Save the neighbor was seriously wounded and declined to ten thousand yuan medical expenses old man: they need the money more

through this matter, Duan Xufeng (left) and wang kun (right) became good friends. River to figure

a month ago, the family members’ hospital in henan shangqiu industry &trade road municipal party committee wang kun home on fire, a 65 – year – old neighbor Duan Xufeng discovered quickly went to the rescue. The blast shards of glass will Duan Xufeng injured his left arm.

after the event, wang kun couple heart of guilty, they offered ten thousand yuan in cash compensation Duan Xufeng, refused to be Duan Xufeng family. Then they secretly paid for his medical treatment cost of $ten thousand. Did not think of, let wang kun couples Duan Xufeng after discharge, and the ten thousand yuan back to two people.

Duan Xufeng November 3 tell surging news ( : & other; Wang Kungu were burned, and all the things you need to buy. Relative to me, they need the ten thousand yuan more, what’s more, the fire this thing is my voluntary. Throughout the &;


surging news: how is the injury?

Duan Xufeng: recovered well, after discharge in the physical therapy, acupuncture, plaster and taking it off, only now can’t take things in as normal as before.

surging news: you find when the fire broke out in the neighborhood, the big fire?

Duan Xufeng: a total of three of the fire room, when I see is the east house is on fire, the fire had burned to the second floor, from the outside is very big still.

surging news: rushed into the fire without considering its own security before?

Duan Xufeng: before then. I hurriedly call other neighbors, inform them there is a fire. Then I ran to the Wang Kungu, see his back door still open went in to see there is no one inside. I saw the window inside someone prone on the window mouth breathing, a carefully look is wang kun. I then pry open window, delivered wang kun.

surging news: how did it hurt you?

Duan Xufeng: rescued after wang kun, I asked his house where there is water. He said that the yard has a few meters long pipes, I took a head of water pipe, the pipe fixed on the faucet, don’t let it drop down, the other side of the wang kun holding pipe to put out the fire. This time, the fire explosion, glass and debris avalanche in my left arm.

surging news: after injury continues to put out the fire?

Duan Xufeng: I’ve worked as a soldier in Tibet, for many years when the soldier, thought this little injury doesn’t. I thought this is the skin injury, will put his hand over his. It turned out more and more blood flow, the hand also have no energy, I will go to the hospital.

surging news: who take you to the hospital?

Duan Xufeng: couldn’t find my wife, and neighbors to call I go to work in the hospital’s daughter. Because the day is the National Day, time and long, can’t get a taxi, I and neighbors stopped a car, let him to take us to the hospital. The teacher who is very good, is a person of hometown in shandong, see me like this will quickly send us to shangqiu central hospital, then turn to shangqiu hospital after diagnosis. I want to find out that day to send me the person of hometown to the hospital, I have to thank somebody else.

surging news: the injury?

Duan Xufeng: the doctor says is left arm a radial artery, three vein rupture, tendon rupture. Left arm for more than 30 stitches, at that time lived in the intensive care unit for 3 days to ordinary ward, the court on October 12,, just take down the gypsum. & have spent

surging news: now how much medical bills cost?

Duan Xufeng: spent ten thousand multivariate.

surging news: for such a serious injury, do you have any regrets?

Duan Xufeng: no regrets, I’m a soldier as a teenager, (19) into the party in 74, and veterans, and helping each other between the neighborhood is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, is should. I never feel regret.

surging news: before that, and wang kun cooked?

Duan Xufeng: we live in an orphanage, but different buildings. How did not mix before, this time through this matter, and more, already became good friends.

surging news: why don’t you willing to wang kun medical bills for you?

Duan Xufeng: Wang Kungu were burned, everything you need to buy. Relative to me, they need the ten thousand yuan more, what’s more, the fire this thing is my voluntary.

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