Sally PuAi thought announcement: pause ads will be resumed on the 18th

hangzhou December 16 (xinhua) (reporter lurent) Sally PuAi thought of zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. 16 release letter inquiries on Shanghai stock exchange and securities regulatory bureau, zhejiang regulatory focus on letter of reply announcement, was launched in 2016 benzyl consistency evaluation of lysine eye drops, and since December 12, 2017 suspension has approval to advertising. Company shares will be opening up in December 18, 2017.

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Sally PuAi disclosed in the announcement, was commissioned in 2016, hangzhou hundred cheng medical technology co., LTD. Evaluate the consistency of benzyl of lysine eye drops. Preliminary completed by the end of November 2017, the original medicine prescription and quality analysis, active pharmaceutical ingredients, eye drops prescription screening, preparation process optimization investigation and comparative study on the packaging materials and so on related research work, the quality indexes of the laboratory sample almost the same with the original drug, found no abnormal condition.

Sally PuAi says, should be according to the national food administration of drug safety requirements in three years to complete the consistency evaluation, such as failure to complete by the requirement, it benzyl of lysine eye drops could not be registered again, can not continue the production and sales.

to the problem of advertising Sally PuAi says its released the contents of advertisements and approval of the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments of the corresponding advertising content is consistent, not because of ads released by administrative punishment or by regulatory measures. Deparment of zhejiang province food and drug bureau has approved and review within the period of validity of advertising content, did not find the company advertising materials with the approval of the contents of advertisements. But according to the national food administration of drug safety, the latest notice food drug administration in zhejiang province, it has been approved and in the period of validity of drugs with the contents of the advertisements in the notice did not comply with the latest requirements for the contents of advertisements, thus offered since December 12, 2017 suspension has approval to advertising.

announcement said, Sally PuAi thought not present production company limited production, the sale, but the sales and production of benzyl of lysine eye drops by the impact, production and sales of other products. According to the latest announcement, Sally PuAi stock on December 18, 2017 opened up.

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