Sales manual milk tea raw materials being fooled claims to import milk powder but the information is not complete

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recently, hot line of red tea shop brush screen all the way, make & other; Milk tea hot & throughout; Gradually spread to online, started selling online & other; Crafted & throughout; Milk tea. Beijing youth daily reporter noticed that online stores mentioned & other; Crafted & throughout; The production process is not & other; Throughout the manual &; , but rather to provide independent packing of milk powder, tea, consumers make it by ourselves. At the same time these dozen & other Throughout the manual &; , & other Homemade & throughout; Banner of the quantity of milk tea, missing some important food safety information. The shopkeeper said individual product for & other; Throughout its homegrown &; , there is no manufacturer information such as; Some information is not complete, such as claims that milk powder from New Zealand, but the content related to the product label is not consumers being fooled.


online tea shop owner push & other; Spirit & throughout; Most fans than

a: xiao li who like to drink tea with milk, but some web celebrity milk tea stores need to queue for up to two hours, let her & other; At team couldn’t & throughout; . Xiao li recently found a lot in a certain electric business platform & other; Homemade & throughout; Milk tea, attracted by the beautiful milk tea picture is provided by vendors, thought is included & other; Spirit & throughout; , through the hand made out of milk tea, point in a see just know, originally called & other Crafted & throughout; , is to make consumers themselves.

like xiao li was & other; Crafted & throughout; There are a lot of attracting customers. Than a bubble better instant tea powder, the homemade milk tea each containing the independent packing of milk powder, tea, sugar packets, pearl raw materials such as package, consumers choose according to his be fond of different amount of raw material, brewed into a cup of milk tea. It is & other; Throughout the manual &; , & other Homemade & throughout; Such as keywords, caught the eye of many consumer, all the shops & other Upgrade & throughout; A line red milk tea shop online.

these stores have a lot in common. North green press nearly 10 fans past thousands of stores and comparison, the name and product introduction contains more & other; Web celebrity milk tea & throughout; , & other Manual milk tea & throughout; , & other Homemade DIY tea & throughout; Words such as page style main literary wind in the shop, & the other; Travel on the way, have you, have I, have a milk tea & throughout; , & other And a cup of milk tea quietly to slip between the lips, like a spring wind & throughout; , & other We sell more than just a cup of milk tea, it is like a slow pace of life & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

in order to attract more customers, they disclose their businesses often WeChat and weibo, multi-channel marketing. These and other Feelings & throughout; The word collocation of tea products, seize the quite a few young people love tea, fan shop quantity, comments are high. Among them, there is a milk tea shop fans reached $280000, a single product sales more than 10000, and fans from 10000 to 50000 of milk tea shop single product sales have more than 1000.

these go red style of homemade milk tea shop network products are very similar, category is concentrated in the Hong Kong style milk tea, Japanese baked tea, frozen oolong tea, taste sweet milk green etc. On the price, the price of the single package milk tea in 5 to 10 yuan between, and offline the size of the price of milk tea shop.


claims to avoid competing businesses for raw material taboo

north green press through several network red homemade milk tea shop, found that milk tea bag of powdered milk, tea, sugar packets and other raw materials are separate purchasing, but didn’t explain the raw material production information such as brand. Milk powder, for example, stores almost all claims to be New Zealand imports, but there are few shops can directly say what is the brand of milk powder from New Zealand.

in 38000 fans & other; One can milk tea & throughout; Taobao store, each kind of milk tea has the same caption. The source of the milk powder, the owner mark & other; Milk powder imported from New Zealand, refused to use a cream unhealthy materials & throughout; . In addition, the businessman also sun carries a table showing only & other; Weifang entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the People’s Republic of China & throughout; Official seal of the documents, fuzzy images, did not show any information about shop.

the store homemade milk tea bag of milk powder bag comes from where? North green news reporter consulting with buyers customer service, customer service, said milk powder imported from New Zealand’s fonterra brand, but because of the same products competitive, don’t want to let colleagues know, in-store not detailed annotation of milk powder brand in the introduction. And is the source of the tea, just a short reply service: & other; Just like a tea, green tea. Throughout the &;

this situation also exists in other network red milk tea shop, but there are very few online stores take the initiative to disclose the precise origin and brand milk powder, tea. In & other; Throughout a tea & north latitude; , north green newspaper reporter asked repeatedly the brand of milk powder, just back to the service: & other; Don’t share it. Throughout the &; & other; Hao a milk tea & throughout; The response of the service: & other; Milk powder is in New Zealand, I just pre-sales customer service, don’t know what brand. Throughout the &; & other; Miao a demon food throughout the guest 1 shop &; Customer service said that milk powder from New Zealand, but declined to say what is the brand, said & other; If unsafe milk powder is not into the domestic & throughout; .

according to the general principles for prepackaged food labelling regulations, import pre-packaged food should be marked country of origin of national or regional area (such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and in accordance with the law in China registered agent, the importer or JingXiaoZhe name, address and contact number, not name, address and contact number of producers. However, north green news reporter in the milk tea bag did not see & other; Milk powder imported from New Zealand & throughout; The specific information.

claim & other; Throughout the purchase & respectively; Some products missing label information

due to the milk tea shop details introduction are no rights pass without physical figure, also do not have the label on the product packaging information, north green news reporter asked the shopkeeper to see each product package diagram found that vary in the product label information. Milk, tea, sugar, procurement respectively, but can’t see them on the outer packing of milk tea. Milk tea shop a chorus is for my own use & other Imported milk powder & throughout; , but no relevant information on the product packaging.

in a past thousands of fans & other; Throughout a hand-made tea milk tea shop &; , when north green newspaper reporters asked if they can see the product label information, the store said & other; I am your handmade, no product label & throughout; . In & other; One can milk tea & throughout; Offer product packaging, the name of the manufacturer is & other; Weifang meters can food co., LTD & throughout; , but in the state drug administration & other website; Food production enterprise & throughout; Data in the query, there is no the production enterprise. For such question, the owner of the answer is & other; We are actually equivalent to & lsquo; Stick a card & rsquo; Throughout the processing &; .

in fact, in order to make consumers to fully understand the purchased food information, in the food safety law stipulates that the prepackaged food should have a label on the packaging, labels shall clearly indicate the following items: name, specification, net content, date of production; Ingredient or ingredients; Producer’s name, address, contact way; Shelf life. Product standard number; Storage conditions; The use of food additives in the common name in the national standard; Production license no., etc.

shelf life and production date marking chaos define different

have milk powder, milk tea bag tea and sugar, how to define the shelf life? North green newspaper reporter asked several shopkeepers, although are similar products, but the shelf life is ranged from 3 months to 12 months. & other; A small sunseeker milk tea & throughout; For a period of 90 days, in & other; One can milk tea & throughout; Milk tea shop, the shopkeeper said for a period of 120 days, or 4 months. While & other; Throughout a tea & north latitude; The shelf life is 12 months.

there are different definition of production date also. & other; One can milk tea & throughout; According to the production date is the day before delivery, there is no product label information & other Throughout a hand-made tea tea &; The shopkeeper said, production date from the date the express delivery day. Milk, tea, sugar, is to buy in advance, production date from before delivery, will appear before the expiration date, milk powder and other raw materials are overdue? To this, the shop owner said milk powder is fresh purchases, there will not be expired.

experts view

& other; Stick a card & throughout; Generation process for

consumers being fooled

China’s food industry commentators by peng said that sales of milk tea shop boasts & other Stick a card & throughout; Generation process, although the pattern on the right, but for the food security of consumers have many hidden trouble, raw material is not clear to consumers brings back the difficulty, when consumer is buying identification should be strengthened.

by peng said that the so-called & other; Stick a card & throughout; The operating A brand, A company needs to raw material 1 and 2, find the manufacturer B and C, respectively, by its production of raw materials after 1 and 2, affix the brand name of A company, incorporated into A company’s sales.

this by peng said that consumers can get information is the information of company A, only if the company does not provide A real raw material information, it is very difficult for consumers to trace and identify. & other; Like to sell milk tea, said milk powder is imported New Zealand, and he said not divulged brand for business competition, actually creates difficulties for consumers to identify, or couldn’t identify. Throughout the &; By peng said.

for shelf life length is differ, by peng believes that there is a gimmick. & other; The basis of the preservation of the milk powder is actually fairly strict and normative, often shorter shelf life, its requirement for equipment and the higher the requirements of the food security. Throughout the &; While the existing network to sell milk tea shelf life have different standards, the production date.

by peng said, & other; There are not enough scientific and rigorous place & throughout; And advised consumers to purchase after tasting it first, determine product taste no problem again after drinking. & other; For the food industry, both must have a national food safety laws and regulations, also need to actively guide industry association, strengthening enterprise self-discipline and supervision. Throughout the &;

this article/our reporter Li Mengting Zhang Xiaomei

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