Scene found girl drowning, doctor left the camera in yunnan to leave after a successful jump sea rescue


spring city evening news figure

on the morning of October 20, let a person with warm heart heart situation in guangxi qinzhou rhino horn three niang bay resort beach town on: a small girl falling overboard, life hung by a thread & hellip; & hellip; Very critical, just to local leave yunnan zhaotong city first people’s hospital neurology director Ma Minlin, through camera & other; Capture & throughout; To this danger immediately after the, dive into the icy water to rescue the little girl ashore, and through professional first aid methods, such as artificial respiration, cardiac compressions, let the other side. Then he declined the families of reward and gift, and quietly left the scene.


the little girl is struggling in the seawater

in recent days, yunnan zhaotong city first people’s hospital doctor Ma Minlin three niang and friends together to guangxi qinzhou bay holiday resort.

20 at 8 a.m., Ma Minlin and friends together to the seaside resort, busy with the camera the seaside scenery. As he picked up the camera toward the sea, the scene suddenly appeared a suspicious frame & ndash; & ndash; A child is with the waves rolling in seawater. At first, he thought it was grown children playing in the water at the beach. Take a closer look at, available telephoto lens picture surprise him: & other; Is not good, the little girl struggling in the water, affirmation is drowning! Throughout the &;

it is reported that before the incident, the little girl to three niang bay resort near my grandma’s to play, in the resort beach play when he fell into the sea, were the waves rushed out of more than 300 meters.


he dropped the camera jumped into the sea

before, Ma Minlin hurriedly to the tourists are walking around for help, and then thrown off camera, also can not consider of a strip, went straight into the sea, swimming quickly toward the direction of the child.

October morning, seawater bone-chilling cold, director of Ma Minlin shivering in the sea, but the mind of the safety of the children which also manage their own safety, he took a deep breath and then quickly adjust good state tried to swim in the past, a little bit closer to children.

when he swam, then the child has been in a coma. Medical experience told him for many years, had to rescue, a minute later all not line! Then, lift to his children on their shoulders, struggling to swim to the shore.

heard passers-by gathered round and call for help, help Ma Minlin the child on the raft of flat on the shore. Cry at that time, the boy was blue white, did not respond, carotid artery without pulsation, coat thoracic no ups and downs. Ma Minlin feels bad, too late to erase the water drops on the face, began to unarmed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

& other; One, two, three & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Ma Minlin hands constantly to the child chest outside pressing, artificial respiration, again and again, round and round, always repeat the process. So busy more than half an hour later, the little girl had a slight shaking body, began to water, thoracic had ups and downs, carotid pulse, slowly regained consciousness.

at this moment, Ma Minlin only hanging heart down, sat down on a raft to the anxiety of the people around a smile slowly.

big boundless love

declined family reward after leave

& other; The little girl saved! Throughout the &; The scene atmosphere of anxiety gradually break down, people broke out in cheers, infectious. At this moment, Ma Minlin just took the warm-hearted man hand towel, wipe a mixture of sea water of sweat on his cheek.

10 minutes, saved the little girl’s family arrived, realized that tears of joy after what happened just now, thank you very much to hold the Ma Minlin hand, long reluctant to loosen.

after 120 responders, will the child to the hospital to heal quickly. Leave, emergency physician regrets, if rescue not in time, I’m afraid I can’t save the child came back, fortunately, the colleague, saved the child’s life at the moment.

& other; I am a doctor, this is my duty, should be. Throughout the &; When people are still in the aftertaste this exciting rescue, Ma Minlin declined child family in a red envelope, also declined to send him the request of the seafood, silently packed my luggage, quietly left the scene and leave the back of a light.

character image

he is enjoying the good doctor

Ma Minlin, male, 60 years old, graduated from kunming medical college in 1982, since 1983 in zhaotong city first people’s hospital work, the current director of the hospital neurology.

in colleagues, Ma Minlin 30 years like one day, is to treat patients such as relatives. According to Ma Minlin colleagues, attracts thousands of many patients the department from zhaotong impoverished mountainous area of the masses, patients with family difficulties, Ma Minlin countless times ask for the other party don’t have to be registered, recommending a lot of healing, patients with efforts to reduce spending, won the public praise, often three four o ‘clock in the morning in department also check seriously ill patients, communication with the patients’ families, develop better treatments, such examples, abound in their daily work. & have spent (the original title: scene found little girl jumped into the sea drowning him in cameras)

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