Remind: children showed signs of these five may be met by bullying

recently, online news, according to two primary school students in yunnan encounter bullying, after five students forced to take off pants with boiled water scald. The perpetrator is a grade three primary school students.

& other; Mother you don’t send me to read, I be afraid of those who beat me, bully me. Throughout the &; One of them was bullied boy cried and begged my mother. Similar bullying, in addition to a national governance package, parents do? Experts point out that, as parents, should be timely found signs of bullying, nip in the bud.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)


2 pupils are being with boiled water scald

on November 28th, two primary school students in yunnan small navigation and little dragon encounter bullying, after five students forced to take off pants with boiled water scald.

after being bullied, little dragon and small air does not tell teachers and parents, but choose & other; Swallow & throughout; .

the first to discover the child is wrong, grandma is a small navigation.

small air cheat my grandmother said: & other; Grandma, I got the scalding water, I hurt, can’t walk, you take me to an injection. Throughout the &;

again continue to ask, my grandmother also found that small airlines had been hungry for two days.

the doctor said his condition was too heavy, must look to the county hospital. The next day after arriving at the hospital industry in jianshui, however, the doctor said the wound infected, must transfer.

today, public security bureau of tsing lung police station has received industry in jianshui.

two students were injured by the parent to hospital treatment, qinglong town party committee, the government in a timely manner to coordinate involved families of students to the hospital to visit the injured students and early advances of medical treatment.

according to doctor introduction, 2 students stable condition, is recovering. At present, the case is under further processing.


in the past two years have been exposed

the henan business newspaper reporters search found that nearly two years the country exposed a lot of bullying.

on July 18, 2016, a network video girl ping ping be lighter to burn the skin and hair; The cold water from head to toe, stripped the clothes was posing nude. On December 13, 2016, arguing with people, zhongguancun 12 hours a student be stripped jacket pictures. Punched, slapped, intimidation, popping up on grilled kneel clothing such as insult bullying scenario, this should be the most reassuring campus, became the biggest source of concern.

why bullying emerge in endlessly in recent years? Zhengzhou 4 middle school dean Zhong Weimin believes that the biggest problem is that conflict between students, students do not rely on processing.

in recent years, the social psychological disease directly affected on the campus, such as lazy, rich thought, also slowly into the campus.

& other; In fact, many vicious campus violence, is not happened in the campus, although the contradiction triggered on campus, but things happen outside more, also beyond the teacher, the school want to tube, but means, authority is limited. Throughout the &; Zhong Weimin said.


bullying may affect child lifetime

things happen for a month, a small navigation and xiao’s mother found that children had changed.

& other; He was particularly lively, now become very strange temper, wake up early in the morning, and then said to sleep, I don’t know what to do. Throughout the &; Little dragon mother white Jane said.

little navigation mother Yin Lifei also didn’t go to work again, she said: & other; I can only said to the five children’s parents, please their children a good education. Throughout the &;

but, she said, once asked what happened that day, the air will cry, he would not leave his mother now moment.

47, deputy director of student affairs office in zhengzhou exhibition celebrates the collar think, can’t fight the bullying as a simple child, it’s much more serious consequences, and may even affect children for a lifetime.

, for example, can produce revenge mental abuse, abuser regress, etc., for a long time, the child’s mind may be distorted.

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