Reporter for investigation of zhouzhi county in shaanxi province hospital “dead fees” for being beaten to continue: dean was suspended

according to western net, starting on November 27, “urban hotline” shaanxi TV and radio stations have been in continuous attention zhouzhi county people’s hospital & other; Dead for fee & throughout; . And on December 4th, the reporter to interview again to zhouzi county people’s hospital, has been more than beating, also be put in the morgue during tens of minutes.

according to the report, a hit after the incident, weeks to the county party committee county government also investigated, and in this afternoon (5 December) to the “urban hotline” reply to the latest progress, event:

a, zhouzhi county public security bureau in accordance with the law, administrative detention involved six people;

2, zhouzhi county people’s hospital involved, suspended the investigation;

3, the involved zhouzhi county people’s hospital, vice President of the relevant, safeguard section chief to be removed;

4, properly handle is reporter follow-up questions;

5, to overhaul a disciplinary county health system.

weeks to the county party committee county government related aspects to be a reporter at the same time a formal apology.

according to zhouzi county government information network news, zhouzhi county bureau of health meter 20 points 5 points on December 5, on December 4, shaanxi radio and TV reporter to interview zhouzhi county people’s hospital, county people’s hospital related personnel when block and beaten. After the incident, weeks to the county, the county government attaches great importance to, immediately call public security, health and other relevant departments, set up a special investigation team, an investigation on the issue, to seriously deal with relevant personnel in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules.

notice said, at present, through investigation processing, zhouzhi county public security bureau has to involve hitting six people for administrative detention. Zhouzhi county health statistics bureau to county people’s hospital suspended, the involved giving removed, vice President of the processing, instruct the county people’s hospital actively treating by reporters, compensation; In the county health meter system to develop discipline style overhaul activities.


, western net reported on November 19, 2015 weeks to maternal YuNaNa after giving birth to a baby boy in zhouzhi county people’s hospital, emergency, and eventually died unfortunately. Families that maternal deaths, zhouzhi county people’s hospital of wrongdoing, and its appeal to the court. In July 2017, xi ‘an intermediate people’s court made a verdict, cognizance zhouzhi county people’s hospital to compensate the families of the dead more than 50 ten thousand yuan, then through the court for compulsory execution, the family member got the payment, however, when the family went to the hospital to intend to remove the burial maternal, was told to pay the daily zhouzhi county people’s hospital of 150 yuan, a total of more than 10, ten thousand yuan of & other; Dead fee & throughout; .

the parties will then reflect the situation to the “urban hotline” group, reporter has four times to & other Zhouzhi county people’s hospital of dead for charge & throughout; The incident investigation interview. According to the survey of the reporter, according to xi wei planning commission website content, reference to shaanxi province medical services price 2011 edition, the secondary hospital morgue dead fee is 20 yuan a day. Even referring to the 2017 version of April to renew, 2 class hospital morgue dead fee is only 24 yuan a day, dead for level 2 grade a of zhouzhi county people’s hospital fee charging basis in where?

4 December reporters again for weeks to track progress in this event, 16 o ‘clock, and after weeks to the county party committee propaganda department communication, reporter interviews to zhouzi county people’s hospital, and according to the interview process, presented the I press CARDS and unit of introduction. When reporters need to prove relevant matters, a li, dean of ordering a dozen uniformed suspected security young man, for kicking reporters.

then, more than 10 people and reporters from the security office on the fourth floor forcibly drag and drop to the ground floor room, in the process, beaten again told reporters. And in the security room, reporters in the third beaten. This time, in addition to punched and kicked each other more than ten people armed with sticks, told reporters in the head, chest, back, legs slam. Three times after the beatings, the other party and forced the reporter brought to the hospital morgue, threatening to & other; You are not to survey the morgue? Let your son to stay inside a enough! Throughout the &; In this way, journalists were forcibly detained in the hospital morgue amounted to tens of minutes.

after the other party will press release the morgue, RMB two thousand and forced to journalists. During this period, many people have mobile phones shooting video, and requires journalists & other; Cooperate with smile & throughout; , otherwise it is a meal beaten.

as of today (5 December) at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, zhouzhi county public security bureau has been investigating, and preliminary diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, injured occipital see a bag piece, about 4 cm long horizontal shape more than the small of the back see contusion, bottom left chest a palm-size contusion, limb in contusion, is still in hospital for further check.

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