Scalper sell network red food: bread price one hundred yuan xi tea price 20 yuan


data diagram (for figure/visual China)

price 4 times in cattle to resell network red bread

businesses a variety of measures against cattle

the chaoyang district sanlitun has two network red grocery store and reputation to attract a large number of consumers to early adopters, hot scenes has bred a group of cattle. Yesterday, the reporter approached the group of cattle, explore their business practices.

price one hundred yuan sell bread

Beijing sanlitun has been regarded as one of the fashionable landmark, popular logo standing here, and each cluster network red brand here, milk tea brand & other; Hi tea & throughout; And web celebrity bread & other; Dirty package & throughout; Popular lately, attracted a large number of consumers to wait in line. Yesterday, the reporter comes to the net red food & other; Dirty package & throughout; Outside the store, and ran into the baker’s many cattle, they are watching over a long distance line, there are a lot of their & other Comrades & throughout; .

at this point, a reluctance to line up the man walked to come over, put forward to want to buy a & other; Dirty package & throughout; . & other; Dirty package we is always sold in pairs, don’t sell singular, or the rest of the nobody want. Throughout the &;

according to cattle, their business is quite good. & other; 52 yuan a pair of the original price, we receive about 150 yuan, resell sold $240 to $260, a day to more than half of it. Throughout the &; Actually, scalpers said not to sell, also is in order to go faster.

a cattle, in fact they buy and sell this also need wisdom, they need to hire a newer lines, to escape the owner refused to sell. & other; We also hire people line up, one of 50 yuan. Throughout the &; Scalpers said hiring & other; Queuing commissioner & throughout; Most is given priority to with the elderly, sometimes by himself.

long distance to buy can send express

to & other; Dirty package & throughout; As an example, the reporter discovers in the store, came from the Beijing suburbs specially have some consumers still, a man said, & other; I live in yan jiao, specially to buy wife children. Before my wife someone bask in the friend circle, she didn’t, not happy in my heart, I will try to buy her back. Throughout the &; , reporter saw many women in buying after the completion of the first action, is to come up with mobile phones. & other; I waited for so long. I must have to send friends tweeting, otherwise the white line. Throughout the &; In addition, for family or a partner, also is the main purpose of consumption object.

in cattle sales circles, consumer age groups is more lower, give priority to with teenagers, some foreign customers also through WeChat, long-distance after purchase made by cattle express. Beijing local clients, cattle will choose & other; Flash to send & throughout; .

cattle jianghu also have & other The eldest brother & throughout;

but the reporter understands, there is also a competition between scalpers. Reporter inquired have been engaged in web celebrity food near sanlitun speculation of cattle, he told the reporters, although seemingly between scalpers have & other Jianghu rules & throughout; To constraints, but also compete against each other in private. & other; This line of business in sanlitun area 20 or 30 people, must have to, to discuss the price must not be allowed to appear at a low price dumping case, this is destroying the market. Throughout the &; When a reporter said he contacted for less than their & other; Line price & throughout; Alarmed, the other party first, & other; Who? Can’t, tell me your name? Throughout the &; Then immediately said, & other; Eldest brother don’t allow & throughout; .

reporter then went to milk tea & other; Hi tea & throughout; Shop to check the situation before, & other; The eldest brother & throughout; Name also appeared many times. A walk to the front of the xi tea has a number of cattle drink list in hand, come forward to take the initiative to talk to. & other; To like tea? A plus 20 yuan, don’t line up, immediately take away. Throughout the &; The reporter sees, teams like tea in front of the line for about 40 people. After more than the scalpers repeatedly queuing to buy a cup of milk tea, additional tariffs on milk tea original price 20 yuan sold. But this business seems not like & other; Dirty package & throughout; So hot, the scalpers people take the initiative to sell.

vendors give the current-limiting curb scalpers

yesterday morning, the reporter comes to & other; Dirty package & throughout; Selling the shop. The manager said, now the store has taken a period of time number allocation, methods to buy sales & other; Dirty package & throughout; , & other; 10 o ‘clock in the morning to issue at noon 1 point, issue 5, at two o ‘clock in the afternoon to take number in advance, it is time to come again take bread & throughout; . Process according to the in-store packaging also need to line up “means to buy a web celebrity bread, need to get your number after, take bread, packing three queuing processes, and in-store expressly posted on the bulletin, since January 15, each & other; Dirty package & throughout; Must be tied to either the specified other commodities sales together, and each of the two.

but just like that, there is no blocking consumers of zeal. In reporter asked just three minutes, up to nearly ten customers to call to purchase & other; Dirty package & throughout; , after that there is no spot, also did not leave, but choose to stay in the store waiting for the appointment in the afternoon.

to 12 PM or so, the store number to take to get the goods and waiting for orders to the next round of customers already up to nearly hundred people, long lines almost surrounded the store internal end to end. For this method, the manager said to curb scalpers phenomenon, & other; Hair, the way can effectively reduce the crowds gathered, bundling objectively also adds to the cost of cattle. & throughout;

cattle affected stores change rules

reporter observed, & other; Dirty package & throughout; The practice of the store, does has a certain influence on scalpers. For cattle in sanlitun area, & other; Hi tea & throughout; Is not income main source, & other; Dirty package & throughout; Is. And now, cattle began to complain.

low threshold, high income, a cattle reason to stick to it. But now, with & other; Dirty package & throughout; Stores bundling strategy, the scalpers are beginning to worry were mentioned, which means that the cost greatly improved. And because of this plan is too suddenly, the scalpers buy and sell prices for bread, appear very hesitant. & other; We dare not advertised in the circle of friends, or you ask found going up in price, “dirty”, think you won’t find you bought. Throughout the &; For cattle, these two days, to & other; Market transition adjustment period & throughout; , & other; Now everybody also don’t know the new rules, the know also can understand our price. Throughout the &;

new regulations, make the scalpers margins squeezed temporarily, but & other; The business must do, even if earn much & throughout; , a scalper said, if you no longer selling this kind of popular food, can appear they did not take goods channels, as if in cattle circles not & other; Core & throughout; , have no face very much, & other; Also for maintaining the customers, let the other people want to buy what all can immediately think of us. Throughout the &; (Beijing morning news reporter Cao Yanna)

lawyers claim

whether disrupted the market order points shall be

Beijing jingshi lawyer zhang, the New Year, said cattle from a normal commodity operators to buy goods and then sold at different prices, is a kind of market management means, whether it disrupted the market order, it points. If cattle based on market supply and demand situation and their own costs in proper price, selling price is not belong to the “price law” regulation & other To raise the level or lower level and other means to purchase or sell goods or provide services, raise or lower prices in disguised forms & throughout; Act, but normal market management means. Star, for example, to sell their personal items, prices may be on the high side because of its carrying special significance, buyer based on the specific attributes of the goods, it still belongs to the normal market transaction behavior, belongs to the category of citizen’s private autonomy.

if the price of cattle for goods to the point of unreasonable, and this kind of buying and selling behavior on a large scale, the behavior is suspected of disrupted the market order, the commodity managers and buyers can according to the relevant administrative regulations to industrial and commercial department and the commodity prices administration department for prosecution. If the behavior of scalpers severely disrupted the market order, may violate the criminal law.

for certain items such as & other; Web celebrity food & throughout; , because its can meet people flaunt consumption psychology and a certain degree of scarcity, cattle after buying in appropriate driving up the price to the customer after sales, if customer willing to buy, can be considered a normal trading behavior in the market. If its price is not reasonable, the price control department may investigate, and if there is a crime, shall be investigated according to law. In the market management level, if the scalpers severely disrupted the market order, by the administrative department for industry and commerce investigation, that is the case, the corresponding administrative penalty. In addition, on the cattle merchants with conflicts of interest, business & other; Web celebrity food & throughout; Businesses such as think scalpers infringe on its in the market competition in the relevant rights and interests, can be in accordance with the relevant legal rights according to law.

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