Research in the United States: a small change in short term weight can affect health

Washington January 18 (xinhua) (reporter Zhou Zhoulin doing) people often laugh, said when fat three catties. Long a few jins of flesh will have what effect to human body? Scientists in the United States, according to a study of short-term wife small weight changes, can cause the body microbial flora, cardiovascular system, immunologic system and gene expression level of the huge change.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

published online 17, the international journal of the journal cell system according to a study, as long as put on 6 pounds (about 2. 7 kg), the human body at the molecular level will be changed significantly, including bacterial community change, immune response and inflammatory reaction, active molecules associated with heart disease channel is activated.

the Stanford university school of medicine researchers chose 23 subjects, their weight between normal to obesity, without excessive fat person, 13 of them is insulin resistance problems of diabetes high-risk groups. Different from healthy people that are sensitive to insulin, insulin resistance, glucose uptake and utilization efficiency drop, this is the precursor of type 2 diabetes.

the researchers asked subjects to eat food of high quantity of heat to rapid weight gain. Before the start of the study only body inflammatory reaction of the insulin resistance, the inflammatory reaction is display symptoms of patients with diabetes. After 30 days, all the participants gained an average of 6 pounds, test results found that sensitivity to insulin 10 healthy subjects and inflammatory reaction mark appears. In addition, the weight also affect the cardiovascular system, in a gene expression changes, this change is associated with an increased risk of a type of heart disease, heart disease patients can’t effectively to body blood pump.

one of the authors of the genetics, Stanford university professor Michael & middot; Snyder says: & other; This amazing, I didn’t expect the 30-day overeating will change the whole heart (molecular) channel. But this meets our view of the human body, it is a whole system, rather than some isolated component. People put on weight, the body will be systemic change. Throughout the &;

although the study found that the subjects to lose weight after the microbial flora, molecular and gene expression level in basic will return to normal levels, but also have a small percentage of protein and molecular changes associated with weight gain is still there. Snyder said, although it is still unable to specific clinical conclusions, & other; But there are signs that some effects may last longer & throughout; .

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