Retired teacher’s adoption of cerebral palsy abandoned 18 years To cure spend savings to sell his house

72 – year – old retired teacher’s adoption of cerebral palsy abandoned 18 years

treat cerebral palsy, spend her savings to sell a house, working two jobs in zhengzhou children learn to read to learn computer, would like to open online stores to help grandma, who is going to give a

treat cerebral palsy, spend her savings to sell a house, working two jobs in zhengzhou

children learn to read to learn computer, would like to open online stores to help grandma, who is going to give a

& other; Dear grandma, in the 18 years you paid a lot for me. Not only do you see me, but also taught me to read, teach me how to be a person, teach me how to make a useful person to society & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This is 18 years old girl with cerebral palsy Zheng Binbin sitting in her wheelchair, use is not right to life and a word on a mobile phone write a word mind & ndash; & ndash; “My dear grandmother I want to say to you”. Her grandmother, shenqiu is a retired teacher mei-ying zhang township elementary school. 18 years ago, in a corner of the room of a hospital, mei-ying zhang picked up the abandoned baby girl, and named for her Zheng Binbin. In the 18 years that followed, with all the love she with the cerebral palsy granddaughter.

BinBin using mobile phones to write to grandma

to combine media reporter zheng pele’s/ma jian wen/figure

18 years with love abandoned water raise cerebral palsy

7 morning, family members’ hospital by the south all the traffic in zhengzhou institute of technology in a bungalow, reporter saw Zhang Mei Britain and Zheng Binbin.

mei-ying zhang is 72 years old, review BinBin growing little by little, 18 years mei-ying zhang opened a chatterbox.

one day in September 1999, retired teachers in shenqiu mei-ying zhang take a taxi to go to town to visit relatives in the hospital, the hospital of obstetrics and gynecology, see a lot of people surrounded together to watch the scene of bustle, she stepped forward and found is a newborn female doll, stared at a pair of big eyes to look at her dark and liquid.

18 years of hardships turned to grandma’s hair

& other; At first glance, feel this kid and I decree by destiny! Throughout the &; She held the little life back home, and was named Zheng Binbin. BinBin grow to five or six months, or take up, head leaned back always. Mei-ying zhang feel strange, would take her to the hospital, after many inspection, doctors confirmed BinBin suffering from cerebral palsy.

from now on, mei-ying zhang BinBin and took the way hard long seeking medical treatment. Ten years, she has been to Beijing, Shanghai, zhengzhou, xi ‘an, taiyuan and other cities.

to see BinBin, grandma Zhang Mei YingHua out of all his savings in the home, and sold the house. And in order to let BinBin and family life better, she is still in zhengzhou the ripe old age of more than 70 working two jobs.

older grandma, between the two lives increasingly troubled

& other; BinBin grew up is not easy, but fortunately, there’s the social from all walks of life to help. Throughout the &; Mei-ying zhang special touched, children’s electric wheelchair is funded by the provincial disabled persons’ federation, children enjoy the low income, also enjoy the severe disability benefits & hellip; & hellip;

grandma was too old to take care of BinBin restrictive

although grew up in the doctor, but BinBin is a very studious girl. Rehabilitation process is too painful, in order to relieve the pain, releasing the pain, she is and rehabilitation, and to do for her rehabilitation physicians to learn Chinese pinyin, learned to read and write.

in order to make her master skills, in the city under the care of disabled persons’ federation, BinBin rehabilitation education for the disabled to city center free learning the computer technology. Since then, on the way for more than a year of study, every morning and evening, can always see a girl sitting on the electric wheelchair, her grandmother mei-ying zhang is on the side, trotted along, spring, summer, autumn and winter, rain or shine.

however, as the increase of age, mei-ying zhang said, now day by day anxious, she worried after one hundred BinBin how to better life.

& other; I am now 70 years old, already can’t find a job. And elderly have fixed BinBin, once helped her to go to the bathroom, together, I fell down on the ground, long time not to both, I really don’t know how long I can support, can take good care of the BinBin & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Mei-ying zhang said sadly, she really felt.

BinBin have a small wish: to be a computer

in the future life, BinBin, said she hopes to have a computer, so she can learn to open a small shop, also can undertake one of her favorite writing. & other; I also hope that one day, I can give my knowledge to teach more disabled people, hope to help them. Throughout the &; BinBin said.

if you are willing to help Zhang Mei Britain and BinBin both between the two generations, to implement a computer wish BinBin, can by zhengzhou charity federation and the zhengzhou evening news jointly launched by the raised platform & ndash; & ndash; Love to raise donations, can also be charity federation of zhengzhou love calls 86030512.

love raise activity participation way:

1. The client APP, can open the zhengzhou evening news around the client, click on the navigation bar & other; Public welfare & throughout; To enter the public channel, the search to the public welfare projects.

2. WAP station: the cs in the browser. ZZWB. Cn can enter the public channel.

3. WeChat: to pay attention to the zhengzhou evening news and charity federation of the public, click on the navigation bar to enter the public channel.

4. Qr code: sweep out the user to open the micro letter, you can access the project details.

5. Can call the evening newspaper news hotline 96678, donations to love.

dear grandma, I want to say to you

the first thing I would like to thank you for saving his life, if you don’t pick me up to, I’m afraid I’m already in another world, is the second time you gave me life! So I sincerely, thank you, you were laborious!

saving his life, and say again. Dear grandma, I must thank you for your support, because help only once, and parenting is the need to spend time, it takes patience and perseverance to persist, to be honest, I really admire your patience and perseverance, I more admire you for sticking the spirit of never yielding,.

in the 18 years you in order to I pay a lot, from 10 months old seek medical advice embarked on a long and hard the road, I heard a good hospital and ran which hospital, big and small hospitals ran several, you to I can say is nothing, packet.

you to see me, not only has taught me to read, teach me how to be a person, teach me how to make a useful person to society.

dear grandma to tell the truth I really love you, see you get up so early in the morning, I wear clothes, do breakfast, send me to school, whether the wind or rain, snow and even you didn’t pull my class, is you let me understand what love is rain or shine! Hug me up and down the wheelchair, he got to school, take care of me to go to the toilet, go home at night to do the housework. Dear grandma, you do all this, I see in the eye pain in my heart, I want to learn, even more so I don’t want to let you down!

in the end, I sincerely say, grandma you were laborious, I love you forever!

love your granddaughter, Zheng Binbin!

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