Sell the medicine don’t know what medicine certified on-the-job “shadow pharmacist” confusion of how broken?

sell medicine don’t understand the medicine, the holder not on-the-job & ndash; & ndash; Pharmacy rent a licensed pharmacists card instead of pharmacists to guide patients medication, called & other; Hang card & throughout; . In view of the & other Hang card & throughout; Phenomenon, the state food and drug regulators to take a series of measures, has about 65 & other; Shadow pharmacist & throughout; To be exposed.

reporter survey found that under these inspections, & other; Hang card & throughout; Phenomenon is still difficult to become extinct in some places, for patient safety hidden trouble, also disturb the order of the medicine circulation industry. Relevant departments of supervision & other; Obstruction & throughout; Where is it? & other; Hang card & throughout; What is the root? How to break?

let & other; Shadow pharmacist & throughout; Exposure to & other; Fan & throughout;

the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau announced on November 22, according to jilin, 12 provinces such as jiangsu, anhui, jiangxi food and drug regulatory test results, the existing & other; Hang card & throughout; Behavior of licensed pharmacists, 65 shall be exposed. It is understood that this notice is eating drug safety administration of exposure for the first time in the form of published a list of licensed pharmacists and other Hang card & throughout; Behavior, reveal the regulators to crack down on & other; Hang card & throughout; The determination and strength.

although blow has obtained certain achievements, but according to the personage inside course of study, & other; Hang card & throughout; Phenomenon still exists in some places. Regulation on earth & other Obstruction & throughout; Where is it?

food drug safety administration officials told reporters that in the daily inspection, illegal retail pharmacies in more licensed pharmacists furloughed reasons such as anonymity, regulators longer-term & other; Marking & throughout; Method, the human cost, financial and material resources, so for licensed pharmacists & other; Hang card & throughout; The supervision and has the certain difficulty. Even verify & the other; Hang card & throughout; , is only in view of the licensed pharmacists involved shall be cancelled.

in for the first time & other; Hang card & throughout; Conduct exposure at the same time, the administration of drug safety requirements food and drug supervision departments at all levels continue to increase the use of licensed pharmacists pharmaceutical trading enterprises equipped with situation of supervision and inspection, to verify & other; Hang card & throughout; Licensed pharmacists and existence & other; Hang card & throughout; Behavior of pharmaceutical trading enterprises, processing in accordance with the law and to the public in a timely manner.

the head at the same time, points out that for & other; Hang card & throughout; Personnel specific disciplinary measures have not been issued, there are still some pharmacies and licensed pharmacists take any chances, seek & other; Hang card & throughout; The opportunity.

crackdown, & other; Shadow pharmacist & throughout; In some places still haunts

under the crackdown, is there a drug store still seek & other; Rent card & throughout; ?

reporter recently landed a certificate leasing transaction website & other; Throughout the network &; , it is a trade professional website for both sides, need licensed pharmacists card pharmacy as long as the website, you can proceed to & other; Inquiry & throughout; & other; Employment certificate & throughout; To & other; Rent card & throughout; A series of operations. Reporter then clicked on site customer service dialog box & ndash; & ndash;

& other; In here you can rent card? Throughout the &;

& other; Medicine a lot of you have, you talk casually. Throughout the &;

& other; I need how to operate? Throughout the &;

& other; You look for the 10 listen to their asking price, which hangs low price which. Throughout the &;

on the web site to view the pharmacist resume need prepaid phone for integral, a minimum of 100 yuan, can exchange for 100 points. Reporter with 10 points randomly check a pharmacist resume, the above license certificate of record of formal schooling, job title, time, contact phone number, etc. Reporter retrieved on the website of shangrao in jiangxi province, a pharmacist, after the telephone connected, in the face of reporters and other Inquiry & throughout; The pharmacist said, & other; According to the market price, is 800-800 yuan, nanchang I hung over, too. Throughout the &;

reporter try in the website published a & other; Employment certificate & throughout; Information, and then are from henan, anhui, hunan, jiangxi and other places of licensed pharmacists take the initiative to call & other; Rental & throughout; .

some pharmacists can even suggested according to the requirements of pharmacy & other Textual research & throughout; . & other; I physicians, pharmacists, mainly is to be a doctor, pharmacist certificate is passing the exam. Throughout the &; Jingdezhen, a pharmacist, told reporters that his certificate is Chinese traditional medicine licensed pharmacists certificate. & other; If you want to double card, I will take an examination of a double card. I study in western medicine, Chinese medicine can be got, western medicine shouldn’t be hard. Throughout the &;

reporter discovery, & other; Hang card & throughout; The interests of both sides is behind the driver. On the one hand is the pharmacy into cost calculation, in jiangxi jiujiang, a full-time licensed pharmacists to four yuan a month, while & other; Rent card & throughout; As long as one thousand yuan. Hard to take an examination of, on the other hand, the pharmacist or unwilling to go to the pharmacy to only under a & other; * & throughout; .

national school of administration, an associate professor at Hu Yinglian pointed out that at present, the amount of licensed pharmacists in hospital pharmacy and social pharmacy and many, but due to factors such as pay, promotion, many have not willing to walk out of the system of qualification of licensed pharmacists.

perfect credibility system construction of licensed pharmacists

in accordance with the “drug-handling quality management standard” regulation, enterprise legal representative or principal shall have the qualification of licensed pharmacists. Enterprise shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state with licensed pharmacists, responsible for prescription audit, to guide rational drug use. But in practice, a pharmacy rent licensed pharmacists card opened, pharmacists and other Hang card & throughout; Not on-the-job, is the industry & other; Open secret & throughout; .

food drug safety administration officials said, stepping up his efforts at the same time, improve the credibility system construction of licensed pharmacists is also an important gripper regulators. In order to strengthen the specification of licensed pharmacists behavior, the food and drug safety administration is to promote the management of the registration of licensed pharmacist system upgrade work, implement the registration of licensed pharmacist, interconnection of data across the country, through the information system records practicing pharmacist bad behavior.

licensed pharmacists in China pharmaceutical university country kang, deputy director of the development research center, and other Hang card & throughout; The core of the problem lies in the drugstore location deviation, was supposed to provide public health services, is now a commercial stores. Locating errors result in prescription pharmacy there is not enough available to allocate, income relies mainly on the sell over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, health products, naturally no intention to employ full-time licensed pharmacists.

how to solve the problem of locating errors? Hu Yinglian thought, on the one hand, patients must obey licensed pharmacists to buy medicine scientific habit, rather than by feeling self-medication, even to buy prescription drugs; On the other hand social pharmacy licensed pharmacists pharmaceutical affairs service shall be as an important added value, rather than selling individual drugs.

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