School opened in the ward: “I want to go to school” touched countless people

& other; Whether you like it or not they are very eager to go to school school & throughout; In the ward school

in the women’s and children’s hospital of Peking University, two ward onset in a corner of the corridor, with sterilized carpets, activities, articles, books, toys, etc. Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, there will be the most looking forward to children’s classroom. Seven or eight children on volunteers accompanied, language, art, science disciplines such as course, volunteers told the children picture books, teaching art, music, do manual, etc. Class children are children with leukemia, low immunity, volunteers and the children are wearing masks in class. It’s called & other; Ward school & throughout; , it is because of suffering from leukemia, long-term hospitalization & other; Out-of-school & throughout; Of the children. & other; Ward school & throughout; Is to set up a special school for them. Is located in the courtyard, built in the vicinity of the hospital, the warm classroom, gentle volunteers, teachers, and all kinds of books and toys. Let the children can receive education for free here, the status of the children are slowly changing.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

& other; I want to go to school & throughout; Touched countless people

Beijing children’s hospital, a new sun room schools HengHua courtyard outside, inside a big classroom decorated very warm, small tables, chairs, books, toys and everything ready. Similar to other schools in the classroom. Have children here every afternoon. While wearing masks, can see from their eyebrow eye between heartfelt smile.

Beijing new sun charitable foundation, the promoter and the secretary-general Liu Zhengchen said 70% of leukemia children 2 to 3 years after treatment can be cured, but cured after these children would still face difficulty returning to life, one of the biggest difficulties is to go to school. & other; In the treatment of two or three years time, those sick children should have in school, but have to live for a long time in the hospital, and out of school and social environment. All of these reasons lead to long-term hospitalized children’s childhood will be a long time without teachers, students, textbooks, scratching, only hospital, a nurse, drugs, syringes. Throughout the &;

ward school building, Beijing new sun charitable foundation received a letter and a picture. , a wore masks bald boy carrying schoolbag go to school. And in the words & other; I want to go to school & throughout; A few words, express their feelings.

children small delay in the elementary school in writing this letter after 3 months, it was found suffering from severe aplastic anemia, mom and dad took him from their hometown to Beijing to heal, from then on he never been to school. Little delay of the story impressed the Beijing new sunshine charity foundation, in addition to the decided to take over to help him learn, in 2012, the foundation set up & other; Ward school & throughout; Long-term hospitalization, as represented by children with leukemia children with free education and related services, hope to help more children face the same predicament. So far, 14 provinces across the country have established 26 hospital room school, service about 2500 children each year.

Liu Zhengchen, said ward school emphasizes the construction of school environment, solve the problems of the interruption of the socialization of children. Let the children can feel the classroom atmosphere, study happily, normal communication with same age children. Preparing for their return to society after curing.

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