Registered formula milk powder 900 industry will face new competition bureau

on December 22, the state food and drug administration administration for approval of 10 companies registered a total of 40 infant formula powder products, at this point the baby with milk powder through registration list has reached more than 120 enterprises in more than 900 formula. From the list view, the domestic enterprises still account for the main part, have factory more business. Industry experts point out that, through the registration of enterprise will stand in the same starting line to meet the formal implementation of the policy on January 1, the future brands will fully in three or four line city competition, since the second half of 2019, or will be a lot of milk powder market dominant enterprises eliminated phenomenon. DetailPic

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domestic milk powder majority

on December 22, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau on the official website announced the latest batch of infant formula milk powder registration approved list, including those from Australia, wondersun, by the United States and other 10 enterprises 40 formula approved.

this year on August 3, eat the drug safety administration announced the first batch of infant formula milk powder for examination and approval of registration list, so far, a total of 907 formula through the examination and approval. Vice minister of administration for food drug safety Sun Meijun has previously said & other; State food drug safety administration strives to be completed by the end of this year about 900 recipes for examination and approval, to ensure adequate market supply & throughout; , with the latest batch list released, presages a has completed the work target.

907 recipes can be seen, made formula registration certificate mainly domestic milk powder factory, the formula obtained overseas factories number accounts for about 20%, the remaining number formula is obtained by than imported products. Enterprises, through registered for examination and approval, to get the formula at present most is by the United States, formula number 51. Flying crane, mengniu (yashili) to more than 30 registered formula; Yili, projector, Macao, nestle (including wyeth) such as more than 20 registered formula.

there are statistics show that approved the top five big enterprise the formula number formula about accounted for more than twenty percent of total number of currently approved formula, top 10 enterprises, more than 45%. According to the registration system requirements, the same production enterprise (factory) to apply for recipe number cannot exceed 3 recipe series, a total of nine product formula, large enterprises with factory more occupy obvious advantages in terms of number of approved formula.

opens a new round of elimination

the personage inside course of study points out, from the point of current examination and approval, examination and approval is looser than previously thought, submit for examination and approval of the enterprise can be approved. At present, there are bright, red star nearly 70 fewer than 10 were obtained formula milk. According to official statistics, previously sold in brand infant milk powder market in China is as high as more than 2000 kinds, formulation system introduced by raising the entry barriers, purify too much too miscellaneous milk powder brands on the market at present.

dairy industry expert said in an interview with the China securities journal reporter wang cotton, registration system of examination and approval purpose not & other; Keep out small & throughout; As formula registration system is implemented, infant milk powder market next year will switch into another & other; Competition track & throughout; . Is expected to begin in mid – 2019 or the second half of 2019, will open a TaoTaiXing competition situation of dominated by market competition. & other; Time after registration system on the surface of large enterprises, in essence, or will bring greater pressure. Formula of the relative fair examination and approval, will be large and small enterprises back to the same starting line. Throughout the &;

as formula registration system will be formally landing, after three or four line market popular brand because has not obtained the full recipe, or repel and gradually, make huge market space, the degree of competition as a line in recent years the market competition of the city. Industry experts predict that registered formula is made after the operation, the milk powder industry will usher in 70 billion yuan market space. This also for big brands standing the market space, many enterprises ready to channel sinks, three or four line market.

wang cotton, points out that three or four line market mainly of small and medium-sized domestic milk powder brand offline, have the channel farming and market operation for many years, consumers have more understanding, to its high recognition. Big brands to participate in three or four line city market competition, will face problems, such as price can come down, lower tier cities purchasing power than the first-tier cities weak many, keep high pricing will affect shipment, and can obtain the local consumer recognition, etc.

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