Sally hong-ping cui PuAi think skeptics to the doctor: I am liable for every word


& other; Sally PuAi thoughts & throughout; Is English & other; Sharp Eyes” (bright eyes), but in recent days, the moral good eye drops have been part of the eye doctor and medical openly questioned the media.

on December 2, a paper entitled “sold 750 million a year of brainwashing & other medicine & throughout; god, please let the old man in China” in the article, through & other; Clove throughout the doctor &; After the release, causing heated debate. More than domestic article eye doctor and authoritative literature, questioning Sally PuAi eye drops through advertising and marketing, misleading patients, delayed treatment.

& other; Because the objective conditions of the 1990 s, only used the vision the subjective indicators, the lack of objective evaluation index. Throughout the &; The earliest began to question her PuAi ophthalmologist at the eye drops, hong-ping cui said, suspicious, the effectiveness of the drug clinical trial, clinical trials should be restarted.

since 2013, hong-ping cui repeatedly questioned Sally PuAi thought in open channels. Conference on each eye, cataract, he said, the conference, everybody’s a consensus: at present, there is not a drug can effectively treat cataract, the only effective way is to surgery.

on December 4, Sally PuAi response to the Beijing news, & other; Company announcement has responded to notice shall prevail. Throughout the &;

focus 1 advertising leads patients?

& other; Around the world, is the only effective means of treatment of cataract surgery, this is the industry consensus, & throughout; Dongfang hospital affiliated to tongji university, director of the physician of ophthalmology hong-ping cui introduction, his clinic around a week to see 80 cataract patients, used the 40% to 50% of the medicine. & other; Many patients see the advertisement, feel this medicine can cure, can avoid surgery. Two or three years spent thousands, also useless, delayed treatment, some has also led to glaucoma. Throughout the &;

skeptics believe that Sally PuAi, eye drops, & other; False science, true marketing & throughout; By advertising leads patients.

& other; Clove throughout the doctor &; Published article, many doctors are challenged to advertising. Article quoted on the 8th edition of the ophthalmology is introduced: there is clinical, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), more than 10 kinds of cataract drugs in use, but its curative effect is not very precise.

3 December, Sally PuAi announcement said, Sally PuAi, eye drops video advertising content in line with the “advertisement law” relevant provision, after approval of the zhejiang province food and drug administration, has obtained the relevant document of approval for pharmaceutical advertising; Released outside advertising, zhejiang province, in the land of the advertising of the provincial food and drug administration for archival filing.

in the afternoon of December 5, zhejiang food drug administration reply media interview said: & other; Through illegal advertisement monitoring system in our province, in recent years, our bureau not to detect illegal advertisement about Sally PuAi think eye drops, also not received the administration of national and provincial transferred to our province about Sally PuAi, eye drops of illegal advertisement. Throughout the &;

but the reporter discovers in the retrieval, in November 2012, released on suspicion of serious illegal drug ads, the changsha city medicine circulation industry association media interview said, & other; Sally PuAi thoughts & throughout; Was ordered off the shelves, suspended sales. Changsha city food and drug administration has ordered to publish advertisements of companies with rectification immediately.

one of 3 armour hospital of chongqing an eye doctor told the Beijing news reporter, from the perspective of the doctor Sally PuAi think eye drops in the advertisement to confuse symptoms and disease, replace the propaganda specific disease with symptoms. Audio and subtitles on advertising, for example, mentioned & other; Fuzzy drop & throughout; , & other Double drop & throughout; And & other Shadow drop & throughout; Suspected of involving the symptom such as propaganda.

in accordance with the “drug advertisement examination issued standard” regulation, pharmaceutical advertising content involved in the publicizing of pharmaceuticals indications, should take the food and drug supervision and administration department under the state council approved specifications shall prevail, or should not be expanded for malicious propaganda.

Sally PuAi, eye drops, according to instructions of eye drops with the indication of insect PuAi thoughts are & other; Throughout early age-related cataract &; . In the cartoon version of the AD, & other Throughout early senile &; Five words is landscape, than & other; Cataract & throughout; Three words smaller font, appear time only 1 seconds or so, and not appear in the advertisement in the audio at the same time.

focus two clinical trials is effective?

3 December evening, Sally PuAi think clarification announcement in view of the question. Announcement was quoted as saying in 1995, completed in 1998, according to the clinical trial results eye drops to delay the development of age-related cataract and have certain effect to improve or maintain eyesight, curative effect.

hong-ping cui announcements don’t agree with. & other; Clinical trials report has holes, such as only the vision as evaluation index, the lack of cataract turbidity these crucial objective indicators. Throughout the &; Hong-ping cui explained, eyesight will be influenced by psychological and environmental factors such as light, take this single subjective indicators directly determine efficacy is not scientific.

the result of the phase II clinical trial published in 1998 in the journal of Chinese eye otolaryngology. Part of the discussion, the researchers said: & other; Cataract efficacy evaluation under the condition of domestic currently is quite difficult, mainly lies in the lack of objective indicators. Throughout the &; At the end of the article conclusion, the researchers said, & other; This conclusion still need to by a large number of long-term clinical observation to verify. Throughout the &;

Sally PuAi announcement, organized by the Chinese medical association in 1998, led by Beijing tongren hospital, hospital of Beijing medical university, Peking University third hospital, zhejiang first hospital affiliated to medical university, 17 hospitals Ⅲ phase of clinical trial, Ⅲ phase of clinical trial results showed that 0.5% benzyl of lysine eye drops (chemical name Sally PuAi think eye drops) to delay the development of age-related cataract and have certain effect to improve or maintain eyesight, curative effect, at the end of 1998 to obtain the approval documents transfer state food and drug official production.

announcement mentioned phase III clinical trials & other; Total effective rate 73.73%, similar to phase II clinical total effective rate was 71.13% throughout the &; Released, but Sally PuAi Ⅲ phase of clinical trial of pictures only show the clinical design conforms to the requirement of clinical trial, and there is no detailed test results.

& other; Enterprise has the responsibility to provide a solid foundation of evidence-based medicine, how long can you delay and delay, should provide sufficient evidence, through clinical trials to avoid misleading. Throughout the &; A former state food and drug administration and drug evaluation center experts told the Beijing news reporter.

hong-ping cui thinks, Ⅱ period clinical the study’s authors did not give false, they have a objective evaluation on their own articles, in the ninety s, objective technology does not reach. & other; But now (in accordance with the technical conditions), cataract lens turbidity can be measured, the most simple, through the photo, contrast, and laser, can quantify turbidity, light transmittance. Throughout the &; A responsible enterprise, he thought, ought to restart the clinical trials.

focus 3 if there is excessive marketing?

& other; Clove throughout the doctor &; Post questions, Sally PuAi through huge advertising, & other; In all kinds of ads take turns to brainwash & throughout; .

under the huge sales, Sally PuAi thought pays attention to the support of the advertising. In the propaganda, also with an emphasis on Sally PuAi think eye drops. Sally PuAi, announcement, according to data from Sally PuAi thought from 2014 to 2017, September 1 to the corresponding advertising costs 210 million yuan, 240 million yuan and 240 million yuan respectively, 220 million yuan, respectively accounted for 27% of the company’s operating income proportion, 26%, 26.84%, 31.87%. And the river on the pharmaceutical industry (26.420, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%), and sunflower pharmaceutical (30.900, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%) over the advertising fee has not been accounted for more than 20%.

Sally PuAi announcement response, the company advertising revenue proportion is higher, the main reason is the company’s products is relatively single, the current eye drops products accounted for more than 75% of the total revenue of the company audited number (2016), compared with other many kinds of management of the listed company, the company improve brand awareness through advertising, make up the lack of a single product variety.

on r&d, the announcement said, & other; Compared with the same industry, the company’s r&d investment is reasonable, the r&d input is based on the research and development of products of the company actual situation. Throughout the &;

reporter refer to Sally PuAi’s prospectus, found that the change of marketing really has great influence on the company’s sales.

mentioned in the prospectus, the company began in 1997 in the hospital marketing the product, because of go to the hospital most of the patients is relatively late, the doctor general advice to surgical treatment, so the company while trying to promote in hospital, but did not achieve the desired effect.

in December 2004, the state food and drug administration approved converts benzyl of lysine eye drops to OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, & other; The company began to try in the pharmacy channel sales Sally PuAi eye drops, and explore the OTC market marketing pattern. Throughout the &;

the prospectus said, during the reporting period, the benefit from the advertising, Sally PuAi think eye drops products of the company’s sales revenue growth, 2011-2013 average annual compound growth rate of 37.55%.

eye drops as Sally PuAi thought the most profitable product. Data show that Sally PuAi, eye drops in 2014, 2015, 2016, the resulting revenue is 500 million yuan and 660 million yuan respectively, 500 million yuan, profit margins are 94.68%, 95.29% and 94.68% respectively.

– dialogue

the doctor hong-ping cui: I take legal responsibility for every word

hong-ping cui said, Sally PuAi think eye drops with the psychological fear of surgery in the elderly, excessive publicity drug, delay treatment. & other; My evaluation of a drug from the perspective of a doctor, just as this is the doctor’s job, I am responsible for my patients. Throughout the &;

the Beijing news: why would you stand up first question Sally PuAi thought?

hong-ping cui: about their company listed in the first two months, there is a (I) in the morning to see the three patients, all because of some Sally PuAi, cause cataracts overripe, there is a patient, caused the secondary glaucoma. I was particularly rage, he asked that several patients, why the main points of this medicine? And they said, because I believe that television authority.

if they early operation, not the last can’t see anything, another also won’t appear serious patients with glaucoma. Then there is no quality of life, just like the blind.

the Beijing news: how to determine because drugs caused the glaucoma?

hong-ping cui: not because medicine led to glaucoma, the Chinese have a glaucoma called angle-closure glaucoma, cataract and aggravate the glaucoma is to stimulate the (reason), if he has a cataract, early cataract do (operation), the risk of glaucoma was done not have. But he believes that the medicine can treat cataract, delayed treatment, caused the outbreak of glaucoma.

I was really angry, just sent a microblog. A few days later, they came to me the top, let me delete the weibo. I said I will not delete a word. He said not to delete to legal liability, I said no problem, I am the legal responsibility for the hair of each word.

the Beijing news: do you see how patients attitude to this medicine?

hong-ping cui: my clinic there are about 120 people in a week, about 80 cataract patients, used this medicine is 40% to 40%, so many patients use the medicine, the use is for a year or two, and two or three years. They hope the medicine can cure and avoid surgery. Many are at the end of the day can’t see anything, only to operation, two or three years spent thousands, useless. Should be clear to remind patients, in the long period of time, no effect should be timely medical treatment.

the Beijing news: in your opinion, what the biggest problem is the things?

hong-ping cui: it takes advantage of the old fear of psychological operation, excessive publicity drug, delayed treatment, the patients quality of life, and may cause other complications, (patients) is a use for a year or two, and two or three years.

the Beijing news: what are your eye doctor think Sally PuAi thought?

hong-ping cui: there are YanKeJie consensus worldwide, each eye assembly, cataract, everyone a consensus: none of the drug can effectively treat cataract, the only effective way is to surgery.

it is no effect of medicine. It is not that kind of intentional harm of counterfeit drugs, it said, from the mechanism of drug for some early cataract patients may have certain delay. Cataract pathogenesis is very complex, cataracts link very much, the cause is various, you can’t just study a link, this medicine is used for all diseases.

the Beijing news: did you see Sally PuAi’s newly released in response to the information?

hong-ping cui: see it. How do you say it again, also won’t solve the problem in the report (clinical trials). null

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