Representatives about health care reform, “three sink” model will implement classification visits

, relative to the cost of medical care to patients. In order to solve this problem, China health reform introduced a hierarchical diagnosis model, and how to implement the classification diagnosis and treatment, better grassroots medical institutions, medical couplet body will play a key role.

19 big report & other; Implement the strategy of China health & throughout; .

Li Binceng, director of the national health development planning commission, said, with emphasis on the strong base, promote the medical and health work center of gravity down, resource sink. To strengthen the construction of basic medical and health service system and technical measures more and more talents to tilt, resources allocation, preferential policies at the grass-roots level of grassroots, promote grass-roots & other; Software & throughout; And & other Hardware & throughout; Double promotion. Deepen the psychiatry cooperation, make training plan, implementation of health personnel training to strengthen the construction of gp team, do real family doctors (team) signing service, for the masses to provide comprehensive, continuous, synergy of the basic medical and health services.

today, these measures in the basic unit has begun to try.

experts how to sink into the community

& other; We built the basis of the three sink, information into a bridge close couplet of medical mode, implement graded the health clinic. Throughout the &; National People’s Congress on behalf of shougang, Beijing university hospital Gu Jin in 27 countries health development planning commission, said at a news conference & other; Three sink & throughout; Including experts to sink to sink to sink, management, discipline.

shougang Beijing university hospital, the hospital and four community hospital resources by shougang hospital management. Now this kind of classification in attendance, this pattern plays a good role, is very typical of close couplet of the medical model.

d couplet refers to the regional medical association, is the medical resources integration together in the same area, usually by the tertiary hospitals in an area with secondary hospitals and community hospitals, village hospital of a medical association.

Gu Jin said, now the classification of medical people want to see the biggest problem is that community experts, because the community hospital is shougang direct management of the hospital, so the shougang hospital model can put such as respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, dental, experts in regions such as the common disease sinking to the community. & other; Let the community can find experts, can see want to see the experts, the patient that the patient flow to the community’s enthusiasm is high. Throughout the &;

Gu Jin suggested that the future of close couplet of medical construction, should refer to the experience in yunnan province, the rural doctors take county recruit model township, community doctors and the whole county is the identity of the hospital, but it can be to work in the village. Let the community doctors at a higher level hospital and tertiary hospital preparation and identity, so that to ensure the stability of the community doctors and high quality services.

family doctor is not the same as door-to-door service

& other; 500 million people in China have a family doctor & throughout; Sparked controversy. In fact, the family doctor is not the same as private doctors door-to-door service.

the thirteenth session of the CPPCC national committee, Beijing fengtai fangzhuang community health service center director wu hao, the family doctor is not the same as door-to-door service.

wu hao work by the prefecture has a population of more than 90000, is an aging community.

wu hao, & other; We by the general practitioners, community nurses, residents’ committees staff and volunteers, social workers, family health care member of service team, fengtai district government in order to carry out the services each year to provide 8 million purchase of door-to-door service. Equivalent to every door to door service for our government to gp 100 yuan subsidies merit pay. Door-to-door service is not to say that provide door-to-door service for everyone, but for signing the older population, for example, a 75 – year – old above or disability such as special difficulty, so make sure that the door to door service can be in the range of human is able to meet demand. Last year we door-to-door service of patients was 1393. Throughout the &;

wu hao said that their 2017 MenZhenLiang 420000 person-time, fangzhuang community health service center is a total of 151 individuals, and 420000 does not include public health immunization, and so on MenZhenLiang, average per capita MenZhenLiang 3 armour hospital.

but fangzhuang community health service center of the innovative use of information technology, electronic sign, make an appointment through the directional triage, and form a continuous fixed service between the doctor-patient relationship.

& other; Through this model a fixed relationship between doctors and patients, at the same time established by medical bound gp as the core management team, GPS service is in fact the team service marked service mode, it should have a division of labor, we are here to each team consists of a doctor and a nurse, is responsible for 800 to 1000 signing slow patients implement continuous health management service. The doctor is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring disease, and personalized guidance. The nurse assisted the doctor for follow-up, assessment and health education. Throughout the &; Wu hao said.

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