Shaanxi new rules: encourage physicians to grass-roots clinics or open practice in basic medical and health institutions

the shaanxi provincial government recently issued “to support social forces to provide diverse medical service implementation plan”, to win in 2020, the more social forces to do the medical, the public medical institutions of beds and services are reaching 25% of the total, gradually form a multi-level new pattern of diversified medical services.

encourage social do general clinic sign provide personalized services

ease market access, and optimize the approval service. Do medical reserve planning space for the society, the individual clinic Settings without being limited by the layout. To moderate easing social do medical organizations equipment condition, according to the public medical institutions device equipped with not less than 20% of the reserved space planning. For a society to do before the registration of practice of a medical institution in our province inter-departmental integrated whole flow guidance of examination and approval rules, and publish to the society. Actively promote a standing acceptance, window services, combined examination and approval, online examination and approval, etc.

support, operating high level general clinic run by social forces. Encourage social general clinic providing personalized contract services. Qualified social do medical institutions in such aspects as referral, collect pay, evaluation incentive with the signing of a government-run medical institution to provide service enjoy equal treatment.

the all-round medical couplet body construction, all the secondary public hospitals and government all participate in basic medical institutions of couplet, xi ‘an, baoji, yan ‘an to set up two or three close d.

encourage strong social do Chinese medicine clinics and outpatient departments in our province (hall, national physician hall) of traditional Chinese medicine institutions such as chain operation, build brand in shaanxi province. Actively developing personalized service. Encourage social do medical institution innovation process, create a comfortable environment, provide patients with remote consultation, DaoYi carers, family room and other personalized services.

to attract foreign investors in joint venture cooperation ways shan hold high levels of medical institutions, actively introduce talents, technology, management and mode.

encourage physicians to use spare time, retired doctor to basic medical and health institutions or open studio

package requirement, strengthen human resources guarantee. Registered to the physician’s practice area, set up electronic registration system. Doctors to promote the orderly flow and more practice, and establish the corresponding personnel hiring, promotion, etc for selection and appointment mechanism. Encourage public hospitals to establish a perfect system of medical personnel of full-time, part-time. Doctors may, in accordance with the provisions, apply for establishment of medical institution to encourage physicians to open clinic at the grass-roots level. Encourage physicians use spare time, retired doctor open studio practice or to basic medical and health institution.

sound review evaluation system of medical institutions, the social do medical organizations and public medical institution review assessment implements the same standard. Encourage the industry association for promotion service groups such as standards and enterprise standards, implementation of service commitment and service system of convention.

to serious misconduct paper take disciplinary measures in accordance with the law. Regular public violation behavior is investigated, and the social public administrative licensing, and other related The blacklist & throughout; And other information. To enter & other; The blacklist & throughout; The institutions and personnel in accordance with the rules in accordance with the serious processing.

the provincial government to item by item, check the rectification, earnestly implementing policy through & other; Throughout the last kilometer &; . In view of the social do medical & other; Pain points throughout the &; , the difficult problem, as actively, enrich the perfect supporting policies and measures, for lack of work, lagging progress timely supervise and urge the rectification.

(this article originally titled “shaanxi new rules: individual clinics set is no longer restricted by layout optimization for examination and approval service”)

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