Rumours that | on take-out all three meals a day, the plasma into “lard color”, is this true?

three meals a day on food, all 27 years old girl in wenzhou plasma into & other; Lard color & throughout; Abdominal pain, unbearable a doctor diagnosed & other; Hyperlipidemia sex pancreatitis & throughout; . These days, the 27-year-old girl & other; Lard color & throughout; Plasma became a web celebrity, maxed out circle of friends. Almost all the finger pointing to the take-away. Can this POTS, take-away back a bit.

network travels & other; Lard color & throughout; Plasma figure

ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, the kidney of physician xiao-nong Chen said that the clinical blood drawn & other; Oil & throughout; It is not uncommon, mainly related to hyperlipidemia. The key is not rely on takeaway meals, but three meals to eat something. , even if you don’t eat take-away food are high in fat, high protein diet from morning till night, hyperlipidemia can find as well. Between hyperlipidemia and acute pancreatitis, also has strong relationship.

takeout, and it is a business of a love-hate relationship. Love it take it easy, you can delivery to your door. Hate it the temptation too much, one not careful you eat more. Actually, take-out platform, what restaurants all have, is not only the malatang, take food, sweet pan, Fried chicken, but most of today’s young people are prefer & other; Heavy taste & throughout; These special tasty meals natural order rate is higher.

what’s the problem with the meal? Is mainly & other; Heavy oil & throughout; . Greediness eat a little bit not ok, but if do it everyday and don’t exercise, is likely to lead to hyperlipidemia. At that time, if go to draw blood, serum could become milky, like lard, and normal serum should be transparent.

with hyperlipidemia, trouble is much, such as the incident raises in acute pancreatitis. In the past, pancreatitis is mainly divided into two kinds, one is, gallstone pancreatitis is pancreatitis caused by gallbladder disease; Another kind is alcoholic pancreatitis, just as its name implies is to drink too much wine. At present, in both cases is still the main body, but hyperlipidemia caused increasing acute pancreatitis, and is more common in young people, this is what the consequences of a diet without restraint.

xiao-nong Chen pointed out that the doctor, hyperlipidemia younger is mainly related to diet. High oil too much fatty food intake, overeating, sit still are risk factors. Body fat and glucose didn’t get the breakdown in time, will be hoarding in adipose tissue and blood, cause hyperlipidemia.

in addition, some basic diseases can also cause hyperlipidemia, such as obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and so on. If already have these basic diseases patients, also don’t change eating habits, more harmful.

to prevent hyperlipidemia, must grab from fountainhead, the tube shut up is particularly important. The bland diet, good collocation of fruits and vegetables at the same time to keep moving. As for pancreatitis, also have to tube shut up. Each year during the Spring Festival, acute pancreatitis patients will surge. Investigate its reason, basic it is big fish big meat drank deeply. Xiao-nong Chen stressed the doctor, with a history of pancreatitis, alcohol is a must.

the last word, & other; Delivery & throughout; Just gimmicks, don’t think don’t eat take-away with hyperlipidemia and acute pancreatitis. Delivery, of course, also don’t points, although light restaurant also many, but how many people can worth living & other Heavy taste & throughout; The temptation?

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