Resigned employees suffering from uremia warm heart company approved for 5 years “base salary”

recently, a letter by zhenjiang thank-you note caused netizens to changzhou municipal party committee municipal government attention. Named jian-guo tang people write letters, he repeatedly in the letter to yourself & other five years ago; Old club & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Changzhou Long Tu passenger travel business co., LTD. Thank you.

in 2012, jian-guo tang resigned because suffer from uremia home for illness, and the company is still after his resignation gave him 1800 yuan a month & other; Basic salary & throughout; , every year New Year’s eve, the trade union of the company will also come to visit, and the funding to this year has been more than 5 years. Many netizens said, & other; This is the most warm heart throughout the company &; .

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old sick employees resign

in the second half of 2009, jian-guo tang, from a small town in zhenjiang city, jiangsu province in changzhou Long Tu passenger travel business co., LTD., found a job as a driver. This year, jian-guo tang has over 40, there are 60 old mother, with less than 20 years old was the son of school, his wife, and because of the diabetes, high blood pressure not work for many years, the job for jian-guo tang family is the only source of income.

however, in the middle of April 2012 a check-up is upset jian-guo tang career planning, physical examination showed he has suffered from uremia.

Han Ping, said the company after know the condition of jian-guo tang, is originally wanted to give him change a easy job. & other; I can’t work normally, change a job I can’t do anything for me, is also a free people, I don’t want to drag on the company. Throughout the &; Finally, jian-guo tang resigned home for illness.

1800 yuan a month & other; Salary & throughout; Sent five years

the company general manager yamin zhu, said jian-guo tang, the company will surely tube exactly. During the meeting, the company employees for jian-guo tang to raise a donation of 10000 yuan. In addition, yamin zhu also promised, the company will to permanent funding jian-guo tang sent him 1800 yuan each month & other; Basic salary & throughout; By the company’s financial hit on his card on time.

& other; It & lsquo; Salary & rsquo; Actually is a kind of subsidy, our company also list the expenses as a special spending, the money is basically the company employee’s basic wage levels. Throughout the &; Han Ping tell north green newspaper reporters.

in addition to jian-guo tang card every month of 1800 yuan, a year before the Spring Festival, the company union would come to jian-guo tang to visit the home of zhenjiang. Han Ping, said on January 17th companies routinely visited jian-guo tang, with caffeine arts & other; Mainly to see his condition, do you have any difficulties in life & throughout; .

still seriously ill family poverty

in north green newspaper reporter interview, jian-guo tang is undergoing a weekly routine hemodialysis. & other; Dialysis now I want to do 3 times a week, four hours at a time, kidney transplant is can’t change, can only be maintained. Throughout the &;

jian-guo tang told the press, part of the each dialysis to remove such as health care reimbursement, oneself also take responsibility for up to 100 yuan. This doesn’t look too big number for ordinary families, for jian-guo tang’s family is not bear.

jian-guo tang mother is 76 years old this year, his wife for many years, diabetes, high blood pressure, not only can’t normal work, also need to pay for treatment, son just graduated from college this year began to work, salary is just enough to eat his rent living expenses.

jian-guo tang calculated brushstroke zhang, a large family source of income every month in addition to the company to send 1800 yuan & other; Salary & throughout; Low, is the couple 700 multivariate, added up to no more than 2500 yuan, and couple the monthly routine therapy will spend 1500 yuan.

at present, the narrow jian-guo tang family lived in a bungalow in the, not a decent piece of furniture in the room. And that most worries jian-guo tang is he just got sick, sought treatment of more than 20 around $ten thousand of debt. & other; Can’t, can only father debt claims, son & throughout; Speaking of the jian-guo tang son felt very sorry.

for jian-guo tang of the status quo, the current company general manager Zhu Yafeng said that unless jian-guo tang is dead, or is the company went bankrupt, otherwise the company will continue to support jian-guo tang.

/our correspondent Eunice li wen ya

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