Severe burn girl ends smoothly skin graft for the first time Already raise money 1.2 million yuan

house on fire, the girl working in zhongshan severely burned, mother went to guangdong visit died in a car accident on the way, uncle and two relatives accompany mother go to zhongshan, three people a car crash into the same local hospital in shandong ICU… & hellip; Too much unfortunately, on the same day fall on the ordinary rural family from shandong.

the SMW consecutive days of follow-up reports, burns girl yan jiao jiao of misery has attracted great attention of society, as of today (24 November) at half past four in the afternoon, raised about 1.2 million yuan.

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yan jiao jiao’s sister look after her in the bed. SMW reporter Wu Jinshe

is expected to be back to normal from the ICU ward

yan jiao jiao of surgery has successfully ended the first graft, the operation for more than five hours, such as health allowed her to today’s evening will be turned back from the ICU again try to ordinary ward.

& other; Operation lasted more than five hours, or more smoothly, there are no big problem & throughout; , according to yan jiao jiao of the attending physician, zhongshan city people’s hospital of acute doctors Tian Ju jiaojiao first skin graft from 9 o ‘clock in the morning until 2 PM today, she has been in the ICU after didn’t come out, & other; Need to see her body, probably have until tonight to back to normal from the ICU ward & throughout; .

Tian Ju said, today’s operation is mainly the jiaojiao limbs necrosis of the skin all paring scab (removal), and then on her head, legs, good skin graft on the wound. For the time of the next surgery, Tian Ju said, temporarily unable to determine, & other; Look at her surgery recovery after a week or so to be sure, but the next operation throughout is certainly need &; . In addition, Tian Ju, said the next step of treatment include: switching, maintain vital signs, rehydration, anti-infection and surgery, etc., & other; It will be a long process & throughout; .

families: extra money is willing to donate again

after the incident, zhongshan tan chau local fire, public security departments have been investigated. But because of yan jiao jiao still not out of danger, cannot tell at the time, it also bring difficulty to survey work. At present, the research work is in progress. Yan jiao jiao of friends and colleagues have in water droplets to raise and easy to raise a donation, as of November 24, at half past four in the afternoon, both sides amount received money about 660000 dollars.

at half past four in the afternoon, but as of November 24 people’s hospital of zhongshan city bank account received the social from all walks of life to yan jiao jiao donation of $538323.54. For this, the family member said, jiaojiao & other; We need to use money if enough, we willing to once again the extra money to other people in need throughout the &; .

concludes: SMW reporter xiao

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