Report only “boiled donkey hide gelatin” who planning commission shall have more explanation

on February 18, 12320 national health and family planning commission public health hotline official weibo @ 12320 national health tell you: donkey-hide gelatin is not worth buying, because it is & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; . Donkey skin collagen is the main component, and the protein lack essential amino acid tryptophan, is not a good source of protein. DetailPic


this news let users not calm.

if prior to treatment of cataract and other God throughout medicine &; Sally PuAi, eye drops, apply to the body’s immune function in patients with low & other; God throughout medicine &; Horse many moder for private question to the attention of the relevant departments, the health development planning commission directly on the gelatin publicly, is further, this shows that the government department to the attention of the people’s health. But, in contrast, donkey-hide gelatin is bigger, the influence of folk according to the encyclopedia, donkey-hide gelatin for donkey skin, the glue made of decoction and concentration, originally from shandong dong ‘e, has been nearly three thousand years of history. In 2015 the over-the-counter market retail pharmacy sales rankings, donkey-hide gelatin to stability of the first 6.582 billion dollars. If who planning commission puts it, on the one hand, can cause the jitters, on the other hand may cause after the volatility of the stock market. This is a matter of public and corporate interests.

in addition to gelatin, @ 12320 national health also said that in terms of protein, egg than drinking chicken soup, bird’s nest was much eat sea cucumber, honey no practical benefit to health. All this, have been involved in related industries and the interests of the fishermen, beekeepers, if there are sufficient scientific evidence to support the @ 12320, national health it to guide the people rational consumption, promote people’s health consciousness, adjust the industrial structure has a positive effect, but if there is no powerful data support, @ 12320 national health claims may cause corresponding panic and loss. , hope who planning commission announced the official authority, whether to belong to & other; Individual staff to release & throughout; , at the same time, the authority of the relevant data, for example, the relationship between the various proteins and related diseases.

from the tangle of the doctor-patient relationship, drug exposure to god, to the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged brush screen, all point to a public health service, the lack of medical science. This should be more important than exposure god medicine attaches great importance to the problem.

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