“Secrets” to get rid of the holiday syndrome

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intestines and stomach discomfort, difficulty sleeping, and waist sour backache, dry eyes, etc. These are the holiday syndrome

visiting relatives and friends, eat and drink, poker night after the K song, the lunar New Year holiday is imperceptible to the end. Will work if you are feeling as if a hollowed-out, don’t digest, difficult to fall asleep, neck pain, dry eyes wait for all sorts of discomfort seek? In fact, this is what we call & other Holiday syndrome & throughout; .

Beijing news reporter interviewed a number of medical experts, to organize a & other; Tips & throughout; , cure holiday syndrome, to get rid of the whole body discomfort, quickly follow suit!

improperly seated for a long time to neck shoulder waist pain

prescription: your posture mix

one ticket is hard to find during the Spring Festival, many people choose to drive travel. Drive on for a long time, cervical vertebra, lumbar keep a posture for a long time, easy to cause muscle spasm and stiffness, neck shoulder pain, waist pain, etc.

in addition, a long time to sit and play CARDS to play mahjong, access to the Internet, playing mobile phone, etc., can also lead to neck shoulder waist pain, serious can appear the symptom such as hand hemp, leg pain, also can let originally relaxing vacation.

to prevent neck shoulder waist pain, the first thing to correct posture, cervical vertebra and lumbar spine in normal curvature. At the same time, the more you should exercise more, whether it’s at the end of the vacation or holiday, can take at least one hour of time for exercise. The American association of national physical fitness coach li-ming zhao suggested, might as well about a couple of friends to play badminton, or choose some moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as jogging, mountain climbing, etc. If every time don’t want to walk so long, can tear open the whole is zero, ensure the pace time the whole is greater than 40 minutes.

if you will return to work has been cervical lumbar pain, try a massage.

to the neck, shoulder 10 to 15 times, with the wind pool hole, shoulder well hole, the valley point and si 3 hole every three minutes. To take the neck, shoulder, the thumb and other four refers to the relative squeezing live on neck or shoulder muscles, lift the hold and first, then loosen, repeated, with the local ache but tolerated.

appeared low back pain, you can rub the lumbosacral 3-5 minutes, with bilateral hole, the hole of the 3 minutes. Rub in lumbosacral seat, with the palm palm root or hypothenar on lumbosacral on both sides of the skin, top-down quick rub moves back and forth, can make local muscle relaxation, pain relief.

hu eat sea easy cause gastrointestinal distress

prescription: eating is the key

hu eat sea slug, during the Spring Festival is the most affected by the natural digestive system, and, in turn, affects the human body to absorb vitamin, destroy the balance of intestinal flora, lead to intestinal materials such as incomplete decomposition of fat intake.

the people’s liberation army 302 hospital nutrition director of MouYing also points out that the gastrointestinal tract is emotion organ, most of the time will be reflected to the brain, not adapt to the state of burden, for cause sleepiness, and lethargy.

for children, the lunar New Year holiday is also a period of digestive system diseases. East side of Beijing children’s hospital pediatric doctor of medical director Sun Guo will point out that the Spring Festival holiday, some children high protein, high fat, high sugar, high calorie food may have more food, cold drinks, cold cream, prone to diseases of the digestive system. Sun Guo would suggest, during the festival the parents to the child’s diet should be controlled to some extent, try to keep the peace of life rule is consistent, do not have big changes. Types of food can be appropriately increased, but the amount of food and good health to control.

for office workers, after eating is the key. And early to rise makes a man a cup of warm boiled water, can add some salt or honey, so as to promote the excretion of toxins in the body. Appropriate delicate breakfast, suggestion is given priority to with carbohydrates, such as vegetables, porridge, millet gruel, etc., can also match a boiled eggs, or drink milk, yoghurt, soya-bean milk, etc.

nine or ten o ‘clock in the morning to meals and eat an apple and milk. Lunch is given priority to with vegetables, high fiber vegetables to clean up the gut, skinless poultry, egg, milk, lean lean, etc. Can be used as a simple protein intake. If the condition allows, a multivitamin tablets.

meat may afternoon, such as yogurt, rich in flora can regulate gastrointestinal function. The normal food at night.

forget circadian rhythm to sleep disorders

prescription: best sleep & other; The child nap & throughout;

to stay up late, almost inevitable in the lunar New Year holiday. A year the missing hometown friends invited party, all drinking all night long, K song & hellip; & hellip; Time flew in a HuanLeSheng, unconsciously, you may have been in living in day and night upside down for a few days.

the people’s liberation army 309 hospital psychiatrist, director of the yan-hong hou said, forget the circadian rhythm, will cause sleep disorders, can also cause physical fatigue, at the same time lead to emotional problems. After such a high intensity excitement, then fell to the relatively calm state of mind to adapt to the state is not good, mood will be from one state to another state, thus appears does not adapt, causing anxiety state, neural decline, appear reluctant to get out of the state holiday mood.

how to adjust their own state, let the body recover as soon as possible?

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, & other; The child nap & throughout; To preserve one’s health better. The people’s liberation army 302 hospital nutrition director MouYing said, is before the morning at 11 to 13 PM & other Heart sutra followed throughout the time &; Up later, even if, after eating the lunch, also want to little nap, 30 minutes, can make the energy recovery as soon as possible. When the house is to point to 23 PM until 1, between is & other; Liver meridian courses throughout time &; , evening goes to bed before 23 when the best effect, can reduce nutrient consumption, increasing the flow of blood to the liver, nourishing the liver.

expert proposal, nap time had better be in half an hour, if more than 40 minutes, will produce sleep inertia, awakening ability, attention, etc. Regularity for the recovery of the body, sleep sleep more soundly than complementary, but complementary sleep is better than not to fill, no siesta habit might as well choose taken a nap at noon.

dry eye fatigue caused by electronic products

prescription: do more outdoor sports relieve

before the holiday, many people have is mobile hand, after the holiday time, become more open the floodgates, some even wish all day tour in hand bubble in king glory, or grab a red envelope to the eye. Some parents even in order to avoid the child crying, simply use electronic products as Eva artifact.

beauty and medical group founder, chief physician of ophthalmology in just pointed out that tightly staring at the screen for a long time, people will forget to blink blink less, also can cause dry eyes discomfort, is easy to form dry eyes, and even cause keratitis and conjunctivitis.

when eyes feel dry, can use massage method to relieve discomfort. Can the hand pressed 5-10 times, friction between two palms first, make the palm fever, then two palm placed above the eyes, make the eye has warm and comfortable feeling. Point rubbing eyes Yin tang, ching Ming hole, four white holes and temple every 3 minutes, can dredge the eye blood, make the eyes fully nourished, thereby eliminating dry eyes. However, from the point of the dry eyes, myopia prevention, is still the most effective way of outdoor sports.

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