See Korean dramas could lead to suicide, Korea media: too many madly in the plot

overseas network, oct 14 (Reuters) taking the lead in the global South Korea’s suicide rate, since 2003, more than 10000 people every year, in South Korea in the organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) list first. Among them, the teen suicide problem is especially attention.

according to the Asian economic news, South Korea, south Korean national statistical office, according to data released in October 2016-19 south Korean youth suicide rate of 4.9 (per 100000 population, similarly hereinafter), a 16.5% rise in (4.2) in 2015. Since 2011, the south Korean society overall suicide rate decline year by year, but only more than 10 years old adolescent suicide rates don’t send a rose, thought-provoking. Reported that in recent years, the south Korean TV series, cartoons appear on the plot of a large number of related to suicide, is one of the main causes of the south Korean youth suicide rate rise. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

almost seventy percent show suicidal scenario

South Korea last year is 28.7 per 100000 people commit suicide, far more than in second place in Japan (18.7). And statistics show that from August 2015 to August, 9-12 o ‘clock every night play 70 TV show, there are 48 TV play (68.5%) of the suicide scene. Have opinions, points out that the drama and suicide scene in the cartoon frequency is too high, can make the youth & other; Suicide is a choice of life & throughout; The illusion.

reported screenshot

Li Xiujing, a professor at the university of South Korea (sound), said from the means of suicide, before most teenagers are through simple self-harm tried to commit suicide, and with the development of media industry in recent years, teenagers use case increasing gas, such as suicide by jumping off a building.

according to the statistics, the total number of suicides in 2015 South Korea society fell 3.4% year on year, more than 70 – year – old age suicide victim down 13.5% year on year, more than 80 – year – old age group fell 6.6%, more than 30 years old age group fell 1.8%, but only more than 20 years old age group reduced 0.1%, compared with 2015 was nearly unchanged.

class curing serious, youth despair

according to local media reports, the south Korean youth suicide rate is high, there are, according to the analysis of the stress mainly by south Korean society, class curing serious cause.

Korean youth association rights a man and said, in recent years, more than 10 teenagers in school, life pressure increased sharply than before, youth unemployment is rising, & other; Good performance and employment have a security & throughout; Era has already become the past, young people in school & other; Looking forward to interests & throughout; Decline. Teenagers even excellent academic performance, it is hard to guarantee survival in the future competition in the society, by studying hard to get social identity & other; Motivation & throughout; Also gradually disappear. Students mental health institute, and suicide HongXian weeks (sound), said south Korean teenagers in the eyes of the society and the future is now desperate.

in addition, the family problem is also South Korea is one of the main reasons for adolescents to commit suicide, as to protect the healthy growth of teenagers family originally, for some reason failed to fulfill their duties of the original and make teenagers lack of family care in the process of growth. It is thought that because of the long-term economic downturn, the divorce rate is high, South Korea’s increasing the number of single-parent families and parents separated family, family environment and healthy growth of teenagers need gradually disappear.

(formerly called “see Korean dramas could lead to suicide, south Korean media: die too much plot”)

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