Reveal the micro plastic class mess: 4 days crash sewn up with chicken leg exercises eyelids

reveal the micro plastic class mess: 4 days crash sewn up with chicken leg exercises double-fold eyelid

the love of beauty of life is not a heart, with the increase of social demand, micro plastic market expands rapidly, but the chaos followed. Several thousand yuan, training, day & other; Theory & throughout; Cadets, zero basis can be injected to each other, three or four days can & other; The holder & throughout; Posts or open a shop, no medical norms, no real medicines, there are only dream and lessons. Journalists secretly investigated various micro plastic training course in guangzhou, Beijing, captured by the so-called & other; Training & throughout; Terrible.

a micro plastic training institutions in guangzhou is comely education training, is in the micro plastic circles & other Acquaintances & throughout; Recommended to the reporter, is located in baiyun district of strong business mansion, met reporters call teacher Chen, said can be in four days time, fast qualification, especially double eyelid and injection of two projects, increases with the increasing to learn, BaoJiao packets. DetailPic


reporter: we take graduation certificate?

Kang Liwei plastic teacher training institutions Chen: graduation certificates issued by the diploma is our agency.

two projects the reporter made a total of 6500 yuan, stated on the receipt for this call consumes the material fee and charge a reporter, the process is not said.


Kang Liwei orthopedic training institutions. Liu: not too fair, including your own independent later, you can’t give others affix one’s seal.

is theory during the day and night in practical operation. Theory courses, the reporter didn’t hear much medical knowledge, most of the time, the teacher is talking about marketing, to teach students how to cheat customers.


Kang Liwei plastic teacher training institutions: I every day in the brush, you can turn to. Is to change the picture, in some of the style is ok, not someone to ask you to do double-fold eyelid, you immediately said to her, how much do for her. The very professional to tell her. , for example, I think, the double-fold eyelid I made to you will be very beautiful, but I think to open a corner will be more beautiful, and more than one thousand, with several hundred can see she’s spending power.


the reporter understands, this class of students from all walks of life, have clothing, have open beauty salon, with open hair shop, and unemployed, zero basis completely. Double eyelid in the operating room is in the classroom during the day, at night under the bed trash cans with the blood of gauze with foul smell, two field teachers, masks only cover the lips, still wearing rings and watches, demonstrate double eyelid model, a friend is a student.


Kang Liwei plastic teacher training institutions: during this process, as long as you don’t how much of a problem, is a small problem, can solve with money. Two days before in the plastic industry is one thing, a teacher to help others do the eyes, and then directly to poke into the eye, was caught on the spot, blind students on the spot.

reporter saw, the operating room with the window open completely sterile, do the teacher’s iodine volts disinfection cotton swab repeatedly use, gloves worn out continue to wear, the operation process, training students a variety of photographic and touch, such surgery, such an environment completely is not in conformity with the specification, easy to infection.

the next day, only to learn students for an injection theory, design point to each other. In the students is 200 units of botulinum toxin in hand, for such a big dose of botulinum toxin, learned one day alone each other injection can lead to paralysis, convulsions, blindness and even death.

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