Response to the “urgent threat” CRE improve microbiological diagnosis is imperative

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on November 16, in 2017 & other; Throughout the world antibiotics awareness week &; How to through the accurate diagnosis of pathogens and other Super bacteria & throughout; Become the focus of the 6th Beijing port infection BBS topic. The The Beijing medical doctor association, Beijing university people’s hospital, china-japan friendship hospital, Hong Kong association of infection and infectious diseases, The Clinical Respiratory Journal BBS to co-host of The Beijing port infection & other; Etiology diagnosis, do you believe in, I’m confident & throughout; As the theme, gather Dr. Infection with microbiology experts both at home and abroad, chat about how to use advanced microbiological diagnosis technology promote the level of clinical treatment of infectious diseases, against harm human life & other; Super bacteria & throughout; .

conference venue: microbial chamber can do what for CRE

& other; In order to further implement the “containing bacteria resistant national plan of action, who planning commission will be the theme of this year as & lsquo; The rational use of antimicrobial drugs & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Maike professor, director of the Beijing university people’s hospital clinical laboratory in the opening ceremony to our BBS said: & other; Beijing port infection BBS as promoting infection boundary colleague communication results at home and abroad, to share their experiences, pass the bridge of friendship, positive response national health development planning commission, from a practitioner and microbial infection experts dialogue platform to call for anti-infection treatment and microbiology multidisciplinary cooperation, unswervingly insist & lsquo; Let all infectious disease patients get the best medical care & lsquo; Beginner’s mind, challenge after 5 years of endeavor, along the way has become a domestic one of the most high-profile infected areas of academic meeting. Throughout the &; In this year’s agenda, covering from microbiological diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and treatment of CRE to China epidemiological analysis of the extensive content, set up different disciplines medical staff communicate platform, really driving the CRE comprehensive prevention and control work.

professor maike conference speech, director of the Beijing university people’s hospital clinical laboratory

global & other; Emergency threat throughout the &; Why higher attention in China

this & other; Drug-resistant bacteria & throughout; Why so much? CRE is the main resistance mechanism & other; Enzyme production & throughout; , that is, by producing & other; Carbon penicillium enzyme & throughout; To inactivated carbon penicillium alkene and most other & beta; – lactam type of antibacterial drugs, carbon penicillium alkene and other & beta; – amine in antibiotics such as we know, three generations of cephalosporins lose efficacy of penicillin.

& other; CRE has three characteristics, disease mortality is high, easy to spread, and after getting to carry. Throughout the &; Maike further explained in detail: professor & other; China due to the population became the most power, of antimicrobial drug use so CRE threat to China. Throughout the &;

so, how to control carbon penicillium alkene resistant enterobacteriaceae? From the source to control the occurrence of CRE, accurate diagnosis of microbiology laboratory report is the foundation of all things. As a result, improve the hospital microbiology laboratory hardware and software, and even the entire microbial diagnosis industry overall level is very important.

screen from early found to enzyme production confirmation to prompt treatment, power microbiology laboratory accurate diagnosis

CRE not immediately once the infection disease bacteria, often hidden in the long-term process of antibiotic treatment increasingly accumulation & other; Enzyme production & throughout; , leading to a patient’s body resistance strong unceasingly. Therefore, the scientific thought, & other; Super bacteria & throughout; Resistance to carbon penicillium alkene intestinal bacteria may be in a more extensive scale, more subtle way, and can under the condition of without causing any symptoms, concealed from one patient to another patient or medical staff.

& other; Courtyard outside the first diagnosis of common infections patients need not panic, CRE mainly in anti-infection treatment patients and patients with long-term use of antibiotics for high-risk groups. Throughout the &; Professor maike continue to interpret a way for us, & other; & have spent CRE as a kind of very tough nosocomial infection, is the great challenge facing the hospital infection control, need to improve the hospital infection branch attaches great importance to clinical doctors and nurses. By means of the advanced microbial diagnostic technique for special groups of patients with early sieve screen, not only can as soon as possible choose effective drug treatment for patients with infection of CRE to save lives, also can reduce the occurrence of nosocomial infection patients with timely isolation. Throughout the &;

who planning commission reasonable use of antibiotics expert professor committee et al said: & other; Penicillium carbon alkene antibiotic resistance mechanisms are divided into & lsquo; Enzyme production & rsquo; With & lsquo; No enzyme production & rsquo; , of which & lsquo; Enzyme production & rsquo; Class is the most dangerous, and the type of enzyme production also have different, thus confirm the resistance to carbon penicillium alkene intestinal bacteria infection after to confirm their & lsquo; Enzyme production & rsquo; Type, to make accurate treatment options. Throughout the &;

who planning commission reasonable application of antibiotics expert committee, professor et al

as a global leader in the diagnosis of leading enterprises, clinical microbiological testing, microbial field’s oldest & other; Expert & throughout; , the French offer from suspected enzyme production strains to rapidly identify enzyme production, and provide for the CRE MIC susceptibility report and give appropriate treatment advice.

professor et al added: & other; VITEK 2 Chinese drug susceptibility card, you can override the bacteria resistant to carbon penicillium alkene enterobacter CRE drug susceptibility testing, the fastest 4 hours can only take drug sensitive test report, and the quantitative accuracy. China has set the Chinese wisdom solution difficult problem, will play a crucial role for us to fight the CRE. Throughout the &;

fayfay biological merry ella, greater China marketing director said: & other; VITEK 2 Chinese drug susceptibility card is biological merry Emmanuel perform & lsquo; In China, for China, and China & rsquo; Examples of promise, but also we physically by the practical action to response and participation & lsquo; China health & rsquo; Construction. In the future, we will also through continuous technological innovation, continue to launch tailored for China is suitable for rapid diagnosis instrument and diagnostic reagents, medical institutions for China microbial inspection workers bring convenient and high quality solutions. Throughout the &;

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