Rumors of poisonous! China’s food alliance divide-and-conquer to deny these rumors

xinhuanet Beijing on January 12, a micro letter number public published a “[turn] CCTV and each big TV exposure 17 kinds of poisonous giant food list”, widely circulated on the Internet. After verification, the article list of food safety information, is actually a malicious tampering with fabricated rumors or to fry the news, the rumors, such as PS, substitute stealthily, misplaced, out of thin air way manufacturing rumours, malware propagation has caused part of the public panic.

rumor maker through carefully compiled, clipping, spreading rumors on the Internet, caused misleading to the public. Xinhuanet gather some rumors rumours that the first time, the truth.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

” rumor “lanzhou ramen cannot eat?

all used in lanzhou ramen noodles, noodles agent ingredient is peng gray, a chemical that contains a lot of carcinogenic substance, arsenic. Now all the lanzhou ramen in this preparation have more flexibility to make flour. If put peng gray in paper cups will appear oxidation, and pour the ramen agent solution on the smooth floor will appear more corrosion phenomenon of terror.

to rumours that the rumors in the first appeared in 2013. The media has been rumours, lanzhou beef noodles, traditional craft exquisite & other; Water three times and three times the ash, JiuJiuBaShiYi kneading & throughout; . Among them, the gray means the peng gray, after join out of noodles to make a smooth and strong yellow, chewiness. Afterwards, the process is replaced by ramen agent, is on the loose dust purification, eliminate harmful substances. Currently used in lanzhou market is the Atlantic, jiaotong university and related enterprise development ramen agent, has passed the certification of safety related.

sand pot of porridge also rumors 】 【 & other; Charging & throughout; , cause cancer?

network spread sand pot of porridge there are three: 1 synthetic flavor; 2 red shrimp powder; 3 plus dead shrimp, crab. Almost every will add spices, vanillin and ethyl maltol, such as eating too much, liver and kidney damage, serious cause cancer!

“rumours” as we have learned, in order to improve the taste porridge kind of food or keep the good state of viscous, food producers or marketers usually use thickener in the porridge kind of food. Thickening agent is a kind of higher security of food additive, commonly used with xanthan gum, edible alkali, phosphate, etc. Experts believe that as long as used by the regulation will not cause a harm to human body, but should be followed when using on the premise of the desired effect as far as possible to reduce the principle of usage.

“rumor” exposure! With mice in the pork meat

“rumours” article meat bowl, restaurants with the rat meat, is actually a net friend will play back to the personal home game is mistaken for hotel use rat meat dishes.

“rumor” egg yolk pies and durian cake is a junk food in junk food

“rumours” trans fatty acids in our daily life to a little bit of don’t eat almost can’t do, because there are in cattle and sheep products and dairy products. In 2013, the national food safety risk assessment center released “level of Chinese residents’ dietary intake of trans fatty acids and its risk assessment report, the Chinese eat trans fats is a day on average 0.39 grams, through the energy provided by the dietary intake of trans fatty acids accounted for the total energy of the diet was 0.16%, well below the world health organization (who) recommended value (<1%). So as long as the good control of the intake of trans fatty acids, don't need too much anxiety.

“rumor” unity don’t drink tea with milk or other contain milk beverage (unified milk tea, Assam milk tea, earl of milk tea, jahath coffee), the so-called milk composition is planting the fat end, containing milk volume is low, the main ingredient is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

“rumours” unified Assam tea ingredients list marked indeed contains hydrogenated vegetable oil, but also indicate the contain ingredients list skim milk powder, there is no cheat consumer products containing milk with other food additives, fake milk powder. And concern for hydrogenated vegetable oils and planting the fat end in fact is that they contain trans fatty acids, thematic rumours that have been carried out in this xinhua, experts said, China’s trans fatty acids for energy ratio is low, consumers don’t need to talk about & other; Acid & throughout; The color change.

network spread rumors 】 【 & other; Red delicious apple a scrape all of them are, wax with a burning cigarette lighter can fire!

“rumours” in our country, fruit surface is allowed to do wax preservation processing, according to “hygienic standards of using food additives” regulation, can be morpholine fatty acid salt there wax, carnauba wax (again) as requests for fresh fruit surface. Fruit wax, is a kind of chitosan material, more extracted from crab, shell and other crustaceans, and long-term consumption of this kind of material is harmless to the body, its role is primarily used for keeping fresh, prevent apple rot in the long-distance transportation, storage for a long time. If the health concerns, eating can peel apples, don’t want to peel, optimum temperature of hot water wash to remove.

“rumor” daily drink coke=chronic suicide.

network transmission often drink coke can cause low body potassium, show the neural weak and constipation, and even paralysis and other symptoms. 2 to 10 liters of cola drinks per day, can appear the symptom of low potassium paralysis, in turn, cause muscle disease, disorders of the heart, and a series of disease.

“rumours” drinking coke from 2 to 10 liters a day? Excuse me, how many people can do daily drinking so & other; Mass & throughout; The coke? Rumors and greatly exaggerated coke does to the human body, belongs to high-sugar drinks coke, a large number of drinking really has harm to the hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other specific people, but not become & other; Chronic suicide & throughout; A prime.

rumor had the young pigeon 】 may be mice.

a set of “look how unscrupulous merchants mice into young pigeon, pictures and video on twitter. Many netizens expressed shock, nausea, & other; Later all can’t disorderly eat young pigeon & throughout; . Even if a few doubt the authenticity of the video netizens also said, & other; Psychological shadow throughout &; .

“rumours” through the local reporter survey found that this group of photographs of mice was edible, food is on the picture & other; Salt and pepper hot rat & throughout; , using artificial breeding, exclusively for edible bamboo rat, not rumors say rats. Mans hole in mice, scientific name bamboo rat, also called bamboo bamboo fractions, mans raccoon dog, raccoon dog, bamboo rat, dong MAO mice, a descent rodent bamboo bamboo rat genera of the rat. Its body meat, taste delicious, nutritious, thick fur plush soft, with high economic value.

“rumor” have you ever seen such an egg?

egg white, egg yolk and egg shell is made from chemical raw materials, no natural ingredients! Recently, zhengzhou night market – they are buying this & other; Purely human eggs & throughout; . A business of food additives Mr Wang found the eggs, and to make the way to the vendor set, home to a try, incredibly still really make realistic-looking & other; Purely human eggs & throughout; .

“rumours” nanjing city public security bureau official weibo @ jiangning jiangning bureau of public security online, according to the production process of the video is a kind of toy eggs. You don’t have to worry about. Reporters found that indeed can ferret out the toy eggs on the Internet. The yellow label and the same as in the video. Fake eggs, not really. The shell is the most main do not to come out. Besides, eggs and so cheap, even can create fake eggs, no shell costs are much higher than the real eggs.

“rumor” eaten by coating pill cucumber sterilization.

“rumours” & other; The pill cucumber & throughout; Is is a kind of rumor. People often say that the pill is animal hormones, has no effect on cucumber growth and development of plant, can’t be used on the cucumber. People are rumored to birth control pills, probably because the use of plant growth regulator on cucumber can promote the growth of cucumber, have the function of the hormone, birth control pills and hormone. As a result, passed around, finally became a cucumber the birth control pill.

“rumor” pulpy had an accident!

Coca-Cola admitted its pulpy contain banned pesticide carbendazim in the United States. Experts refer to carbendazim can cause brain paralysis, long liver tumor.

“rumours” in the middle of January, 2012, Coca-Cola in its products found in the United States sprayed for fruit growers in Brazil of fungicides, carbendazim, then report to the United States food and drug administration FDA, but in the United States and China, respectively, the initiative will product after inspection, the results show that there is no problem. Carbendazim in the European Union, and orange juice is allowed to use the raw material origin Brazil, the European Union set limit to 200 PPB, the concentration of 35 PPB detection is completely harmless to the human body. The FDA finally think & other; Detect carbendazim residue level is much lower than any standard may constitute a safety hazard, so consumers don’t need to worry about orange juice products on the market. Throughout the &;

the public can be in & other; China food rumours that union website & throughout; Rumors and rumours, popular science information related to

】 【 essay governance power food rumor urgent

in 2018, food rumor still problem, let us deeply feel the importance of the rumor. Experts have long pointed out that the food is overrun with rumors, largely stems from a use of disinformation tale potential food safety risk deliberately fabricated, steal their concepts, and even deliberately smear, inducing consumers to produce distrust, and some consumers often lack of scientific judgment.

& other; Eye game & throughout; Has become the biggest motivation of rumor spreading. In the pursuit of & other; 100000 + & throughout; Some manufacturing stunt, obtain interest, network media, especially since the media has played a & other; People & throughout; The role of helping rumors like & other; Influenza virus & throughout; As the spread. Food safety rumors seriously interfere with the normal food and drug supervision, disrupting people’s consumption, damage to the industry development, our country’s international reputation.

food rumor must be under the punch and governance, promote the establishment of social work plural rumors of a long-term mechanism. Administration of state food and drug supervision and administration and & other China’s food rumour buster & throughout; Spare no efforts to carry out the rumours that work all the time, the rumor. 10 in 2017, national food drug safety administration department specially issued “about rumors to strengthen food safety control and management work of the notice, at the same time in more active release supervision information platform, and rumours that database and science network platform is established. Since last year, the administration released a total of 85 TiaoCi rumours that information, the database has more than 30000 TiaoCi. In addition, the state administration of food drug safety joint department of public security, network letter for joint law enforcement, such as the makers of the rumors about food for detention and punishment.

so far, China’s food rumour buster article released a total of more than 70 authority rumours that information, information release and forward relevant food science accumulative total 1000, in guiding the public to get rid of the inappropriate concepts about food safety cognition has made important contributions. Union also calls for establishing collaborative mechanism at the same time, should continue to strengthen the system of rumours, the tale of the punishment and accountability efforts, especially more rumours clear decision rules and harm of quantitative standard, further strengthen the “criminal law”, “food safety law and other laws and regulations to crackdown involving food network rumors, is also China’s food industry and the vast number of consumers a clear and harmonious network environment. (Chinese food rumour buster feeds)

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