Scientists find gay gene, the hypothalamus parts 34% than the ordinary people’s congress

, according to foreign media on the genetic bases of sexuality in the history of the largest study, scientists found that the genes associated with homosexuality. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

according to Britain daily telegraph website reported on December 7th, the researchers looked at more than 1000 for the first time the entire genome of the gay man, namely the individual all the DNA code, with the similar number of heterosexual men genetic data comparison.

and they found that gay and straight men in SLITRK5 and SLITRK6 differences on the two genes.

SLITRK6 is a kind of important genes promote brain development, particularly active in the brain, including the hypothalamus.

the hypothalamus is vital for controlling impulse of hormone, previous studies have indicated that the gay men in some parts of the hypothalamus 34% larger than the average person.

the north shore health systems research institute at the university of Illinois researchers also found that the difference of TSHR gene, the gene is associated with thyroid, previous studies have found that thyroid also influence sexual orientation.

the study lead author Allen & middot; Saunders said: & other; Because sex is an essential part of human life, understand the development of human sexual orientation and expression is very important. Throughout the &;

according to the report, the research according to the participant’s own reports about their sexual identity and sexual feelings to the grade of their sexual orientation, also through their blood or saliva samples provided by the DNA genetic analysis.

although previous studies have also pointed out that gay has genetic cause, but this is the first time researchers study entire genome of the individual, is the most comprehensive assessment of the genetic bases of sex.

but the report says, at the university of Oxford, statistical genetics professor Jill & middot; Mike said & other; Sex can be affected by many different factors, including environment, experience, and there may be some natural biological variation. Genes influence is very weak, do not have any foreseen or diagnostic value. Throughout the &;

the study, published in the journal science reports in the United States.

(the original title: scientists find gay gene hypothalamus parts 34% than the ordinary people’s congress)

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