Sell blood infection, they are the earliest Chinese hepatitis c patients


(the original title: sell blood infection, they are the earliest Chinese hepatitis c patients, spend a lifetime with kr disease and money)

& other; Even with a new drug, also to eat? Throughout the &; 54 Chen Ruiguo, a hepatitis c (HCV) cured, learned that several multinational pharmaceutical companies producing hepatitis c drug approved to enter international, the first reaction is related to money.

& other; Can’t afford it. Throughout the &; Behind him, stooping village zheng is auspicious, curling up sitting in a corner of the bed, say with absolute certainty. At 62, he, through drug in nearly seven years against the hepatitis c virus (HCV), liver involvement in the stomach, a few times after the operation, can only rely on liquid diets for the nutrition for the living and the whole person drained by the disease, bony, look dull.

the cpmpany in langfang city, hebei province LiuQuan Town, living in China the first single plasma blood donating blood, their another identity is: China’s early hepatitis c virus (HCV) infection.

alive, is lucky. Many of the same age in the village, has died, the symptoms are & other; Vomiting blood & throughout; . The case of two cases, at first, no one care about. Until tests has been found to hepatitis c, the villagers to put these pieces together.

after infected with hepatitis c virus (HCV), because the symptom is lighter, patients are often difficult to in a short period of time. statistics show that fifty percent to eighty percent of patients with hepatitis c virus (HCV) infection can develop into chronic hepatitis c, twenty percent will develop cirrhosis of the liver, 1% to 1% a year in hepatitis c patients suffering from cancer of the liver.

Chen Ruiguo physical examination in 2015, the doctor looked at the paper, q: & other; Offer the blood? Throughout the &; Then the doctor said, & other; You there offer blood, basically have (c). Throughout the &;

this kind of diseases through blood, blood transfusion, drugs, and could lead to infection disease, sexual contact. In China, mostly in the first two kinds of infection.

all doubt point to donate blood, more specifically, & other; Sell blood & throughout; . 20 years ago, with improved a last-borns life situation of expectation, the villagers poured on to the collection stations, rolled up his sleeves, arms, waiting for nearly five millimeters thick needle pricking blood vessel walls, in order to get & other; These payments & throughout; . On this from every 45 yuan gradually rose to 60 yuan income, buy the land use of fertilizer, son to build a house to marry the daughter-in-law, for their children to school and a youngest son to eat and drink.

from that moment on, disease and unpack the money, is destined to follow their life.

1. The silent killer

bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, Chen Ruiguo fully stretched. Below the old wardrobe drawer, filled with large and small bottle.

no matter from which Angle to measure, it is a typical Chinese farmers, didn’t read a couple of years book, like grandparents farm for a living, when the family planning policy implementation, and other The winding & throughout; Gave birth to the second, income is not much, people at home, but many, must be looking to make money everywhere.

the big cao village of their lives, also from the other Chinese village. Poverty, perhaps more than 20 years ago, hepatitis c virus (HCV) is quietly one of the reasons for the invasion. & other; Plasma economy & throughout; Give it a crack. until the 1990 s, China’s health system using albumin were imported from abroad. In 1984 and 1988, three ministries issued notice, plasma, blood albumin, globulin and other banned or restricted import of blood products.

since then, the institute of blood products, the production enterprise, the collection stations are set up, and gradually become an industry chain.

collection stations is the end, many located in low-income areas of the countryside, plasma, from farmers to sell to the institute of biological products or companies. Farmers to get considerable & other; These payments & throughout; . At least at the time, the whole chain, without which side & other; A bad & throughout; .

Chen Rui country two children tuition, farming fertilizer needed money, and to pay for large TongChouKuan etc, more or less from these and other These payments & throughout; .

around 1985, near the village of the east a west two collection stations successively opened, Chen Ruiguo had involved the construction of the house.

every pump blood, there are 45 yuan & other; These payments & throughout; The villagers flock. Chen Ruiguo stalls selling fruit at the gate of the blood station at that time. Later, a village of people advised him, & other; Do you sell fruit to earn a few money, you also sell blood. Throughout the &; Gradually rise in the price of a single blood, and eventually arrived at 60 yuan.

there are a few people object, such as Chen Ruiguo father-in-law. & other; The family is not our village, he feel blood is bad to the body, don’t let home children sell blood. Throughout the &; Discussion can be Chen Ruiguo couple, or quietly become a blood donation.

Zhao Yixia first to draw blood was his wife. & other; His body is good, the work in the home also have to rely on him, so I said I to go to. Throughout the &; Zhao Yixia said. So far, she still keeps a record of the date to sell blood collection, & other; Almost every month to sell blood, I’m not dense, some people every ten days had gone. Throughout the &;

village Lao zhang, almost QiBaTian. His memories, into the blood vessels of the transfusion needle & other; Coarse as clothes-horse wire & throughout; . Now, he is a liver cancer patients, no color, talk about their condition, thin face only helpless.

& other; But more people, as long as someone to, blood stations have been working. Throughout the &; Worked in blood station of the villagers, old memories, cui collection stations often in the middle of the night lights on. He and his family are also infected with hepatitis c, and he has been so do surgery, look further.

& other; The first blood, also fear. Throughout the &; Later to join Chen Ruiguo said, lying on a bed in the collection stations for the first time, looked around lying on the bed around the village, the village of the villagers, and hang their heads & other; Blood MCE & throughout; Bags, a little mess, & other; The second is good throughout the &; .

soon, a stranger appeared in the village. Local memories, these are stranger many northeast accent, live near blood stations, the time is long, they are called & other; Throughout the hotel &; . This is the earliest professional of local person to sell blood.

& other; All the bags, and finally have thrown out in a bowl, with a needle, is artificial pulled down. Throughout the &; Hepatitis c patients, who works in the collection stations chun-xia zhang told caijing reporter, still can remember that bowl full of bloody and smell.

in villagers’ memory, around 1986, there was & other; The province throughout the &; To the village to investigate, looking for blood donation & other; Collect small blood & throughout; A control blood samples taken inspection. Old cui to remember, that year, he had to drive to send & other; Small blood & throughout; , bought the plasma collection stations, but also he drove to a institute of biological products.

data show that in 1985, took place the cpmpany county in hebei province adult single popular pulp cross contamination caused by hepatitis, after confirmed by the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) of hepatitis c virus (HCV) infection. As early as 1974, a British doctor (Prince) found that the blood transfusion caused by Prince & other; Not a hepatitis b & throughout; , but did not find the virus of the disease. Until 1989, identified and named the hepatitis c virus.

a paper for the single oar blood transfusion also ball blood stations before and after the consolidation of hepatitis c, contrast research, pointed out that in 1986, hebei province health epidemic prevention station on hepatitis c epidemic, the cpmpany county three single plasma collection stations to stop business operations for rectification.

Chen Ruiguo sold blood twice, only the third time before selling blood, blood tests results showed that high Alt. & other; Is liver meritorious service is not good, not unqualified, my blood will be back. Throughout the &; He told caijing, & other But she’s all right (Zhao Yixia) test. Throughout the &;

in this way, the main Zhao Yixia has been the home of blood donation, even if later finished blood was better that you lie down on the halfway up the don’t come, and she did not stop. & other; Just like to die & throughout; , so she described after pumping blood miserable state of parts. That day, go to sell blood villagers who called Chen Ruiguo and she can’t sit car, sheep & other; Always shake, sit & throughout; .

west red temple in the village of zhang fengxia, learn c this noun is 1992. Since entering the blood station work, she has been responsible for laboratory testing. That year, has purchased a dedicated collection stations to detect hepatitis c virus (HCV) of new equipment, just learn to operate, do their own blood assay, found himself is hepatitis c patients.

& other; May be test before touch broken hand, stick to blood, and have to. Throughout the &; Zhang fengxia never offer plasma, can only guess. It was her only a hepatitis c virus (HCV) testing instrument operation.

soon, because the other blood stations in HIV/AIDS epidemic, 1995 large collection stations of cao cao village was officially closed.

in 1993, China began to donate blood screening for hepatitis c virus (HCV), enacted in 1998 oct.1.1998, to strengthen the regulation of blood services and blood management, and vigorously promote the use disposable syringes. The prevalence of hepatitis c drop in China.

c, in the memory of the villagers is a vague term. Collection stations before shut down, has village of the blood to stand out, the collection stations staff & other; Do you have a c (virus) & throughout; , said to be & other; I have a biscuit, home need not buy children cookies & throughout; .

in the autumn of 2007, through the physical, Zhao Yixia learned that he was a chronic hepatitis c patients. & other; Who had the disease can be deadly. Throughout the &; Chen Ruiguo said. They did not think of, in the more remote areas, such as the depths of the qinling mountains, many villagers collective & other; Sell blood & throughout; , the story with them.

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