donor bone marrow was cold-blooded three elder brother wang (a pseudonym) also.

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on November 17, wang and fan time news dialogue.

& other; Have parents, have two children, if I have a little do they do? Throughout the &; Three elder brother wang news out of time. How sister follow-up treatment, he said to consult with my parents brother.

& other; As a man I am certainly would not kneel down easily, but in my face, if the daughter-in-law of life than with me, I it doesn’t matter. Throughout the &; Fan told time news, for the sake of his wife by transplantation of bone marrow cells of 20-40% of cure rate, he is willing to do everything we can. At present, in tencent charity volunteers to help him to a fund-raising 470000 yuan, fan hope to raise 600000 yuan after the treatment, daughter-in-law’s brother to come to their senses.

time news: can talk about sister transplantation?

used to my sister in founding the research, I have been with her, what I know. My sister is the disease, also when I come back every day. I particularly close with my sister, because she is the smallest one, I am the third brother, and her most close. Another said that the situation is not whether we, why match, just think of transplantation for her. After chemotherapy don’t succeed the first time my brother three matches, then the match, we are at home a silent prayer, really is the second successful to her again.

time news: why doesn’t go as planned last transplant?

say good is my second brother at home at that time I pay, the output of my own body also is not so good, 1 meter 72 is 90 jins. I also know to ask somebody else say good constitution is nothing, but the body is bad, often catch a cold cough after got sick (fast), or others that what you will. This is not the most important, the most important I think two children, I am a pillar in the home, not to say that unilaterally from my point of view, even if no child with a wife, directly to save my sister go to my wife and I divorced, not that I don’t save. But also the parents.

time news: donation does not affect the donor health and life, the doctor said with you?

this I know, before the founding of the research and the doctor in my brother told us after two matches. We are farmers, there is no culture, really another like this in the village leukemia more, also have said contributed to the eldest brother second followed, or poor health as well. There are some things the truth is that, not we don’t believe in science. In the next village, this is not to frighten us, many of donated later situations.

time news: second brother don’t donate concerns?

he estimates is (concerns this), if there is any influence to the body. He hasn’t married no children, like the (fertility problems) has not asked the doctor.

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time news: online accusing you cold-blooded, what do you think?

I don’t see what weibo, friends just know, actually look really angry at that time, I was thinking why they give our privacy what to report published, even if is to look at you all aspects. Is not my brother’s cruel regardless, she is really can’t. How could I really have the heart, I like that girl I die? My heart is not made of iron. People are doing day watching, not afraid, I live up to their own conscience, I why care about those things, my sister is in the mind also know that I’m not afraid of those who know say me is be not.

time news: you are not say whether sister like the Internet?

I with them all the way, from the first time from taiyuan to Beijing, all is me with my sister, my brother-in-law. Rich have no money, also really have no money, but we still tries all his best to save my sister, not save her. Give money, don’t give money can? Can regardless of her? Is that a younger sister.

time news: your brother-in-law also want to let my father-in-law advise your brother is with you?

that my father and my mother is also hard for you, every day in the home with cry, cry every day. null

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