Sally PuAi thought early blacklisted: for illegal release was 350 times

recently, an article titled, “a year sold 750 million of brainwashing & other medicine & throughout; god, please let the old man in China” in the article. This article will aim at because of television advertising is familiar & other; Sally PuAi, eye drops & throughout; (common name: benzyl of lysine eye drops), said its suspected in the high frequency broadcast television advertising false advertising.

Sally PuAi thinking in advertising, it is self propaganda: & other; Drugs direct lesions may cause a little pain & throughout; & other; Prevention and treatment of cataract, look for a kind of insect PuAi & throughout; . To this, some experts explicitly pointed out that want to rely on drugs to reverse the symptoms of cataracts, is unlikely. & other; Sally PuAi thoughts & throughout; Product specifications, according to the indications for & other; Throughout early age-related cataract &; , belongs to the non-prescription drugs. That is to say, Sally PuAi thought does not have the function of cataract, businessman again how eloquent, also can’t get rid of a false advertising.

cataract patients for the elderly, do not have professional medical knowledge. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of advertising language. If affect treatment because of false advertising, Sally PuAi thought and its false advertising. Why the problem is that the false advertising can openly on television?

as early as in 2014, zhejiang Sally PuAi think pharmaceutical listed by the SFC audit, the economic information daily, which reported that zhejiang Sally PuAi pharmaceutical repeatedly because of quality problems, an illegal advertisements become & other food and drug supervision and administration departments; HeiBang & throughout; The regulars. In addition, in the earlier of June 3, 2011, guangdong food and drug administration announced 2011 illegal drug advertisements in guangdong province, Sally PuAi, production & other; Benzyl of lysine eye drops & throughout; Over in March 2011 in shenzhen TV channel illegal advertisement was 350 times.

6 years time is short, have been included in & other; The blacklist & throughout; Sally PuAi thought now is still active in the public eyes, feel strange. Way, law enforcement authorities obviously insufficient, disciplinary measures did not let the merchants self-reflection. And secondly, public data shows, during 2011 to 2017, zhejiang Sally PuAi think pharmaceutical article released 352 & other; Sally PuAi, eye drops & throughout; Pharmaceutical advertising. Between production enterprises, some TV media and entity shop, has formed a crisscrossed the interests of the chain, so that they can do whatever you want?

containing similar Sally PuAi such behavior, all parties need to work together. Media and public opinion supervisor should intensify supervision, exposing false information, law enforcement agencies should also reflect on their own, more actively. More important, is to completely cut off the spread of false health information interests chain, in this respect, might as well take stronger measures, such as confiscation of false advertising revenue, a fine many times, and so on.

this year began to implement “& other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; market regulation planning”, points out that should be investigated to produce fake and inferior commodities illegal behavior, explore the huge punitive compensation system. Now that you have a more perfect rules and regulations have been introduced, we have reason to look forward to the relevant departments to implement it, make illegal enterprises punished as early as possible and common people (57.890, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%), a peace of mind.

Li Qinyu source: China youth daily (02 on December 6, 2017 edition)

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