Scientists in China to realize the world’s first human lung stem cell autograft regeneration

report from our correspondent (reporter Cao Jijun, YanWeiQi) from patients with bronchial brush dozens of stem cells, in vitro amplification tens of millions of times after transplanted to the patients with pulmonary lesion; After 3 to 6 months of proliferation, migration and differentiation of the stem cells gradually formed a new structure of trachea and bronchus, and completed in patients with lung tissue damage repair replacement & ndash; & ndash; Tongji university school of medicine, professor left for the team in the world take the lead in using adult human lung stem cell transplant technology, successful implementation of the human lung regeneration in clinic.

a major breakthrough in the field of stem cell regenerative medicine recently in the form of a cover article published in the latest issue of journal of proteins and cells, marked the regeneration of the body’s own internal organs theory is gradually from the laboratory to clinical reality. In the same period of review articles on this achievement evaluation way: & other; The basis of the research show and has a great value to clinical data, showed regenerative medicine exciting prospects. Throughout the &;

once human lung tissue damage and fibrosis, sustainable development condition often irreversible, and traditional medicines can slow the progress of the fibrosis. Since this century, as the stem cell research has gradually become the global medical research hot spot, lung stem cell transplant last hope of the patient.

stem cells are a special class of cells with tissue repair ability, within the embryo or the adult human organs are the existence of a certain number. Professor left for working abroad during the invented the lung stem cell expansion and transplantation technology, relevant results caused wide public concern. In 2015, left for the national youth & other; One thousand people plan & throughout; Experts and & other The Yangtze river scholar & throughout; Identity was introduced at tongji university school of medicine, continue to conduct the research. Team intact from the lung disease in patients with bronchial brush in some cells, and then extract the stem cells from these cells, after a period of training, had dozens of slowly become thousands of tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of stem cells. In order to verify the replantation repair ability of lung stem cells, left for the team to pulmonary disease of lung stem cells cultivated on lung stem cells transplanted into the mice damaged lung, three weeks after transplantation observation found that within the pulmonary fibrosis in mice is replaced by the new human alveolar damage area, mice lungs become very healthy, almost can be called & other; Rebirth & throughout; .

it is worth mentioning that the research team found that adult stem cells in tissue regeneration function, it is very & other; Specificity & throughout; : only adult stem cells from human lung bronchus of lung regeneration function, and from other parts of the lung stem cells, both between epithelial tissue stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells, have the function of the lung tissue regeneration. In addition, the researchers also found that if a kind of clinical drug resistance pulmonary fibrosis pyrazole fini ketone with lung stem cells used in animals and can further enhance efficiency.

success caused a series of animal testing respiratory and pulmonary disease pay close attention to the doctor, they are eager to will be a new lung stem cell transplantation and regenerative technology used in the clinic as soon as possible. After early for cell production preparation process of fully validated and animal experiment data of long-term observation, the academic and hospital ethics committee modified through, to start in early 2016, the first batch of the patient group, dongfang hospital affiliated tongji university and the people’s liberation army army military medical university, southwest hospital affiliated synchronization opens the world’s first clinical trials based on stem cell of lung regeneration.

in March 2017, left for the team and then east hospital affiliated tongji university professor respiratory Ren Tao team dominated & other; Human autologous bronchial base layer cells (lung) stem cells transplantation in treatment of interstitial lung disease clinical research & throughout; Project, become a national health development planning commission and eating food and drug administration approved the first record of stem cells in clinical research. It marks the represented by lung stem cell research on stem cells and translational medicine in tongji university projects, formal study phase from basic research to clinical treatment.

in the respiratory department of Oriental hospital of tongji university, there have been several pulmonary disease patients received autologous lung stem cell transplantation. First to accept lung stem cell autograft in two patients with bronchiectasis, transplant has been more than a year and a half ago. From these patients with bronchial brush dozens of stem cells, in vitro amplification tens of millions of times, the focal areas of transplanted into their lungs. After 3 to 6 months of proliferation, migration and differentiation of stem cells gradually formed a new structure of trachea and bronchi, the successful implementation of the patients with lung tissue damage repair replacement, indexes of pulmonary ventilation capacity in patients with different degrees of improvement, in lung CT images, can be clearly observed that stem cells in diseased tissue repair alternative to the lungs.

left for professor compared lung stem cells to a grain & other; Seeds & throughout; , as long as there is stem cell & other; Seeds & throughout; , once the lungs appear damaged, it can be the grain & other; Seeds & throughout; Sow to the damaged parts, let it grow back, so as to help patients improve health. Left, so far as the team a total of more than 80 cases of clinical stem cell transplantation, lung bronchiectasis, copd and interstitial lung disease and other diseases, the lung function in patients with, especially pulmonary diffusion function is obvious improvement. Team plans to start cell therapy products in the course of the year new drug application (IND) process.

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